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Steel Pulse - Strictly Revolution Time

Gary Bushell in Sounds, 12 August 1978

“We once beggars are now choosers/No intention to be losers/Striving forward with ambition/And if it takes ammunition/We rebel in Handsworth Revolution. 2,605 more words


Steel Pulse - 1978

British reggae really became itself with Steel Pulse. Their single Ku Klux Klan is one of the great punk singles, without being a punk record. The record encapsulates the anger of British black youths, just as LKJ put that same frustration into poetry. 2,033 more words


Steel Pulse: Still Rocking the Reggae, the Beat

Davina Hamilton writes about British reggae band Steel Pulse and asks them about forty years of fame, “breaking the U.S. market, and fronting a reggae revolution.” The band is currently working on a new album and a documentary. 506 more words


Nosaj Thing plus 8 More Artists in our week of BREATH, Denver, April 13-19

Nosaj Thing

Los Angeles producer Jason Chung, aka Nosaj Thing, is a notable part of the Low End Theory family, along with other greats like Daedelus and Flying Lotus. 716 more words


Steel Pulse - Jungle Jam

Su nombre refiere a una pulsación de hierro y fuerza nunca antes imaginada. Resalta entre muchas cosas su composición perfecta y la honestidad con la que toca todos los temas posibles de la vida; sinceramente es una banda que impresiona y hace descansar el grado emocional en sencillos movimientos corporales. 324 more words

Noise to Note! #85

And it is on time too!

So the last few days, I was really dead set on something from Panda Bear. I watched videos and went through different songs. 189 more words


The Reggae Defenders



This Reggae Lover Podcast episode opens with the leader of the reggae revival Protoje explaining that he makes music from his heart and not for the charts. 341 more words