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Fire in the Forge

January 20, 2018

The weather warmed up today. My uncle and I spent a few hours hammering around in the forge room. We had a fun few hours, laughed a lot and made a few memories. 262 more words


TWSBI Diamond 580AL—Silver And Rose

Wayyy back in the sunny days of July last year, before the Ontario winter and the snow, when I could still see the land around our house, the garden furniture, and even the lake come to think of it, I wrote a… 1,168 more words


Broken, rusty, wasted and lost

It has become a habit of mine to look for metal on the streets. Once you start looking, you find all kinds of metal pieces, more or less broken and rusty, and certainly very wasted and lost. 145 more words

Other Things Going On

Scrap Recycling

ISRI began more than 25 years ago, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, (ISRI) “Design for Recycling” initiative encourages manufacturers to think about the ultimate destiny of their products during the design-stage of a product’s development. 445 more words


Sheffield Crucible

This sight would once have been familiar to many people in areas of terraced housing around Sheffield’s industrial heartland, but might be a bit of a puzzle today. 224 more words


Rise and Fall of Bethlehem Steel Tour

January 20 – February 25, 2018 · view days & times

Learn how blast furnaces worked, why men needed brass checks to get in the gate every morning, and which buildings housed which operation on this on-site walking tour that gives visitors a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a steel worker. 14 more words

The Collet Concept

ER Collets – What are they?

A Collet is a type of chuck that forms a collar around any tool that is to be held, it then applies a strong clamping force on the tool when it is tightened. 251 more words