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Out on line

Friday Feb 26 1915

Walk Dranoutre with Steele. Saw Fagg. And Walling. Walk P.S.C. after dinner, saw Ashton. Out on line to Dranoutre with Lineman. Returned 9pm.

Steele Away With Me - 10

We left Mr. Steele contemplating a closed door.

We next see Laura’s cute little VW Rabbit pulling up outside the theatre. We now know the name of the film that was playing: “Kokusai.” 908 more words

Season 1

You're Steele the One for Me - 8

We left Laura dwelling on Major Eyebrows’ threats …

It looks like we’re now back at the Century Towers. Hope Laura at least got her sushi to go! 1,054 more words

Season 1

You're Steele the One for Me - 7

We left Laura on the way to call the office.

Ah. “Call the office” is a euphemism, it seems.

It appears that they bus the dirty dishes to the outside of the restroom at this place. 702 more words

Season 1

Fifty Shades of Grey

Yap. I saw the movie. Cuddled between tons of couples I went with one of my classmates.
Never ever (and I love going to the movies, so I have a feeling for this) have I seen so many people in theatres. 887 more words


You're Steele the One for Me -6

So what’s the most natural thing to do after a visit to the morgue?

Attend an autopsy. Go to lunch!

While they’re waiting for their raw fish to … stay raw, Professor Holt is delivering her next lecture: … 946 more words

Season 1

Review - Fifty Shades of Grey

Woensdagavond was het ‘eindelijk’ zover: Ladies night van de film Fifty Shades of Grey. Samen met nog zo’n 1000 andere vrouwen bekeek ik de langverwachte boekverfilming. 453 more words

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