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Bullets whistle by

Friday April 9 1915

Making ourselves at home gradually. Watt builds a fine oven. Walked across fields to Reninghelst. Jock and co. got a fine place there. 106 more words

Perishing night

Thursday April 8th 1915

Had a perishing night. Visited Vlamertinghe.

Corporal Steele (Barney?) reported my complaint to Forsyth (Captain F.R.G. Forsyth, Seaforth Highlanders) . Imbecile comes in and tells me he will give me a dose in the trenches. 27 more words

In the Steele of the Night - 4

We left Carl OOG reminding (warning?) Laura of his killer instinct – something that he averred she shares.

Some time later, presumably …

Alan fills an enormous brandy snifter that he’s about to … snift? 649 more words

Season 1

In the Steele of the Night - 3

We left Murphy frowning in OOG’s room, wondering what good ‘ol Carl was doing with a gun in his suitcase. Presumably he will rush to tell Laura of his find and they’ll investigate further, right? 850 more words

Season 1

In the Steele of the Night - 1

And on we go to our next episode!

Our episode opens on a close up of a battered bureau, with a silver tray on top. 648 more words

Season 1

Fifty Shades: Chapter 6. In which Itsrane is sure James is delusional

This was supposed to be up last Tuesday. But I got a new set of paints and unleashed my inner child. It even devolved into glorified finger painting! 5,697 more words


You're Steele the One for Me - 18

Good news! We’ve finally reached the exciting climax of this action-packed episode!

Here we are at the Japanese temple. Wait a second. Isn’t this where we came in? 1,177 more words

Season 1