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Some thoughts on Patrick Leigh Fermor and The Broken Road.

“Get on with it man!” (Believe it or not Patrick Leigh Fermor also enjoyed writing breaks in between smoking cigarettes and admiring the view from the terrace of his Greek home).  2,008 more words

Twentieth Century Literature

El gran estilo de Wes Anderson

por Cristina Rojas

Cuando vemos una película del director Wes Anderson ya sabemos que nos sumergiremos en un mundo completamente creado por él y que ese nuevo universo no dejará de sorprendernos por ser encantador y bizarro al mismo tiempo. 379 more words


Too little too late.

I would like to formally apologise to all of my probably about 10 usual readers, for my inexcusable, reckless, irresponsible and immature two-month absence. You could consider it my intellectual maternity leave as currently academic and professional development dominates my life and alas, I am short of time and energy to keep editing and publishing old drafts. 167 more words

The Joy of Library Sales! (and of course charity shops...)

It’s been an odd sort of week at the Ramblings – mostly because I chose to spend the bulk of the half-term break being ill with some kind of flu-like virus. 440 more words

Music Genius vs. Nazi Ideologie

How the composer Richard Strauss waged his own war against the Nazi’s

“I consider the Goebbels Jew-baiting as a disgrace to German honor, as evidence of incompetence—the basest weapon of untalented, lazy mediocrity against a higher intelligence and greater talent.”  724 more words

Inspiring Women & Men

An almost alphabet of Short story authors that I like

I suspect  became a short story writer by default. No one wanted to publish my first novel. So I wrote a book of short stories – that got great reviews – even by the late great Andre P. 380 more words

Always She Will Be Present in My Memory and I Shall Never Cease to Bewail Her

I just do not know what to do about Marie Antoinette.

Yes, I realize that there isn’t, strictly speaking, anything to be done about her at this point – our decision-tree was pruned dramatically when she was guillotined. 746 more words