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Permanently Temporary

If we live long enough, we learn that not only does everything change, but also that everything can change all at once. Thus far 2015 has been one of those everything-is -changing-at-once scenarios. 727 more words


Life is a Sandwich

Or at least, it should be. Not the upside-down open sandwich of thick Cheddar cheese that it is today, but a Scooby-Doo layered sandwich with lots of different fillings between many slices of bread. 630 more words

Life In France

Running in circles

For the first time she saw that the clock never advanced, but ran in circles—from twelve to one, from one to two, and on to twelve,and then the same thing again, always the same progression without any progress, wound up again and again for the day’s work without ever getting a break, imprisoned in the same rectangular brown housing. 57 more words


Life becomes mathematics

The war has in fact ended, but poverty has not. It only ducked beneath the barrage of ordinances, crawled foxily behind the paper ramparts of war loans and banknotes with their ink still wet. 246 more words


The Road Not Taken: How Britain Narrowly Missed A Revolution, 1381-1926 | 昨日的世界:英倫三島錯過的那場大革命




       一部在皑皑白雪与颓美建筑间闪烁茨威格(Stefan Zweigt)影子的《布达佩斯大饭店》(The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014),让许多人重温这位奥地利作家的作品。而茨威格的自传《昨日的世界——一个欧洲人的回忆》(The World of Yesterday) 中对在二十世纪战争与灾难中崩析的欧洲文明的悼念与反思,总让人想到在那个时代中明哲求全,虽已逝但余影犹存的英帝国。



英国历史学家、皇家历史学会院士法兰克·麦克林恩(Frank McLynn)所著的《不寻此径:英国如何错过了革命之路,1381-1926》( The Road Not TakenHow Britain Narrowly Missed a Revolution 1381-1926… 618 more words


The World of Yesterday

“The greatest curse brought down on us by technology is that it prevents us from escaping the present even for a brief time. Previous generations could retreat into solitude and seclusion when disaster struck; it was our fate to be aware of everything catastrophic happening everywhere in the world at the hour and the second when it happened.” — Stefan Zweig… 142 more words

Philosophical Literature