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Of Course There Was Street Style at Bill Cunningham's Memorial Service

Under almost every other circumstance, having a crowd of photographers crowding the entrance of a memorial service would be seen as louche and tacky. But at… 408 more words


Smythson Turns the Page on a New Manhattan Boutique

“In the digital age, everything is so on show,” Samantha Cameron, wife of the U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron, pointed out to the Observer. “You need to have some more private moments or records that are just for you, not for everyone else to read. 526 more words

Stefano Tonchi

Women Are Center Stage at This Year's Art Basel

“Thinking about what a muse is: it’s a noun, but it’s a person, mainly a woman, used for artistic inspiration,” Mickalene Thomas said Thursday at the Pratt Institute’s “Women of Influence in the Business of Art” panel. 890 more words

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Peter Dundas, Stefano Tonchi Agree That This is an Important Year for Women

Though Art Basel doesn’t start properly until Thursday, for most, things got started Tuesday. In particular for attendees like musician Miguel, stylist Giovanna Battaglia, designer Misha Nonoo, gallery owner Andrea Rosen and Performa founder… 684 more words

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