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Etymology stands as steganos meaning covered and graphy meaning written or draw. As it seems, steganography means covering something over some drawing. Hiding something (may be another media) inside a media is termed as steganography. 571 more words



Am I the only InfoSec guy who is thinking “When Anti-Steganography controls are the top of my risk profile I will be a happy guy”?

Steganography 101

Steganography is the practice of hiding secret messages in otherwise non-secret mediums. It has been used in various ways for years – writing Revolutionary War messages in invisible ink, as an example. 310 more words

Network Division

"Cicada 3301" Request!

So, a reader made a request on my previous post that I write about the mysterious “Cicada 3301” group (or other such groups).

While I do not know much about the “official” group, from what I gather, they are a secret society searching for enlightenment and the meaning of life, and they… 843 more words

Dark Web

Your printer may betray you

A recent story making the rounds tells about how an NSA contractor got caught leaking classified information to the media. The contractor wanted to give information in one or more PDF documents to an online publication ( 301 more words

Credible Hacking

Printer Steganography

After a recent event of an NSA contractor being tracked down via hidden codes on a leaked document, I was interested to learn more about these tracking codes and how they work. 465 more words


Computer printers have been quietly embedding tracking codes in documents for decades

In 2004, when color printers were still somewhat novel, PCWorld magazine published an article headlined: “Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents.”

It was one of the first news reports on a quiet practice that had been going on for 20 years. 698 more words

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