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Pozzo & Lucky, The phantom Shell. Stego in TCP/IP (part-2)

Some Steganography Theory Basics

In the last post (Teaching an Old Dog (not that new) Tricks), there has been some fuzz about steganography. So before we continue to part-2 let’s have a little talk about what really goes on with stego. 3,504 more words


CSAW CTF 2016 Watchword 250 Forensics

Here is the challenge description,

Canned epic hidden snek flavored cookies have shy gorilla.

password = password

and a link to this video

It’s a mp4 type video. 561 more words



Steganography is derived from the Greek for covered writing and essentially means “to hide in plain sight”
  • Steganography and encryption are both used to ensure data confidentiality.
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Build your own steganography tool with python

Steganography is the process of hiding text or files like images, documents etc  within another  file like an image, audio, some other text, etc. This technique was used by many groups of people to hide and send a secret message so that only The person to whom it would be delivered could know what it contains. 579 more words


Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

July 29, Help Net Security – (International) SpyNote Android RAT builder has been leaked. Palo Alto Networks’ researchers warned that a builder for the SpyNote Android remote access trojan (RAT) is being distributed freely on several underground hacker forums and configures the RAT to contact a specific command and control (C&C) server over a specific port, removing its icon once it is installed. 114 more words


A Review of Patrick Madden's Sublime Physick

By e.v. de cleyre

A 352-word essay took me two years to write. It started with a prompt at a low-residency workshop, then expanded into a long essay (per a professor’s suggestion), then written into a nonfiction manuscript, then removed from said manuscript, and finally rewritten at another low-residency workshop with another prompt, two years after the first. 485 more words

Teaching Resources

Writeup - glorious.png (Sectalks Sydney June 2016 - Partial)

During this weekend, I missed the SecuInside / cykor.kr CTF event due to being too sick to IDA properly – it turns out it’s super hard to reverse engineer when you’re multitasking trying not to throw up on the keyboard. 499 more words