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Pizza Hut steganography - hostage embeds hidden message in pizza order

Yesterday, we wrote about an upside to facial recognition.

That’s usually a technology we treat with some scepticism and caution because of its negative privacy implications. 545 more words


Reading between the lines: A Saturday steganography experiment!

I came across this IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE (U+3000) unicode character today. I have inserted this character between the words IDEOGRAPHIC and SPACE above. Double click either word to see how this character works. 1,610 more words



How To Hide Text Behind Image ?


n00bs CTF Solutions

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been going through the n00bs CTF put on by the Infosec Institute. It’s a fun exercise in various techniques used in penetration testing. 1,350 more words


Steganography- Why ISIS relies on it so much

A book titled Gideon’s Spies- The Secret History of the Mossad has revealed that terror groups such as the ISIS are using encrypted messages on eBay, Reddit, and pornographic websites. 122 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

Concealing a Message in an Image with Steghide

Follow the steps below to embed a concealed steganographic message within an image file and extract it again using Steghide.

1. In any convenient location, create a new directory named “SteghideTest”. 238 more words

Steganography Untuk Anggi

Asa tak lagi dia bangkitkan, boleh dibilang putuslah yang ditanamkan. Hanya gerimis diakhir desember ini menemaninya, tak banyak kata yang terurai dari lisannya. Kini kegelisahan yang ia takutkan mulai berkecamuk, padahal dia berharap semuanya adalah mimpi buruk, bunga tidur yang semuanya akan sirna 899 more words

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