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FontCode: Typographic steganography

FontCode isn’t a typeface exactly, it is instead a steganographical method of hiding information in a normal looking text document by subtly altering (or ‘perturbing’) the shapes of the glyphs. 49 more words


Steganalysis Algorithm for PNG Images Based on Fuzzy Logic Technique

Jawaher alqahtani1, Daniyal Alghazzawi1 and Li Cheng2, 1King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia and 2Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Embedding a message in media files, also known as steganography, is a common approach to hide secret information. 140 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Letter to a Death Row Inmate

Here’s Challenge 22 for February 8, 2018.

Death is a way out, but perhaps there is a better escape. I won’t say much about this concealment technique except that it has a celebrated (and perhaps apocryphal) origin story. 259 more words


Trying and Cracking Steganography

Once I read about how some spies were saving messages in pictures. Cool. So I thought I’d try it just for fun.

It was a lot different from invisible ink we played with as kids. 1,340 more words



I spent an hour this afternoon trying my hand at @psiloseba‘s latest puzzle. The solution was great but, unfortunately, I was just a little too late. 388 more words


Hiding Data on Linux


Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a message, image or file within another message, image or file. There are many techniques to perform… 421 more words

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Etymology stands as steganos meaning covered and graphy meaning written or draw. As it seems, steganography means covering something over some drawing. Hiding something (may be another media) inside a media is termed as steganography. 571 more words