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Steganography - How to Hide Codes in Pictures

Code Crackers, can You Find the Hidden Message?

The picture above looks like a normal picture of Albert Einstein – one of the world’s greatest ever mathematicians. 193 more words

Code Breaking

Stegoloader Malware

The Stegoloader malware family was first identified at the end of 2013 but appears to have been active since 2012 (detected as Win32/Gatak.DR by Microsoft and… 641 more words


Spidey Encryption (Dummy Layer 1)

2 years ago, I was working on a compression algorithm. Now with the gigantic internet boom, being able to compress files into a smaller space would be magical and very lucrative. 385 more words


Steganographic Slips

If you have a decent quality colour laser printer, you may have noticed that it tends to use yellow toner cartridges slightly more quickly than other colours, apart from black. 662 more words


Difference Expansion apakah itu???

Jadi ceritanya saya lagi penelitian tentang keamanan informasi buat mata kuliah kemanan jaringan. Ya nasib orang jaringan nggak cuma jaringan yang diurusin apa apa juga diurusin wkwkwkwk. 355 more words

Kuliah IT Senang Sekali

Stegosploit Future of Steganography Hide Code in Images

Stegosploit Future of Steganography Hide Code in Images
“A good exploit is one that is delivered with style”
The line reads in the report released by Net-Square CEO Saumil Shah at Hack in the Box Conference at Amsterdam this year. 13 more words

Teknik Anti Forensik Mulai Banyak Dimanfaatkan Untuk Aktivitas Cybercrime

Berbagai tindakan kejahatan dan kriminal pada masa sekarang melibatkan secara langsung maupun tidak langsung teknologi informasi dan komunikasi. Pemanfaatan komputer, telepon genggam, email, internet, website, dan perangkat digital lain secara luas tanpa ada monitoring dan pengendalian keamanan dapat mengundang berbagai pihak untuk melakukan kejahatan berbasis teknologi informasi dan komunikasi. 625 more words