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Mr. Nature: Behold the Mighty Stegosaur

Of all the Miller Co. wax dinosaurs I had in my childhood, only a couple of these Stegosaurs survive, a big one and a little one. 214 more words


Liaoningosaurus: perhaps not an ankylosaur

This one goes back several years… with several updates!
Xu, Wang and You 2001 described what they thought was a juvenile ankylosaur, Liaoningosaurus paradoxes (Early Cretaceous, Yixian Formation) featuring… 857 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Fandom Friday: Take my cashasaurus!

Normally, I don’t like shopping. However, when it comes to something cool like dinosaurs, it’s hard to say no. Also, I thought it would be a fun weekly feature to find new products you can buy that are dinosaur related. 438 more words

Fandom Friday


A certain mammal (pictured below) has lodged complaints of impersonation. When questioned about the incident, he seemed very angry

“Graaaawhhhh, wraaaahhhhwraaa kraaa. Braakkraaaa jaaaaa.”

This most appropriately translates to “I love squirrels” or “you will die you son of a bitch”.

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Big Love

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a sensitive lover, says the US journal Scientific Reports. Tyrannosaurs had snouts as sensitive to touch as human fingerprints, and while they would have used these tactile noses to explore their surroundings, build nests and pick up fragile eggs and offspring, males and females may also have rubbed their sensitive faces together in a prehistoric form of foreplay… 757 more words

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