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Stegosaurus in Space

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How to make a stegosaurus stuffie

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it would make a great quick sew project.

I drew a dinosaur shape onto cardboard and then cut out 2 of the shape on folded over fabric. 160 more words


Body mass estimation in fossil animals - Sophie the Stegosaurus

Last week, myself (along with Paul Barrett of the NHM and Susie Maidment of Imperial College) published a paper comparing various techniques used to estimate the body mass of extinct animals. 2,262 more words

I saw some Dinosaurs

I’m currently living with a baby dinosaur. The noises he makes – gurgles, hiccoughs, squeaks, grunts, sighs, squeals and grumbles – are primal, almost prehistoric. And his little mouth is like a tiny pterodactyl or elephant – that kind of beaky but human shape. 508 more words


A Jurassic fuss over fossils

I’m pleased so many parents want their children to see the dinosaurs. But not when they make me queue.

My visit to the Natural History Museum, which ironically saw me taking my own parents out, involved lots of waiting around, weaving through crowds and dodging photos – my three London bugbears.   413 more words


Treasures of London - World's most complete Stegosaurus...

A new addition inside the Natural History Museum’s Exhibition Road entrance in South Kensington, the 150 million-year-old Stegosaurus stenops - the first complete dinosaur specimen to go on display in the museum in almost 100 years – is the only… 178 more words


Power Rangers Dino Charge - Dino Bikes

Together, they look very similar.  They are exactly the same with the colors changed between the fronts and backs.  They can stand on their own since there are dinosaur legs hanging down by the back wheel. 455 more words