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Steins;Gate – A science-adventure tour-de-force that is a masterclass in character development

Reviewed on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

I love time travel and time manipulation stories. Even when poorly executed, or lacking in scientific rigour, I am usually entertained by them if the central idea is sound. 1,244 more words


100 Days of Anime: Day 47

Welcome back everyone to the 100 Day Anime Challenge; Day 47 of the challenge to be precise. today’s question is short and sweet: Who is your favorite Tsundere? 204 more words


Steins;Gate Anime Review

Steins;Gate is an amazing Suspenseful Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller Anime. It’s not the most Darkest or the most serious show in the world like Death Note or Monster. 359 more words


Steam's Weeklong deals includes STEINS;GATE and Osiris: New Dawn

This week in Steam’s weeklong deals includes 430 games. Most notably are 50% off of STEINS;GATE (now RM32.50) and 33% off of Osiris: New Dawn… 119 more words

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The Anime Alphabet Challenge | Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of The Anime Alphabet Challenge. For this part I will be discussing shows ranging from the letters Q to U.

If you are new to this series and would like to read the introduction in order to understand what I am doing, then feel free to 

1,078 more words

(Vita) Steins;Gate 0 review

5pb’s follow up to one of the finest visual novels of all time is a thrilling adventure and character study, held back by some disjointed storytelling and plot development. 1,754 more words


Is The Manga Better Than The Anime? A Weeb's Take On The Eternal Dogma.

When it comes to the otaku community, there’s a general consensus that the manga, or any source material, is almost always better than the anime. But is this really true? 1,270 more words