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Playing the Steins;Gate Visual Novel

So, a few years ago, I wrote a review for the Steins;Gate anime, and then later I did a compare and contrast post between the anime and the video game  598 more words

The Written Word

Daily Best Girl: Makise Kurisu

For today’s best girl of the day, it’s Christina – also known by The Zombie, 2channer, and several other aliases. Some people speculate her “real” name is Makise Kurisu – but that name’s not funny. 237 more words

General Assessments

My Thoughts on VNDB's Top 10 Visual Novels

One day I was kinda bored, and sorted through VNDB’s visual novels through rating — technically VNDB’s top visual novels (picture above), so to speak. The result was interesting and I was about to tweet my findings, and then realized I might as well just do it here since it’s actually kinda long. 849 more words


Top 5 Excellent Anime English Dubs

If you think dubbed anime is better than subbed, I can recommend a psychiatrist for you. That’s like saying you prefer the dollar store replica of the Mona Lisa to the real deal. 1,113 more words

General Assessments

Log Time Podcast #23 | Steins;Gate Discussion — Mad Scientist Discussion Sponsored by Dk Pepper

This week, in what might feel like two separate timelines, we both extol the mad scientist virtues of Chiyomaru Shikura’s wild ride Steins;Gate AND go through an impressively long rant about the show in a fairly short span of time. 48 more words


STOP! "Steins;Gate" Doesn't Need Any More Sequels!!

After the amazing Steins;Gate anime and OVA, there’s a film follow-up called “Steins;Gate − Load Region of Déjà Vu”. A supposed sequel to the original story, it does naught but destroy it for a few million yen at the box office. 860 more words


Underrated Short Anime Recommendations I

Bored of watching same old Action, Supernatural Anime?

Here is the list of some Awesome Anime which are underrated but with better and short stories and something new that you will surely love without getting disappointed…. 680 more words