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STOP! "Steins;Gate" Doesn't Need Any More Sequels!!

After the amazing Steins;Gate anime and OVA, there’s a film follow-up called “Steins;Gate − Load Region of Déjà Vu”. A supposed sequel to the original story, it does naught but destroy it for a few million yen at the box office. 860 more words


Underrated Short Anime Recommendations I

Bored of watching same old Action, Supernatural Anime?

Here is the list of some Awesome Anime which are underrated but with better and short stories and something new that you will surely love without getting disappointed…. 680 more words


Tuesday's Top 5: Use of Phones in an Anime

We’ve all seen anime characters using their phones. Whether they are flip phones or the more recently prolific smart phones, characters do love their phones. My list today looks at 5 interesting uses of phones in anime (okay, four interesting uses and one use that just worked well with the story). 607 more words

Steins;Gate [Anime Review]

The term ‘modern classic’ has been thrown around recently, and being guilty of using it myself, I thought I should define what I mean when I use the term as far as anime goes. 596 more words


Occultic;Nine: The Struggles of an Ambitious Creator

     With today’s anime industry cranking out more shows per season than ever before, many of which instantly forgettable due to lazy writing, sub par production and generic characters and stories, the fan community is quick to jump at any show that differentiates itself from the norm, praising these rule breakers for being inventive, creative, subversive and even deconstructive in their methods of storytelling. 1,423 more words


Event: Attack on Titan dub's Mikasa coming to MCM Liverpool

It’ll soon be MCM Comic Con time again in Liverpool. It’s coming to the city’s Exhibition Centre on March 11th and 12th, so they’ve started up the guest announcements for another year. 260 more words