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Steinway M #150 - Atlanta (Strip/Sand)

After a few weeks of work stoppage I am back to it on the Steinway.   On this phase you will see me removing the old finish, sanding, filling, dents, and replacing veneer.   42 more words

Go WestConn, Young Man!   (2015Jul25)

Saturday, July 25, 2015                                            2:16 PM

Pardon the mangling of the Horace Greeley quote—he and I share a birthday—and he was a big deal in my Gramma Duffy’s town, Chappaqua. 351 more words


6 - 25

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“Good morning,” Shaeine said, approaching. “Approximately, perhaps.”

Toby gave her a smile, glancing around the chamber. The group had huddled together near its center, around the remains of their fire, which had burned down to a small patch of slowly shifting orange light. 5,793 more words

My Favourite Piano

I recently did a blog for The Piano Shop Bath and thought it was worth sharing here. Enjoy!

As a pianist, you will often find yourself trying out any piano you can, whether it be an old upright in a village hall, or the top of the range Steinway in a concert hall (usually with a sign saying ‘please do not play!) The reason? 1,087 more words


We exchanged the big city lights of Paris, for the cool calm connectedness that is Zurich, Switzerland. Again the distance was too great to cover by bike in any decent amount of time, so a train ride later and our touring adventure continued. 547 more words

La Lune Folle arrives at Abbey Road Studios

It was quite an emotional day watching and listening to one of my favourite music pieces come to life, Clair De Lune by Debussy, at Abbey Road. 133 more words

La Lune Folle

Steady with the Steinway! Mount Royal University piano move underway

WATCH: It’s moving week at Mount Royal University, and as Doug Vaessen reports, that means hauling dozens of pianos.

CALGARY – Seventy-five pianos—worth an estimated $10 million—will be moved from Mount Royal University’s old Conservatory to the new Taylor Centre for Performing Arts this week in Calgary. 157 more words