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[FREELANCE] This Not-So-Lovely Secret

This Not-So-Lovely Secret

Scriptwriter : Liana D. S. // Fandom : SNSD  // Main Casts : Choi Sooyoung // Support Casts : Choi Siwon // … 635 more words

Choi Sooyoung

30 100s #10: Silver

Thirty One Hundreds (30 Days strict!Drabble Challenge)

Prompt #10: Silver

w/ ex-SM trainee (now a lifestyle author) Stella Kim and SNSD’s Sooyoung

100 words, Friendship, Teen and Up… 122 more words

Teen And Up Audiences

Blog from Vietnam: Steps to Ethical Storytelling - 1

The first step to ethical storytelling is learning the context and placement of the characters. After my first full day in Hanoi, I had some observations of the city, which is the physical context of the Agent Orange victims. 373 more words

Stella Kim

Power of film!

This is a famous IKEA commercial that makes you develop feelings for a lamp, and then trumps you at the end. What are the components of this video that pull your strings? 179 more words

Stella Kim

Analysis of a narrative war film: Welcome to Dongmakgol

Welcome to Dongmakgol is one of my favorite films of all time – I first watched it when it was released in Korea in 2005, and recently re-watched it with a more critical eye and was able to observe layers of social, political and cultural meaning that I didn’t see back then (thanks to my MIT education)! 525 more words

Stella Kim


How do we push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking to convey “true” images of war? How do we tell stories of people with visually apparent abnormalities without portraying them as monsters and ostracizing them? 289 more words

Stella Kim

What images do

When photography emerged in 1890s, it enabled people to turn everything – landscapes, people, ideas – into 35mm film negatives, and then into tangible, portable photos. 307 more words

Stella Kim