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Planned Parenthood is Likely Keeping Some Aborted Babies Alive “Until Their Hearts are Cut Out”

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Dr. Theresa Deisher is a world-renowned scientist in the field of stem cell research who holds patents after discovering adult stem cells in human hearts. 80 more words


Array profiling to study PPAR-alpha in progenitor cell

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR-alpha also known as NR1C1)  regulates a myriad of biological processes. It is a key modulator of lipid metabolism.

Vergori, L. … 229 more words


Awesomeness: embryonic gene manipulation

This is awesome to the power of awesome. Gene Camp (or something resembling it) is real.

Ethical objections? There should be none if you care about people living wonderful, healthy lives.

-JD Cross

Bloody America: Ripe for Judgment

Bloody America: Ripe for Judgment

by Bill Lockwood

Nothing calls for the avenging judgment of God against America as clearly as do the recent revelations of barbaric infanticide and selling of baby body parts by public-funded, government-defended Planned Parenthood. 607 more words


Looking Back to the First Cord Blood Transplantation

Umbilical cord blood banking is a relatively new procedure that has been gaining wide acceptance over the past decade. Blood present in the umbilical cord and placenta is a rich source of adult stem cells. 287 more words

Cord Blood

4 things to know about an anti-abortion group's Planned Parenthood videos

A U.S. anti-abortion group has released new footage allegedly showing a Planned Parenthood representative discussing the price of tissue and organs from aborted fetuses for profit. 906 more words