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From UCLA: "Stem cell advance could be key step toward treating deadly blood diseases"


May 17, 2016
Mirabai Vogt-James

Vincenzo Calvanese, Dr. Hanna Mikkola and Diana Dou are working toward being able to create hematopoietic stem cells in the lab so that they are a perfect match for transplant recipients. 930 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020

Investigators discovered stem cells during their quest to find innovative cell therapy methods which could offer edge over prevailing modalities. These cells have ability to divide several times without losing their capability to renew again and again. 1,178 more words

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Improving Stem Cell Transplants: There's Hope

Umbilical cord blood holds a lot of promise. It contains a very unique and powerful stem cell population: young, malleable stem cells with the potential to regenerate our entire blood system. 733 more words


What Are Stem Cells and How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help?

What Is a Stem Cell?

Stem cells stand as one amazing element of the body’s many natural healing powers. By the ability to proliferate endlessly and rejuvenate damaged cells at injury sites, stem cells have the future potential to cure many, if not all, diseases. 716 more words

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