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Here are the five… 127 more words

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Stem Cell Essay

Did you know that there are some cells in your body that are the hardest working?

They are called Stem Cells.

They reproduce again and again so you don’t have to look ugly. 308 more words

Three Ottawa-led stem cell trials receive $2.2 million boost

Stem cell research in Ottawa received a major boost Thursday when researchers from the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa were awarded a total of $2.2 million to fund three clinical trials looking into whether stem cells can help the… 168 more words

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Bone Marrow Transplant: A Miracle Similar to New Life

What is Cancer

Gregor Mandel discovered the way by which father and mother genes are distributed when they get together to form a new person. Mandel proved this with beans in his famous experiments—intriguing and clever. 2,419 more words


Neurogenic Radial Glia-like Cells in Meninges Migrate and Differentiate into Functionally Integrated Neurons in the Neonatal Cortex

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Carmeliet and colleagues have identified a population of radial glia-like neural progenitor cells located in the meninges of postnatal mice. After birth, these cells migrate through the caudal ventricular zone and then differentiate into functional and integrated neurons of the posterior cortex. 12 more words

Stem Cell

Cell-Type-Specific Chromatin States Differentially Prime Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tumor-Initiating Cells for Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Latil and colleagues show that tumor phenotypes and propensity for EMT are dictated by cell-type-specific chomatin and transcriptional states of the cancer cell of origin. 33 more words

Stem Cell

The p53 Family Coordinates Wnt and Nodal Inputs in Mesendodermal Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Massagué and colleagues show that the p53/63/73 family is essential for mesendoderm specification in embryonic stem cells. The p53 family transcriptionally activates the Wnt pathway in human and mouse ESCs to coordinate Wnt-Tcf and nodal-Smad inputs for mesendodermal differentiation of ESCs in vitro and in the embryo. 12 more words

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