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Cautious Optimism...?

It’s now been 16 weeks since I completed the stem cell procedure in October. As described so far, it’s been ups and downs, with a general feeling of progress, but nothing so profound as to scream “It’s Working!” 572 more words

Stem Cell Meatballs?

Announcing Stem Cell Meat

That’s right America! Memphis Meats has developed meat from the stem cells of cows and pigs, including the use of “fetal bovine serum from unborn calves’ blood to initiate the process.” 188 more words

Conspiracy Theory?

Karolinska University to investigate stem-cell scientist

LONDON (AP) — Sweden’s Karolinska University says it is commissioning an external investigation into stem-cell scientist Paolo Macchiarini, who was cleared last year of misconduct charges related to his creation of wind pipes made from patients’ stem cells. 241 more words


Stem Cell Therapy for Vascular Disease in Europe

Are you looking for a safe positive, result-providing treatment for your vascular disease? Regain your health with the stem cell therapy packages for offered by renowned European clinics! 211 more words

Stem Cell Therapy

Naive Human Pluripotent Cells Feature a Methylation Landscape Devoid of Blastocyst or Germline Memory

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Pastor and colleagues show that reversion of primed hESCs in 5iLAF, or derivation of hESCs in 5iLAF, results in a population of naive cells characterized by loss of the marker SSEA4. 30 more words

Stem Cell

The cook kit - pt 1

Mountain biking is hard work, hungry work, and after a day in the saddle being able to cook a hot meal and knock up a brew is simply essential. 411 more words


From stem cell to specialized cell: but what happens in between?

Stem cells have the remarkable ability to develop into a whole host of highly specialized cell types, but the process by which this happens is extremely transient and therefore enormously challenging to study. 684 more words