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Erosion of X Chromosome Inactivation in Human Pluripotent Cells Initiates with Coating and Depends on a Specific Heterochromatin Landscape

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Rougeulle and colleagues show that XCI erosion in human pluripotent cells is related to a pluripotency-specific epigenomic landscape on the inactive X chromosome, and that coating by the XACT lncRNA and gene reactivation precedes loss of XIST expression during this process. 12 more words


β-Catenin Regulates Primitive Streak Induction through Collaborative Interactions with SMAD2/SMAD3 and OCT4

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell In this article, Funa, Schachter, and colleagues et al. provide mechanistic insights into how Wnt signaling controls early cell lineage decisions. β-catenin occupies regulatory regions in numerous PS and neural crest genes, and direct interactions between β-catenin and SMAD2/SMAD3 in proximity to OCT4 binding are required to specifically activate PS genes. 12 more words


Suzanne somers stem cell breast reconstruction

Dr. Jane Visvader and Dr. Geoff Lindeman, of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia, reported probably this years the most important discovery in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer in the on line version of Nature today, April 12, 2010. 236 more words

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Stem cell treatment in USA

American found in favor of stem cells research for treatment of chronic diseases. It is true that embryonic stem cells have raised a political controversy for about last two decades. 523 more words

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update 19 April

Thanks to all who are patient, life with three kids under the age of 5 doesn’t leave much time for blogging!  Life is happily crazy, though, in a state of lovely chaos.   737 more words

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Stem cell treatment for multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma can be treated by different chemotherapy regimens. One treatment, known as the Arkansas Treatment, includes an autologous stem cell transplant. 1,453 more words

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Umbilical cord stem cell banking

Nowadays, Expectant parents can also collect and preserve stem cells from the tissue of the umbilical cord. It is a rich source of Hematopoietic (HSC) that differentiate to form the lineage of blood cells. 485 more words

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