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Stem Cell Differentiation Compound Library

Stem cells are a hot topic for
research due to the growing number of potential applications. Stem cells can be
used to further our understanding of the cause of disease, as well as test new… 218 more words


Capsule cures get beta

We’ve learned how to churn out zillions of insulin-producing cells and maybe even guard them from the immune system for a year or two.

The commercial “stem cell clinics” that have popped up across the U.S. 116 more words

Rescue stem cell allograft in intensive care unit patients during septic shock with multi-organ failure

This research by Lepretre and colleagues was first published online in the Journal of Critical Care during July 2019.
Purpose:  We describe what we believe to be the first two cases of patients who received an allograft in intensive care unit (ICU) despite severe septic shock with multi-organ failure (MOF). 238 more words

Critical Care

E-cigarettes may damage neural stem cells important to brain function

Puffing on electronic cigarettes can damage neural stem cells important to brain function, a new study says.

E-cigarettes produce a stress response in neural stem cells, researchers at the University of California at Riverside reported in a study published in the interdisciplinary open-access journal iScience. 327 more words


Cardiac Stem Cell Therapeutics

The recent identification of different classes of cardiac progenitor cells has suggested that the heart is not a terminally differentiated, postmitotic organ but an organ regulated by a stem cell compartment. 91 more words