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The bone marrow is no longer alone – the lung also makes blood cells

In this month’s “Paper Of The Month”, research out of UCSF demonstrates that the lung is the main producer of platelets. So far scientist believed that all blood cells – from pathogen-fighting white blood cells to red blood cells that transport oxygen and platelets, which clot blood during wound-healing – are primarily and exclusively produced in the bone marrow. 789 more words


Swedish scientists successfully implant 3D-printed human cartilage cells in baby mice

In what could potentially serve as an important moment in the quest to 3D-print body parts, a team of scientists from Sweden’s Sahlgrenska Academy and Chalmers University of Technology have managed to successfully implant human cartilage cells in six-week-old baby mice. 116 more words


Fake "Stem Cell" Injections Blind Three Women

The human body contains a few hundred different cell types, from muscle and fat cells to liver and brain cells. These are called differentiated cells and their different shapes, sizes and function is influenced by the fact that these different cell types have different gene expression. 1,075 more words

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Researchers discover that the lung is a major producer of platelets and blood stem cells

Your blood is composed of a number of different types of cells. There are the red blood cells whose primary job is to carry oxygen throughout the body. 428 more words


The Rules No Longer Apply

Human embryo research has been conducted under strict time limits.  Known as the 14-day rule, work was permitted only until the primitive streak appeared signaling the embryo had reached a condition of true individuation (1).  533 more words

Retraction, and another looming misconduct finding for Macchiarini and Jungebluth

The misconduct-tainted paper on oesophagus transplants in rats (Sjöqvist et al 2014) by the fallen star of regenerative medicine Paolo Macchiarini is finally… 2,234 more words

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How we can finally win the fight against aging - Aubrey De Grey, TED

After the popularity of the post where Dr Aubrey de Grey talked with Dr Rhonda Patrick it seemed appropriate to post another video of him talking about aging. 108 more words