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Achilles' Heel of Brain Cancer Identified in Tumor Stem Cells

Few words strike me with more dread than glioblastoma, the name for a very aggressive, incurable cancer of the brain. Although surgery and chemotherapy can help hold off or reverse a glioblastoma’s growth for a while, almost inevitably the tumor comes back along with a terrible prognosis: an average survival time of 12 to 15 months after diagnosis with a less than 5% survival rate beyond five years. 646 more words


What's in a brain?

Studying human neurological diseases has always presented scientists with a major challenge due to the ethical and clinical inaccessibility of living human brain tissue. In order to circumvent this problem, scientists have turned to an exciting new approach: taking skin or blood cells from a patient with a neurological disease, and turning them into brain cells in the lab using cutting edge stem cell technologies. 639 more words

Stem Cells

A visual guide on using stem cells to treat blindness

Some stories are so sweet or powerful or wonderful – or all three – that they just stick in your mind.

About 18 months ago Rosalinda and German Barrero came to talk to the CIRM Board about retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a devastating genetic disease that slowly destroys a person’s vision. 303 more words

California Institute For Regenerative Medicine


Regenerate seems to represent the most comforting advancements for teeth.  From better fluoride  toothpastes to rebuilding the enamel serums.  From MTA to a 3M-3-Antibiotic mix for fillings.   27 more words

Elly's ART

Don't Lose Hope

Most people I know think I am a strong and positive person. Most people I know only see a small piece of who I am, how strong or not strong I am and the few and fleeting moments I manage to be positive when I am around them. 505 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

SciShow: Stem Cells


In this post I’d like to link to a video on stem cells that I found that I feel contains good information. It comes from Hank Green’s web show SciShow, where he highlights various scientific topics. 44 more words

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells


In previous blog posts, I have mentioned two different kinds of pluripotent stem cells. There are the embryonic stem cells that most people are familiar with, but there’s another type called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). 258 more words