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How many stem cell trials will it take to get a cure?

When I think about how many clinical trials it will take before a stem cell therapy is available to patients, I’m reminded of the decades old… 823 more words

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How UCL throat surgeon Martin Birchall misleads patients and tricks public funders

This is a new instalment of my investigation into UK and EU funded clinical trials on trachea replacement by the throat surgeon Martin Birchall at UCL. 3,690 more words


Spiritual Healing, Attributes of an Avatar - III

The spiritual healing process is nothing but realigning the human physiology at the gross, molecular and genetic levels – which correspond to the physiology, muscle-memory and bio-memory.  139 more words


Is stem cells therapy for Osteoarthritis approved in India?

The bone and joint disorders; is the current theme of world health problems; as it has been estimated that osteoarthritis (OA) is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide. 516 more words

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Daughter Donates Stem Cells to Honor Dad’s Successful Transplant

Lauren Marsden joined DKMS/Delete Blood Cancer Registry during freshman orientation at St. Anselm’s College for the same reason she majored in nursing: She wanted to help others. 571 more words


Zika Infects Adult Neural Progenitors Too

A mouse study shows that the virus has tropism for adult proliferative neural progenitor cells and immature neurons.

Zika virus exposure in a mouse model can infect adult neural stem cells in the brain, leading to cell death and reduced proliferation. 505 more words


Retinitis pigmentosa

A retina with mid-stage retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition in which cells on the retina decay eventually leading to partial or complete blindness…

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