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I Know Nothing About Asterias

“I know nothing!”, the famous quote from a weird era of television when World War II, Nazis, and concentration camps were comedies. (Could anyone even pitch such a thing now?) AST, the stock for Asterias, rose to five times my average purchase price, and I know nothing. 798 more words

[WEB SITE] The brain can rewire itself after an injury

Living things can repair themselves. Damaged skin and fractured bones heal, and a damaged liver can regenerate itself.

Only recently have scientists begun to understand this is also true of the brain. 120 more words


CIRM-Funded Scientists Build a Better Neuron; Gain New Insight into Motor Neuron Disease

Each individual muscle in our body—no matter how large or how small—is controlled by several types of motor neurons. Damage to one or more types of these neurons can give rise to some of the most devastating motor neuron diseases, many of which have no cure. 497 more words


Day + 13

For 15 days and 14 nights I have ‘defied all odds’ and I have only stepped in foot of a hospital once to see the view from the 16th floor of the tower. 633 more words

Living With Cancer

Technology Tuesday: April 14, 2015

On previous Technology Tuesdays we have focused on a single science and technology story, however from here on out, every week The Job Shop blog will post what we think are the top 5 most interesting science and technology stories of that week. 377 more words