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Introducing The SkinGun: New Innovation Sprays Stem Cells Onto Wound Sites, Allowing New Skin To Grow

In recent years, biotechnology company RenovaCare, Inc. has released its innovative SkinGun, a medical device which sprays a person’s autologous stem cells so as to treat severe wounds and burns. 78 more words




We are about to enter the era of deep medicine, where we understand cell pathways and how to change them. I’m a two-time cancer survivor. 144 more words

UCLA scientists begin a journey to restore the sense of touch in paralyzed patients

Yesterday, CIRM-funded scientists at UCLA published an interesting study that sheds light on the development of sensory neurons, a type of nerve cell that is damaged in patients with spinal cord injury. 719 more words

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Taking people's moral concerns seriously

I recently published a post on how anxiety can take possession of the intellect: how anxiety, when it is interpreted by thoughts that rationalize it, can cause moral panic. 501 more words


Good news on cancer and eyes

I have failed miserably at keeping ‘the cancer blog’ updated – and that’s a good thing, I suppose. I have now been “clean” since my April autologous stem cell transplant. 522 more words

Dan and Hannah and the Ways of Our Love

It’s the first week of August, Hannah and I have come to Sandy Springs, Georgia (Atlanta Metro Area) for Hannah’s second experimental stem cell injection; we’ve hopes that stem cells just might hold a key to improving her voice, which has been softened and limited for the past 15 years. 699 more words

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