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The Donation Dilemma

Broadcaster: BBC News

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

URL: http://bobnational.net/record/307809

Review by Emma Sterling

For people from an ethnic minority background like me and my family, finding yourself in a situation where you need an organ transplant can sometimes feel like a death sentence.” 737 more words

Cell Biology

A cardiac love triangle: how transcription factors interact to make a heart

 Here’s a heartfelt science story for all those Valentine’s day fans out there. Scientists from the Gladstone Institutes have identified how a group of transcription factors interact during embryonic development to make a healthy heart. 893 more words

Research News

How you derive embryonic stem cells matters

A scientist named James Thompson was the first to successfully culture human embryonic stem cells in 1998. He didn’t know it then, but his technique isolated a specific type of embryonic stem cell (ESC) that had a “primed pluripotent state”. 698 more words

California Institute For Regenerative Medicine

Scientists Explore Hairloss at the Molecular Level

One reason your hair is thinning, is because some of it turns into skin! Two studies aim to explain the underlying molecular mechanisms behind hair loss.  570 more words


Fighting aging by eliminating senescent cells

Published in Nature Medicine, a new study reports a potential success in preventing senescence-associated phenotype and ameliorating stem cell functions in bone marrow (BM) during aging by specific targeting of apoptosis proteins in senescent cells. 496 more words


Casket becomes yearbook for teen who died of leukemia

BURLINGTON, Ontario– A Canadian teen’s family found a unique way to say goodbye.

Laura Hillier, 18, lost her battle with acute myeloid leukemia on Jan. 20 after a long wait for a stem cell transplant. 175 more words