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Boo-Boos and Stem Cells: New Children’s Book Explains Body’s Healing Process

With two boys under six, scraped elbows and knees are a common sight in my household. After the crying and tears subside, the excitement of deciding between the Captain America or the Lightning McQueen band aid soon follows. 458 more words

Stem Cells

New Regulations for Stem Cells in China

Clinics around China have been ignoring government regulations and warnings from the scientific community for years. They offered desperate patients costly and, according to experts, probably ineffective treatments. 36 more words

Stem Cells

Brain-in-a-dish: researchers create "the most complete model of a human brain ever grown in a lab"

Ohio State University researchers Rene Anand and Susan McKay say they have grown a miniaturized human brain from re-programmed adult skin cells. The structure is described in… 227 more words

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This is the start of Something Wonderful

Do you need to lose 10 years instantly?INSTANTLY AGELESS

Do you want to set the clock back 10 years & stay that youthful? 59 more words


Embryonic stem cells controlled with light: Study reveals stem cells' molecular timing mechanism .

Stem cell colonies starting to transform into neurons under optical control.

UC San Francisco researchers have for the first time developed a method to precisely control embryonic stem cell differentiation with beams of light, enabling them to be transformed into neurons in response to a precise external cue. 844 more words


Bye Bye BORIS: Gene Silencing Gives Cancer Stem Cells the Boot

A popular theory behind why cancer tumors recur post treatment is the existence of cancer stem cells (CSCs). These cells have stem cell-like qualities and are stubbornly resistant to common cancer cell killing techniques such as radiation and chemotherapy. 840 more words