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How research on a rare disease turned into a faster way to make stem cells

If Forest Gump were a scientist, I’d like to think he would have said his iconic line a little differently. Dr. Gump would have said, “scientific research is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.” 561 more words

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An Exciting and Transformed #AAPS2016

by: Annette Bak

AAPS has heard your feedback on previous annual meetings! You wanted more focus while maintaining diversity at the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition. 580 more words

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Cloning Gets Easier

Cloning and stem cells are controversial topics, particularly when they used cells that were part of the reproductive process. Now, Japanese researchers have cloned mice from skin cells. 149 more words

Menstrual Blood Stem Cells

The topic of stem cells has always been a highly controversial one especially if we’re dealing with human embryonic stem cells. But what if there were stem cells which could be harvested from a potentially unlimited, ethical, easily collectable and inexpensive source? 195 more words

Stem cell stories that caught our eye: Blood stem cells on a diet, Bladder control after spinal cord injuries, new ALS insights

Putting blood stem cells on a diet. (Karen Ring)

Scientists from Stanford and the University of Tokyo have figured out a new way to potentially make bone marrow transplants more safe. 933 more words

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checking in at the NMHS Hilton

I appear to have worried some people with Tuesday’s post.
Fear not; I remain reasonably hale and this is all quite expected.

We have been coming to the Haematology Day Ward every day bar one since my stem cell graft, to deal with the fallout from my BEAM therapy and subsequent stem cell infusion. 429 more words