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Stumbling blocks of an "A" student

I have never been the type to be stressed over good grades, after all I’ve always been my teachers’ favourite throughout my academic life. This was not because I was smart, but simply because I was above average in terms of working hard. 724 more words


Magnetic Ice Science

This easy game is such a neat winter-time twist on magnet play!

To prepare, simply place small magnetic items in the compartments of an ice tray, and cover with water. 256 more words


Curriculum Catch-Up

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks, so I apologize for not being more consistent with my blog posts. In between renewed therapy appointments for Joseph and playing with homeschool friends at our Woodsy Playgroup and beyond, we’ve managed to settle into a nice classroom routine for the new year. 547 more words


Gaming in 2018: An age of ‘Smart' cardboard, E-sports scandals and gender politics

By Neil Merrett

There was a time, which now seems eons or at least one lifetimes ago, when defining what a videogame was or could be was a simple affair. 2,150 more words


The Open Mapping Theorem

The open mapping theorem (or the Banach-Schauder theorem, if you prefer) is an incredibly important, relatively straightforward and digestible result in functional analysis which plays a crucial role in a large variety of other interesting theorems.  1,924 more words


Better late than never..

Two more months on and I have finally finished my first semester, including exams (YAY), and am about to begin my next set of modules. Very excited as 270 more words