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Wearable, Teachable & Learnable Internet of Things: The Micro Bit Project

Wearable, Teachable and Learnable Internet of Things: The Micro Bit Project

Creative digital solutions enters its fourth year in delivering research, workshops and teaching and learning in science, engineering and art we would like to share our first article as part of ‘ 101 more words



Although there weren’t any Whimsical Science panels at Connecticon 2017, it allowed for some pretty relaxed enjoyment of other panels on display. One of our favorite groups of panelists here at WS is the creative team behind Starpower- Michael “Mookie” Terracciano and Garth Graham. 509 more words

A Day at Glasair Aviation

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to take a ride in the company’s CJ3 up to Glasair Aviation. We are currently training a second pilot so there wasn’t an empty seat in the cockpit for me to join my CFI. 610 more words

【STEM X 安老】善用科技提升長者生活質素

香港人口持續老化,其趨勢已成為大眾關注的議題。根據統計處的估算,65歲或以上人士佔全港人口百分比將由2014年的15%,倍增至2034年的30%。香港人口急速老化,安老服務的需求將會大增。有鑑於此,香港科技園公司推動「健康老齡化」(healthy ageing),提倡善用各種科技「家居安老」,以協助長者面對日常生活中遇到的困難和不便。科技園的「家居安老體驗館」展覽向公眾展出超過30項居家安老科技應用,以科技提高長者的自我照顧能力之餘,同時更可令他們在家輕鬆檢測身體狀況,減少依賴,令生活更愜意。

「家居安老體驗館」透過四大範疇建構一個長者友善 (elder-friendly) 的家居,分別為起居自主、健康檢測、家居安全及復康保健。體驗館設計一個約500呎的典型長者居住環境的示範,設計方面均參考香港房屋協會長者友善家居指引設計,如通道不少於85cm的闊度、不設門檻,亦在適當的地方加上扶手等。體驗館展示了多項由本地科研公司研發的安老科技,如防滑和防跌的安全地板以預防長者跌倒,及監測睡眠窒息症的倍靈指環。安全地板外層為防滑、耐用的物料,內部則由無數的球狀微粒組成,能吸收因跌倒而產生的撞擊力。倍靈指環則可在長者睡覺時量度長者整晚的心跳及其變化、血氧飽和度及睡眠時的身體動作。數據會送上雲端的軟件作分析,讓醫生便於作出診斷。其他被展示的安老科技包括全自動淋浴機,及助長者隨時隨地測量血壓的Heartisans手錶。



ITP Awards: 5 mins with Francesca Sartori, Head of 5G Sales e2e Europe at Nokia

Francesca Sartori is Head of 5G Sales e2e Europe at Nokia and finalist of the ITP’s Women in Telecoms Award 2016. We chat to her about her career and women in tech.  493 more words

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