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STEM Night - Bouncy Balls

I hold STEM nights once a month at the library.  Usually they activities revolve around science or engineering.  At the moment we don’t have much technology that is geared towards kids at our library but plans for that are in the works so soon I will have more technology based events.   244 more words

STEM camps hope to fill Memphis high school students' summer with learning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Keeping children busy is key to keeping them out of trouble. Here’s a free program, that will do just that.

Multiple organizations are teaming up to offer a “STEM camp” for Memphis high school students. 49 more words

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StemCells Reminds Investors the Lessons of Outright Implosion

StemCells, Inc. (NASDAQ: STEM) just reminded investors and speculators alike just how dangerous it can be to invest in biotech and biohealth companies. The company issued a press release signaling the termination of its Phase II Pathway study. 648 more words

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Nano-assays: Rethinking Troubleshooting

A graduate student’s life is not all hunky-dory. Every few weeks an experiment fails. Subsequently, an investigation ensues to find the cause and “troubleshoot”. First possibility—the graduate student screwed up. 685 more words


This college senior & “Star Trek” fan discovered four new planets while studying astronomy

A 22-year-old woman whose interest in space began while watching Star Trek on TV as a youngster discovered four new planets while doing her undergrad coursework at the University of British Columbia. 234 more words

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{STEM}ming out from the Classroom

On May 17th and 18th, hand-selected fifth graders from all 4 of our schools were taken on a two-day field experience aptly known as: Camp Blackbaud. 454 more words

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Gene Mutations in Drosophila Embyrogenesis

Everyone’s house favorite – Donny the Drosophila, AKA the fly.

With two healthy wings, compound eyes, a thorax, and much more, Donny comes from a family of normal Drosophila. 254 more words