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#GameTheory: What is it?

By David K Levine, Professor of Economics, UCLA

What economists call game theory psychologists call the theory of social situations, which is an accurate description of what game theory is about. 2,742 more words


The Big Bang Theory giveaway at San Diego Comic-Con to benefit STEM Education

THE BIG BANG THEORY is giving away an autographed set of San Diego Comic-Con name cards and a poster, to benefit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. 141 more words


The fork in the road

Sorry everyone! There has been a gap between posts due to the fact that I had a big decision to make……

It continues on from my earlier post on… 680 more words

Book Review #37: "The Unknown and Impossible: How a research facility in Virginia mastered the air and conquered space"

“I am proud to be part of a species where a subset of its members willingly put their lives at risk to push the boundaries of our existence.” 576 more words



As a WOC in STEM I relate to the frustrations, between the grueling coursework and other personal matters, self-doubt can quickly become an overwhelming factor. However, biased suggestions and discouragement of advisors, peers, and even family is a tremendous factor as to why most WOC ultimately decide to switch their major after their freshman year. 552 more words

My Summer Playlist: Music I Can't Stop Jamming To

Good morning fems! Luna here! Now that it’s summer, I have a lot more spare time to listen to music. Today’s post is a curation of my favorite songs I’ve been listening to all summer long! 447 more words