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詳情請看:這裡 和 這裡


Schrodinger Equation - A Non-Mathematical Insight For Everyone

Before the 1920s it was believed that particle and wave was completely two different aspects of physics, one was completely independent of the other. This is the aspect of classical mechanics. 1,847 more words


Smart Girls, Good Friends, and Pretty Dresses

Given my interest in girls in STEM, it made sense that I took notice the first time I saw an ad for the Project MC2… 499 more words


Marshmallow Sculptures

Travis and I had some gooey fun attempting to make sculptures from marshmallows last November, but I confess our attempts were foiled by using large marshmallows… 136 more words


iSTEM 教案/工作紙/PPT/製作示範:Kinetic 5: Newton’s 3rd Law – Newton’s Cradle 力學原理五:牛頓第三定律 – 牛頓鐘擺

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Kinetic 5: Newton’s 3rd Law – Newton’s Cradle 力學原理五:牛頓第三定律 – 牛頓鐘擺

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衷心感謝香港中文大學校友會聯會張煊昌學校許莉敏老師為iSTEM 科技教育系列之力學原理五:牛頓第三定律 – 牛頓鐘擺所分享的資源!

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The power of snails in pre-algebra

How much do you think you could pull, if you were as strong as a snail? To investigate this, seventh grade students harnessed the power of snails (literally!) in pre-algebra. 55 more words

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