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NEUROnomics: Everything Brain

)By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

TGNR is excited to announce a new upcoming weekly column by TGNR‘s Founder and Editor-In-Chief Kristen E. Strubberg… 245 more words




STEM的专业名单可以在https://www.ice.gov/doclib/sevis/pdf/stem-list.pdf 上找到。

根据新规定,STEM延期可以是基于最近所读的学位,也可以是以前所获得学位,只要延期时从事的工作与STEM专业相关,并且STEM专业完成后没有申请过STEM延期。比如,一个本科有chemical engineering学位的学生,后来又修了political science 的 PhD. 他可以基于chemical engineering 学位申请STEM延期,但是STEM延期时候的工作应该与chemical engineering相关。


STEM延期不是自动的,需要递交申请。申请时间最早可以在现有EAD过期前120天。如果延期申请递交上之后,现有的 EAD到期,EAD可以自动延期180天或者到STEM延期申请被批准/拒绝。

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Lauren Reid - Finalist in The Next Einstein Competition

Great news!  Ontario’s own Lauren Reid is a finalist in “The Next Einstein” Competition.  Lauren was invited by STAO to take part in our Saturday Extravaganza during our Conference last November. 32 more words

All Science Teachers

Programming the K-9 Robot in EasyC

4-29-16 – So after I got the basic K-9 body assembled, the task to program it began.  I did some basic stuff in the Vex Easy C programming language about a year ago and I forgot almost everything I knew.   454 more words

Doctor Who

Three Years of Stem

With this being our third year in the STEM program I know all the projects that my youngest was facing. Here we are the last month of school which means three big projects. 141 more words


Fifty Seven


As I sat, stiffly in the chair on the front porch, I looked out to the horizon, which was unbroken but for a couple of sparsely leaved old trees and some of the old, broken-down fence line. 328 more words