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[NLP Pipelines] Basic Components - 2

This is Part 2 of the NLP Pipelines Series. View Part 1

In the next few posts, I will cover a few basic components of an NLP system from the perspectives of what’s available out there in the form of open-source tools and data (for training such components), how the performance of the components are “measured”, and what the state-of-art benchmarks are. 1,326 more words


Analyzers in Azure Search

This week I have been looking to tune (in terms of recall) some of my Azure Search queries.  A way to do this is to use stemming.  737 more words


ER Visits & Familiar Ghosts

Today, I visited the ER.
No, it wasn’t for me, but for the once-best-friend (OBF).
My OBF called my desk phone about 1145 hours this morning and sounded hazy. 1,631 more words

Her Ptsd Finally Got To Me.

I ve been broken. My wife has PTSD stemming from her time in the military and a broken first marriage. This isn t my first post, but it is my first post in quite some time. 72 more words

Ptsd And Paranoia - Need Help Scared!

My partner has c-ptsd stemming from childhood incest. We have had to deal with many of the issues common to the disease but we have been working through them – she is being treated and we are making progress. 68 more words

Jingle all the way...

Ik ben een verschrikkelijk persoon. Zelfhulpboeken en mindfulnesstrainers roepen overal dat het recept voor een gelukkig bestaan is om te leven in het moment. ‘Volg het Carpe Diem-beleid dat al sinds de Renaissance rondzwerft en u zult de sleutel tot het geluk vinden.’ 365 more words