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Banksy Inspired Stencil Wall Art - DIY Tutorial

A stencil is both the intermediate object used to create a pattern/image and it is also the resulting design created. Stencils can be thin materials such as paper, plastics, wood or metal with a pattern cut out, over which, paint is applied to an underlying object. 695 more words

Painting Tips And Tricks

[INTERVIEW] Serbian street artist TKV

Street art is a form of art that attracts me for many reasons. Street art built the personality of a city, makes it colorful and graphic. 1,419 more words


Milla Stencil Art Portrait

Description: Stencil Art Portrait of Milla
Black & White Oil Painting on Canvas.
Size: 35
 x 27 cm
Painted: April 2016

Oil Painting

Monkeyface / Scarface Parody

Description: Monkeyface / Scarface Parody
Stencil Art, Acrylic Painting Canvas.
Size: 90
 x 30 cm
Painted: 2012

Oil Painting

Making Poe Dameron

I’ve been making stencils like this for about five years now, starting as a freshman in college with pretty simple images (see Johnny Depp) and over the years have taught myself to both trust my own hand with the knife and my own brain to assume and fill in intentional gaps on the canvas (see Lana Del Rey). 767 more words

Stencil Art