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COB Photo Challenge 2016, Week 16...lamp light

This oddball photo shows off the stenciling on a lamp shade.  The punched holes create a beautiful look, but  the combination of brown shade and small holes doesn’t allow much light to escape.

Cee's Photo Challenges

De-Cluttered Closet {guest post}

Heidi from Lily Field Furniture decided to de-clutter her closet and give it a modernized look with the help of Liquorice! Come see the incredible before and after shots of this transformation. 356 more words

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The Red Baron Strikes Again! {guest post}

This fun dresser was given an eye-catching new look by Kim from The Painted Poppy Studio with Devotion and Vanilla Frosting! 424 more words

Furniture Painting

Thrift Store Tray Makeover {guest post}

Don’t miss out on great finds at the thrift store! Olivia from Rustic Owl Treasures is with us today to share her transformation of an outdated wooden tray into beautiful, modern decor! 350 more words

Sample Jar Projects

Merit - Getting Inspiration from Everyday Things

Finding inspiration for an abstract piece of artwork can come from obvious but often unnoticed objects. You can find inspiration in the bark of trees, in the colors at a farmer’s market, in the shadows on the wall…almost anywhere your eye can wander. 256 more words

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