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Italian pride

Stendhal’s love of gossip, acerbic comment and piercing observation throw up a continual stream of delight. Here he is, in 1816, on Italian pride speaking truth to power. 113 more words


Visions of happiness

In the interests of keeping things lighthearted, particularly when the going has been a little less polished and serene than I might have liked, I have often wise-cracked that there has clearly been a dreadful mistake and that I am in fact supposed to be living a different life. 3,032 more words

French Culture

Words, Words, Words

“Mr Pickwick belongs to the sacred figures of the world’s history. Do not, please, claim that he has never existed: the same thing happens to most of the world’s sacred figures, and they have been living presences to a vast number of consoled wretches. 191 more words

William Shakespeare

Where are you hiding, Umberto Eco?

Much as I’m currently enjoying my foray into Nordic Noir, I’m starting to think ahead and plan my reading for the next few months. I’ll be heading off to a family wedding in Italy in June which is exciting, and I’m intending to have consumed a good stack of novels set in Italy before I go. 314 more words


Can't Spell Rome Without Emo : Stendhal - "Rome, Naples, and Florence"

“I would like, after having seen Italy, to drink the waters of Lethe at Naples, then forget it all so I could restart my journey. That’s how I want to spend the rest of my days.” 156 more words



God’s only excuse is that he does not exist. — Stendhal