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What About Friends?

One can acquire everything in solitude except character.    —  Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle is better known by his pen name Stendhal) 19 more words

Fall Reading List

Novels in my Sem-III M.A. syllabus. Well, Mansfield Park isn’t included directly, another text talks about it.

Looking forward to review some of these. Excited! :D… 11 more words

"Beauty is the promise of happiness"

“Beauty is the promise of happiness”

— Stendhal (aka Marie-Henri Beyle), French, writer


Was Barry Lyndon a Great Film?

Barry Lyndon came out in 1975. It was a Kubrick film, but it didn’t look like one. it was unlike the one that came before (A Clockwork Orange) and the one that came after (The Shining). 621 more words


Books, Marquis del Dongo at Waterloo

From “The Paradox of History” by Chiaromonte, , the first essay entitled “Fabrizio at Waterloo” – a discussion of Stendhal.

On 8 March, 1815, having just learned of Napoleon’s return from Elba, the seventeen year old hero of… 228 more words


Reading/Have Read/Should Write About

From bottom to top:

I had to go hunt through the house for the trio of Hildafolk comics by Luke Pearson because my kids keep swapping them around. 639 more words