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Step by step: Imperial Fists Templar Brethren

Hello! Today I bring another step by step for you! I have said that I will show you how to paint the Imperial Fists templar brethren as I uploaded the fotos from the first templar brethren, so here have you it! 406 more words


Finally Fluid!

The face above is not my doing, but it’s a part of Adobe Photoshop that I’ve been dying to know how to do!  That beautiful nightmare above was created using the Liquify Filter.   222 more words

Warp Jump

As you can see by the picture above, I like to take my work seriously.  The picture above was created by using a nifty little tool called… 237 more words

How to dye a shibori tablecloth [photo step-by-step]

Shibori is a beautiful and simple method of Japanese fabric dyeing by binding – a lot like tie dye, but it looks so much better! 325 more words


My First Dreadtober

So I haven’t played loyalist marines in well over a decade (almost two!). With my new army, I decided I’d get right into it with building and painting the model that prompted its creation – the Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought from Forge World! 318 more words


Two Thumbs Up Tuesday by Not The Average Mama

Thanks so much Jessica – at Not The Average Mama – for including my post in your roundup today! We stepmamas all sure do understand each other, and it is such a big help to have an online tribe. 30 more words

Step By Step


Insulting nickname given to Dana Foster (Staci Keanan) by her stepbrother J.T. Lambert (Brandon Call) on the sitcom STEP BY STEP/ABC/1991-98.

J.T. once teased Dana about not being invited to a party, saying, “I’d invite you, but they don’t allow dogs!” He also called Dana “Vampira,” “Frosty the Step-sister” and “The Undateable.” 83 more words