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Update on the one step at a time approach to an overwhelming day - it works...

This morning I awakened feeling overwhelmed about my day. On top of my illness-induced chronic fatigue, I was worn out from a busy two weeks and had a full day of responsibilities. 390 more words

Sanding again today

We are trying to balance working during the  coolest time of day (early morning) but not wake the neighbors with the noise from the sander.  However , that means we only have an hour ir two to work until the sun gets too hot. 55 more words

Colorado Public Art

Pushing Past the Appearance of Clean

Oh we have ALL been there…it is 6:45. In 15 minutes your guests will be ringing your doorbell.  You are not completely dressed – eyeliner only on one eye, your husband is shirtless on the couch drinking a frosty beverage watching TV, your daughter(or son) is running around with a bowl of cheerios christening your freshly swept floor….and there is SHIT EVERYWHERE!!! 382 more words

Another day of sanding!

the sanding continues! Here are today’s pics…

Made some good progress today.  Mom, my assistant is AWESOME!!!  Keeps the sand paper coming!

One of our neighbors and her son stopped by to offer encouragement… They like the design idea.   48 more words



My head aches in the absence of peace. Caught beneath this fog that drifts in and out of my heart, I steady my breathing before taking even one more step, realizing how I tend to push myself beyond my means. 117 more words


Sanding begins!

My 81-year-young Mom volunteered to help me start the sanding process today.  The paint is coming off fairly easily and the fiberglass underneath is in great shape, but  we quickly decided to get a cordless hand-held sander! 105 more words


Sometimes I do Things the Hard Way. 

It is how we learn best. We get more out of doing something the hard way rather than the easy way or short cuts. Not to say that short cuts aren’t smart. 516 more words