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Winter preperations

How to prepare the bonsai for the winter season. Is there anything to do at all? Yes, there is. First and foremost bonsai needs to be stored away from frosty winds and sun, that may dry them out when the roots are trapped in a frozen soil, not being able to take up water. 163 more words


Shave as New

Presenting as a new gender often means shaving somewhere different than before. Whether it’s learning how to shave facial hair or trying for a smooth pair of legs, it can feel intimidating at first. 2,054 more words

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Setup and Execution of Fixed Price Project with Percentage Completion method.

In the below step by step demonstration we will go through the process of Setting Up and Executing Fixed Price Project with Percentage Completion method. 1,476 more words


Teaching Parts of the Face and Emotions

I came across Mr. Printables’ DIY toy with changing faces and immediately loved it. It would be a fabulous idea to use that to teach my class on parts of the face! 238 more words

Life In Japan

Box Cake or Step by Step?

2Peter 3 “Box Cake or Step by Step?”

The world is in love with box cakes because of their ease of making a finished product. But, God’s plan is not like a box cake. 235 more words

How to toast pumpkin seeds

What do you do with all those pumpkins you had around your house for decoration? I am sure most of you do use (I do hope you do because seriously otherwise there would be so much wastage of food !) up the pumpkin flesh.   368 more words

Anytime Snacks

Thrilling InDesign

I know what you’re thinking.  This looks just like something else I did on my blog!  Nope!  However, this was also created using InDesign.  It seems pretty basic, too.   360 more words