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Pork loin with dried fruit sauce

I got a bit bored of the milk braised pork loin I always do.

So I looked for another recipe. My mother suggested a dried plum sauce, which sounded great – pity I didn’t have dried plums. 345 more words



Etter jeg la ut forrige Valentine’s Day innlegg fikk jeg spørmål om jeg kunne forklare hvordan jeg gjorde det og hvilke produkter jeg brukte og det kan jeg selvfølgelig gjøre. 668 more words


Building a Social Website with Django - Phần 5

Trong Phần 5 của series này, chúng ta sẽ cover qua các phần sau:

  • Cho phép User đăng ký tài khoản trên website.
  • Cho phép User có thể chỉnh sửa profile.
1,806 more words
Django By Example Book

Painting the Self Portrait Step by Step

This morning seemed the perfect time to start my self portrait. Dawn was bright and the air outside a crisp 4 degrees Fahrenheit, so why not stay inside and fiddle with paints? 580 more words


Making a Victoria Sponge Cake

For my sister’s 18th birthday she asked me to make her a victoria sponge cake. As I was a little strapped for cash and time I chose to use a cake mix, but this is okay because it means this recipe can be used by those who may lack in baking talent. 241 more words


The begining....

With our project we have to document all our steps and what we are doing.

The first thing I had to do is choose a project. 360 more words