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Basic Bodice Sloper

The basic bodice sloper is something to be revered; but we often take it for granted.

The sloper is vital to even the lowest quality clothes makers, it’s just that they often don’t use slopers, that properly fit any normal person. 555 more words


Belly Dancing Basic Tutorial: Hip Drops And Shimmy

Learn how to combine the Egyptian basic combination with the double hip lock in this Howcast dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.

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How to Fix White Balance in Photoshop by Finding a 50% Gray Point by Michael Zhang

In this 1m 53s video, Michael demonstrates a cool technique in Photoshop to correct White Balance even if no gray card was used during the shoot. 149 more words


My Step by Step Process for Lavender

Here is my step by step process for my portrait Lavender.


I started with the most important element: the eyes, followed by the rest of the facial features, the hair, the watch, fishes then the patterns in the clothing and background. 291 more words


It's sort of like the Hood-to-Coast...

A relay is a team sport and also a solo endeavor. Portland’s famous Hood-to-Coast race is 195 miles of lonely endurance. Yes, runners are part of a 12-person team, but they do their work alone. 212 more words

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