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Way Back

If we are going to start this blog off right, we are going to have to go back a ways. Way back. Back to childhood. 527 more words


Family Managing

One of the most common questions I get when people find out I am a step mom is “how do you make it work?” It isn’t easy- but we do :) A couple years ago, Karen (the girls mom) coined me the family manager… I am the scheduler, chauffeur, appointment keeper, school visitor.. 185 more words

Blended Family

Hard Knock Life....

Like it or not….and I tend to lean heavily toward not….I am part of an extended family unit that is inclusive of my husband’s ex-wife. 1,361 more words


Back to the harsh reality of reality

After weeks and weeks of discussions and phone calls to travel agents I did it. I got my partner to agree to an 11 night holiday. 474 more words




Stepmom is such an inspiring movie.  It will make you smile and cry at the same time. It is a story of a loving mother named Jackie who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. 86 more words

Step Moms Aren’t Spies

I have been amazed by how much Baby Girl has learned in her year at Junior Kindergarten.  We find ourselves at the dinner table on a nightly basis having conversations about science, religion and current events with the boys but Baby Girl always has something to contribute.   591 more words


Number One

I am definitely new to this. But I’m going to try my best to make it entertaining.

My name is Jetta. My friends just call me Jet. 575 more words