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Why Being a Step-Mom Takes Work

I’ve decided to write my second post mainly because the holiday season is ALMOST over. The majority of people consider the season to be over after New Year’s Day. 671 more words

Your Tuesday is My Monday

Day two of this experiment. I hope you weren’t looking forward to something extra positive today.

I don’t want to say I lied in my last post, but after shutting down my laptop for the night, I stayed up much later than I should have. 644 more words


No one is alone

I feel a little better. Funny how a kid throwing up and asking you to rub their back makes you feel like a parent. First vomit experience, btw. 299 more words

Taking the holidays into perspective

It was a tough holiday… the in-laws visit was nice. It wasn’t bad at all. There were a few moments where I got stressed and I was unacceptably rude, but they forgave me because I’m family. 626 more words

Just thinking...

As I sit here thinking of what to write, I realize that this blog has been several things before, all of them deleted by me because they just were not what I was trying to say. 237 more words

Mom Life

Stepmoming is hard

Here is some quotes about being a step mom, bio moms, and well how to handle it. Hopefully you can relate or at least get a good laugh. 7 more words

Wonky Christmas Tree & Cultivating a Sense of Possibility

They say that we are primed to notice what’s wrong, to anticipate danger, and to remember badĀ things and disasters. Life as a new stepmom is full of hard moments. 832 more words