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My Step Mom

She was an average looking woman, if ever there is such a thing. Her past was a mystery. She said something about motorcycles once or twice. 1,565 more words


What If Their Dad Is Broken????

As you know, I became a motherless daughter when I lost my mom to cancer. However, I still have my daddy around.  He has had a rough time ever since my mom died.   1,229 more words


It's only Friday Eve....

I’m really feeling like it needs to be Friday already. Maybe it’s because I told myself I would POAS again until Saturday… who am I kidding, that’s defiantly why!! 135 more words

The silver lining

Isn’t it amazing how the peace in your home can be shattered in one moment? Last week, out of the blue, we had an enormous fight with my stepdaughter, and she has gone back to live with her mom….. 748 more words

Blended Family

Helllllllooooooo ladies!

So, I’m not sure where I’m taking this blog. I’m thinking TTC, step parenting and general life… sound good to you? Me too. This is my first post so I’ll just go with whats on my mind… TTC… it’s a big one. 152 more words

MIA - stepkidlettes and ultrasound limbo

Hey everyone

Hope you all have been doing well enjoying small moments in life, frolicking in your recently pregnant bliss, or getting by a little easier day-by-day. 1,082 more words



She’s not my daughter anymore. No matter how much we want something it doesn’t always happen. That is the lesson I keep learning over and over. 402 more words