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I met you when you were just 5 years old.  You were sitting in the back seat of your daddy’s Chevy Cavalier buckled in tightly with a 5 point harness.  

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The word step-mom has a terrible connotation to it. Actually, if you google the word up and ask for pictures, the above is what you get. 749 more words


My New Story

My story is one of a growing girl that finds her way through some winding paths, falls into a valley, comes to a cliff that she must take courage, strength, and endurance to climb above, and in the midst of that climbing has her world changed through family, friends, and love. 611 more words


Taking the Step out of Parent.

I feel as though step parent shouldn’t be “step” parent but more so bonus parent or simply parent. No matter how you became the parent whether through adoption, marriage or actually having  the child you ARE a parent. 1,028 more words

I don’t feel there is much to say! So many step mom’s do so much and do not get credit for all they do and to… 155 more words

The day I became a mom

I became a mom in 2002 and then again just 14 short months later in 2003. To two of the worlds most handsome baby boys. As soon as I had my 1st born, Brayden Lake, I was ready for another. 701 more words


Last One... I Promise!

Thank you so much to A Sunken Thought for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award.  This award is special because the it is “intended to not just acknowledge fellow bloggers but to acknowledge bloggers who are an inspiration, or “ray of sunshine” I suppose”.

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