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Are You My Mommy?

I think the hardest part of step-parenting is dealing with the other parent. Most step-moms I know, myself included, have to deal with very high conflict bio moms. 617 more words


How Was I Blessed in 2017

2017 blessed me in ways I could not imagine.

Financially: money showed up at the right times. In ways we could never have thought. We sold the broken down camper that sat in the front yard. 306 more words

Mom Life

Happy Bonus Mama Day!

Yesterday was Step-Mother’s Day. Most people haven’t heard of this holiday. It is definitely lesser-known than Mother’s Day. The holiday came about in 2000 when a little girl from Pennsylvania wanted to celebrate and honor her step-mother. 998 more words


Only Children

Have you ever heard people talk about all the negative parts of being only children.  They get to much attention, or they are spoiled, they are treated more like equal members of the household instead of ‘one’ of the kids.  590 more words

The Real Cost of the Ex-Wife, Part 2

To follow up on my earlier post about the real (mostly emotional) cost of the ex-wife, after another tense Mother’s Day, the ex continues to dominate our lives. 778 more words

Let It All Out

I am a very vocal person. Generally speaking, if I don’t like you, you’ll know it. I don’t lie. I don’t sugar coat things. I’m the friend that you go to when you need an honest answer. 560 more words


Lessons I have learned as a Step-Parent #4: Respecting Your Step-Kids Privacy

Privacy was something that was hard to come by in my house as a kid. My mom was always going through my stuff. I largely stopped writing because I had no privacy. 897 more words