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Two Horses

My 15 month-old son taught me a valuable lesson a few weeks ago at our local fair. He demonstrated, in living color, the profound truth of one of my favorite sayings: You can’t ride two horses with one ass. 1,413 more words


A letter to my step-son

I am not your biological mother. I never will be. I did not feel you grow in my belly and imagine who you would be. I did not give birth to you, but you are still my son. 58 more words


#BringOnTheTears Part One

Typically my most dreaded part of the writing process is researching content that will help me write a scene in my book. Many times I have not experienced the moment for obvious reasons (I have never flown on the back of a sleek dragon).   416 more words

The Secondary House Misses Out

With school starting this week, it’s always a harsh reminder of the reality of our custody arrangement and how much our household misses out on the day-to-day of K’s life; those moments that you can’t split up in even and odd years in custody court… The first day of school, getting braces on, or getting ready for her first middle school dance. 307 more words


Throwback Thursday: Happily Breaking Routine

In dedication to my beautiful friend Stephanie’s birthday yesterday, here is a post I wrote a couple months ago when Stephanie and Paul’s son Noah stayed with us while they were on vacation. 1,070 more words


Stepmom Sunday: Getting Involved

I decided to get as involved as possible in my stepdaughter’s life early on in our relationship. I met her when she was just about to start Grade R, which is the grade before first grade here in South Africa. 284 more words