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The Chore Box - How I get My Kids To Do Chores

Our family has gone through multiple failed chore systems.  When I thought of setting up chores I thought it would be easy.  “We’ll come up with a clever system and enforce it  386 more words


I am a Step-Mom

Why is the word step mom have such a bad feeling attached to it? Why has everybody started calling step moms bonus moms?

I am a proud STEPMOM to two wonderful kids from two different women. 204 more words

Two parents or a whole village?

I had the perfect idea of how I would raise a family. My picture perfect idea fell a little apart when her father and I separated. 1,506 more words


Today is the day!

Today my kids get a step mom. I pray that she is good to my kids, and in turn I pray that my kids do the same.

Divorce Life

My intro to how it all began.

Before reading into this, please note that I don’t name my boyfriend’s kid or him. It might sound rude reading it because I just call the kid….kid. 1,068 more words

First Pregnancy

All the Dresses

A huge attic with dresses and dresses and more dresses, all free for the taking, provided, only and simply, that they fit and I like them. 727 more words


Marriage, Blended Families, And Alcoholism!!!

Is that a mouthful for a title or what!  I have had people ask me through the years about being a blended family.  There are blended families everyday all over the world so I thought it would be a good topic to talk about.  2,159 more words