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The year I ruined Christmas

Not all scars are visible…

A vivid memory of living in our first home all together (Step-mom, two step sisters, my brother and I).  I shared a room with my one sister as the house was not large.  886 more words


pencil on paper...

A picture says a thousand words, I’ve heard it a million times. But I don’t necessarily believe that pictures describe a person, place, or thing. Words describe. 110 more words

Do we fake it till we make it? 

Just some random thoughts tonight. Should we always protray a fake front just to please others? It’s amazing how I scan Facebook and I see bliss and happiness. 307 more words

Step Mom

Damn Sales People! :)

Thought you would appreciate this, but I’m not certain which Cialdini practice this falls under.

Magazine subscriptions- auto renewal. I get it. People forget to cancel a subscription that they never wanted and actually may never have signed up for. 412 more words

The Incontrovertible Truth of Being a Step-Mom

I knew when my husband and I met, that he had a son from his previous marriage.  The very first picture I saw was of my husband holding his toddler son.  714 more words

Blended Family

My How Time Flies...

We’ve been married a few years now and some days it seems like just yesterday and some days it seems like it’s been forever. Lately it’s a combination of both. 357 more words


Break Up's and Make up's

The last couple of weeks of school, I was on my way to get my daughter from school my phone went off and it was my daughter’s step mom texting me. 959 more words