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My So-Called Interracial-/Intercultural-Married Life

By: Katherine Itacy, Esq.

Dated: January 1, 2018

On this January 1, I came to find myself serving the Haitian Independence Day soup (known as “soup joumou”) to my Italian-/French-/Scottish-/Irish-American family. 902 more words


Lessons I Have Learned as a Step-Parent #2: Co-Parenting and Extra-Curricular Activities

I think that most parents want their kids to be involved in sports, or the arts, or some kind of lessons. They want their kids to find something they enjoy doing, be a part of something, make friends, learn new things, you name it. 1,408 more words

Is anybody out there?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m lonely.

I shouldn’t be. I’m extraordinarily happy in my life. I’m married to my soulmate, have some great kids, some fabulous friends… 412 more words

Bittersweet Motherhood

What is motherhood like? You try to tell all the soon-to-be-mom’s just what to expect. Messy. Beautiful. Wonderful. Crazy. Chaotic. Hard. What’s an antonym for glamorous? 541 more words


Becoming a Stepmom When You're Not Welcomed.. How I have managed

If you are looking for help on how to ease into a “stepmom” role when you aren’t really welcomed by “biomom” (I will mention here I don’t like this term and will refer to my stepsons biomom as mom during this post) you’ve come to the right place… 1,401 more words

Becoming A Stepmom

Lessons I Have Learned as a Step-Parent - #1

When I hit the one-year mark on this blog, I had a hard think about what I wanted it to be. I called it Step-Parenting 101 but I never talked about any of the lessons I learned, and I thought… that’s a great idea. 1,043 more words

Kristen Scott & Richelle Ryan - Mind If Stepmom Joins You?

After Richelle spies her new stepson, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Kristen, getting it on while watching a movie, she decides she wants to join in on the fun. 36 more words