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For reasons I’ll get into later, I am not going to give my real name. I am starting this blog as a modern day diary for me, to track progress (if any), and if I’m lucky reach others in a similar situation that can give me some helpful advice. 797 more words

You Give Step Moms a Bad Name!

I grew up as a step-child. My parents divorced when I was four years old. The step-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins- they were nice to me. But there were those awkward moments when I felt like an outsider, or a misfit. 1,031 more words


Step-Mom: A Thankless Job

One of the hardest days in a step-mom’s life, has to be Mother’s Day, especially if you and your husband don’t have any bio-kids. But why does that day have to be the hardest day….well because throughout the year, you do all the things a regular parent does (if you are a step-mom who actually cares about your step-kids, if you are the sterio-typical type then you can quit reading now….you don’t deserve anything). 1,822 more words


Mature Pinay Quickie Sex Story With Step Son

Ako si Levi. Isang mature pinay na nasa early 30’s na ang edad. Nahilig ako sa sex noong masubukan ko ang isang quickie sex for the first time kasama ang aking step son. 1,232 more words


How I Became an "Evil Step Mom"

Hello Everyone, I’m Beth. I’m a step-mom and a wife. If you would’ve told me just three years ago that I would be a step mom raising two children and married I would have laughed in your face. 346 more words

It's Mother's Day

I hate Mother’s Day and I always have. My own mother is a nightmare of a woman with whom I have no relationship with. I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to deny the fact that she didn’t love me until the death of my beloved step-father and the subsequent events involving her and my sister that made me realize – once and for all – that I was wasting my time, my energy and my own love on a woman who never did – and never would – love me. 758 more words

My First Mother's Day as a Mom and Step-Mom

Ok, so technically I’m not a step mom yet. We still have to get married and all, but never to early to start getting use to it. 260 more words