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Want to Avoid becoming the "Wicked Step Mother/Father"? Here's How

Are you or anyone you love remarried with children?  Has the “going” been tougher than you thought? You’re not alone, Today 4 in 10 new marriages involve remarriage… 736 more words

Sitting by the Large Table in the Lobby

With my Powered Wheelchair from Bischoff’s seeming to hold less and less of a charge, I have m add it out to the Lobby here at Gramercy Court. 83 more words


The Little Moments That Grow

In my past couple posts I’ve delved into step-family life, challenges, keeping positive and the whole staying strong despite the hardships. And today, while having my daughter be extra clingy, holding onto my leg and giving long sweet hugs when I pick her up, I thought how much more I should hold onto to these moments! 711 more words



I have no use for Valentine’s Day. They jack the prices up on stuff for a ridiculous holiday made up by advertisers to help people assuage some kind of obligation or guilt. 332 more words

The Different Stages of Motherhood

First, you get preggo, you get fat, you moan about your bones aching and your countless toilet trips throughout the night! You just want that baby out! 603 more words


Some days are hard

I am struggling with step-motherhood today and I’m not sure why… nothing in particular was said or done, I had a good night with the kids… it’s just a feeling of helplessness in my situation. 269 more words

About This Weekend

It was an interesting weekend, full of ups and downs. First, it was my first show weekend as a step-parent and I’m not sure I nailed it. 1,067 more words