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DIY (Don't Injur Yourself)

Don’t get me wrong, I thought I could stay away from it for a while, I thought I could resist the urge of trying it out but I finally fell victim – to Pinterest. 481 more words


Shit my kid's bring home.

This season marks a time when many school projects will be showing up in the house. Hunter’s wide eyes will stare up at me as a clay sculpture is placed in my hands.  446 more words


Ta Da! First Original Blog Post Published!

Awhile ago I mentioned about blogging for The Huffington Post. I’m not a big star blogger. I have my own little corner here of the blogosphere and I enjoy sharing with all of you! 82 more words


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Today I want to feature a fellow stepmommy who, from what I read on her blog, rocks the house as a stepmomma! So happy she is out there spreading the good word about how she approaches her role in her kids' lives!

Alice in Wonderland 7th Birthday Party

Since my blog features all the crazy that is me, and I have obviously been crazy for much longer than the last month, I wanted to find a way to take you all back through time and feature projects that happened before this blog was born. 336 more words


Two Horses

My 15 month-old son taught me a valuable lesson a few weeks ago at our local fair. He demonstrated, in living color, the profound truth of one of my favorite sayings: You can’t ride two horses with one ass. 1,391 more words


A letter to my step-son

I am not your biological mother. I never will be. I did not feel you grow in my belly and imagine who you would be. I did not give birth to you, but you are still my son. 58 more words