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My Step Mom

She was an average looking woman, if ever there is such a thing. Her past was a mystery. She said something about motorcycles once or twice. 1,565 more words


The silver lining

Isn’t it amazing how the peace in your home can be shattered in one moment? Last week, out of the blue, we had an enormous fight with my stepdaughter, and she has gone back to live with her mom….. 748 more words

Blended Family

9. My memories, my truth

 I feel conflicted, vacillating between being fully committed to writing down my story and fearful of the outcome. Some days I want to fast forward to the end and the resulting reactions of my father, stepmother, and sisters-to just get it over with. 984 more words

Parent Alienation


She’s not my daughter anymore. No matter how much we want something it doesn’t always happen. That is the lesson I keep learning over and over. 402 more words

I Didn't Want Kids...

At one point in this lifetime after decades of an innately known fact; irrefutable know kind of like When you just know that you know that you know. 1,701 more words


My burden is easy

My burden is easy…

I was absolutely exhausted last week. My 16-year old stepdaughter has been living with us for 3 months now, and the stress of seemingly constant conflict with a rebellious and unwise teenager wore me down to the extent that I ended up with a throat infection and a cold! 557 more words

Blended Family

Will Mother "Get Jiggy Wid It" at Local Senior Center?

It’s been a tough week with a few golden gems, that’s for sure. Just what does this weekend hold for the house of plenty? Well, despite reports of 3 location changes, there is rumored to be a birthday party for the Father. 141 more words

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