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The Fairy Step-Mother

As I lie here after yet another evening of tears and cries for Mummy, I am left thinking: how many times can I go over the same issues with my husband/mum/auntie/mum-friends/childless-friends…? 309 more words

The evil step mother.

She told me I was fat
She told me I was a grass
She told me that my father’s love for me would never last… 83 more words

Creative Writing

Hamburger Helpers to the Rescue?

I did not sign up for this!

The mantra was on a never-ending tape coursing through my mind as I stood in the tiny kitchen staring at atrocious pink appliances purchased the day before at a used furniture store. 728 more words


Honouring the Nurturers in the World

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK. I’m not sure where else in the world is celebrating it, but, as far as I’m concerned, today is a day for honouring mothers across the globe. 724 more words


Puberty And Potty Training

As Jazmine eagerly awaits her body changes, Baby Grace shows then shies away from potty independence. It is quite the spectrum we have here in the Lee household. 338 more words

Christian Woman


In life there are lessons

In tragedy there are blessings

In his leaving, gave room for my arrival

We struggle through the questions

How much of the truth do you deserve? 164 more words


Who is the fairest of them all?

I said I would come back to the lot of stepmothers and during the hair-shirt month of January seems like a good time. It is a gift, being a stepmother. 665 more words