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So it begins, 

I thought my first post should be an introduction. Who? What? Why? When?
Who am I? I’m a girl. I work full time, I’m in my twenties, I have a car, a rabbit, amazing parents, a one of a kind brother (love him but Jesus wept does he make some foolish decisions) and finally, I have a boyfriend that I love more than I thought I ever could love some and we live together. 776 more words


Note to Self: Remember to Breathe

I have been told by numerous people that being a stepmother is one of the most thankless jobs in the world and that I really had my work cut out for me. 969 more words

Blended Families

The tale of the un-wicked step-mother

Louise was a young, newly married woman. Despite her parents disapproval, she married into a rather well to do family in Ashland, KY. Her husband’s family owned a successful furniture store and she was to be one of their buyers. 1,017 more words


My mother refuses to let me see my father's will. The Guardian.

Dear Annalisa

My father died two years ago and my mother and her friend handled his will by themselves. I have never seen it and have been told many times that it is none of my business. 809 more words


Bloody feminists.

You’re a feminist? Christ, so you hate men and will be burning your bra then?‘ Erm, no. Not really.

When I first got with my boyfriend, I proudly mentioned in passing I was a feminist and that ^ above was his reaction. 503 more words

Equal Rights

Laura Then and Now.

Hi all,

as of now my latest short story: Laura Then and Now is available for Kindle.

Laura Then and Now

It’s a time travel taboo story. 23 more words

My stepmother stopped us being with Dad when he died and I’m devastated. The Guardian.

Dear Annalisa

My dad died nearly two years ago, following a very short illness. He lived a long way from me and my two sisters after his second marriage, which lasted 18 years. 846 more words