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Healthy Coping Skills: A Reminder

One the first blogs I wrote was about surrender twice . Surrender is integral to working the 12 steps of any anonymous program. Surrendering my ‘control’ over food is my surrender today and every day I live in recovery. 643 more words

My relationship with alcohol and how it ends.

Today’s topic is about my history with Alcohol consumption. This is another big problem I must overcome. I know that drinking alcohol is a big part of our society, but I am writing about alcohol abuse. 572 more words

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My journey to quitting smoking

Today, I want to talk about smoking cigarettes and how it has affected me. I didn’t start smoking when I was in high school or even in middle school, but when I was much younger. 386 more words

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Chicken or Beef?

What is best? and what food should be put to rest?

We can pretend what we eat is not important, we can ignore all facts and have our 5 minutes of greed on one meal. 387 more words


Introduction and purpose

Hello, My name is Sergey C and this blog is going to be about my journey to become a better me. I will log all my challenges, how i adopted them, how they became my challenges,  and how i plan to overcome them. 89 more words

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Participant Guides

I talked with the Business Office here at Gramercy Court, and it looks like they have found a way to get me the four participants guides from Amazon. 280 more words

Step One

Sim City Buildit

I am thinking that I might be addicted to SimCity Buildit. As an addict, it. can be difficult to determine if I continue on with my addiction. 334 more words

Step One