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Daily Prompt: Deny - The First of the Twelve Steps

Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable. 213 more words

Sharing God's Story

Recovery Is Not Linear

I said to myself I’d update this often. As usual, that didn’t happen. This is more of a therapy for me as opposed to anything for anyone else, so I won’t be hard on myself. 387 more words

The Very, Very Fine Art of Loving YOU

Hey Beautiful Soul,

If you are waiting for someone to love you before you love yourself (to the fullest!) first; you are guaranteed to find yourself with someone who is also living in a lack of love mentality; and that means the both of you will be in a perpetual state of hunger for the other one to do what desperately needs to be done…and thus in a constant state of neediness. 712 more words

Loving You Is The Right Thing To Do

Step One

As I contemplate the idea of moving forward and making my way out of this dark hole, I have come to realize that a good part of my core is missing. 329 more words

Step Out... Into Faith

Today’s Scripture: Romans 10: 5-15 NRSV

Three Steps in a Christian’s Walk 

Prayer for Illumination

Compassionate God, whose heart breaks at the sight of human suffering: 1,999 more words


Life Changes: Goodbye Debt

My husband and I have had a whirlwind year, we bought a house and had a baby. It has been a year of change, we decided to roll with these positive changes and focus on paying down our debt. 399 more words

First Time Parents

All About Primers + Mini Review of MUFE Step 1 Primers 

Hey all! Let’s talk about primers. What is a primer and why do you need one? Basically a primer is a base for foundation or face makeup. 1,244 more words