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The run even the sun came out for

So apparently you blog after you run, that is what the wifey tells me anyway. This morning I did just that.

Not a huge amount to update on though really, I just wanted to get out and run again as its been a little over a month since my last one. 109 more words


Step one

A clean, groomed, well-clothed body. Let it be acknowledged that step one is a low elevation. It is not for staying on or obsessing over. At the same time, it can’t be skipped.


Step One - My name is Ellie. And I am an alcoholic...

… and I think I have been for at least the last 30+ years now that I look back over my life.  I am not sure when I crossed that invisible line between being a problem drinker and being a full-blown alcoholic.  972 more words


Revolving Doors

I love the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ with G. Paltrow.

In the story we see how one event, had it gone slightly differently would have had a significantly different outcome. 441 more words


Step one

“Having given up on the false hope that deep understanding would make it possible to solve your problem, gather motivation by reviewing your reasons for imposing change on yourself and your life” (F*ck Feelings, Bennett, p 18) 213 more words

What does Bamboo Cotton, Trunks and Briefs all have in common?

The answer … Step One Clothing.

Step One, the first thing a man does when he’s getting dressed … put on his underwear! The team behind this company though to themselves “ 84 more words

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