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Step One

Get Pigs!

Yesterday’s post was kind of a bummer. There was a lot more to raising my boys last year than just dropping them off at the locker. 500 more words

Jesus didn't fix everything

One of the things I struggle with is the belief that I can fix everything and everyone.  It’s my duty, so this belief suggests, to manage the lives of others.   978 more words

Step One

There’s always a starting line and a finish line. It’s definitely not about how you start or which path you take, as long as you accomplish what you set out to do. 340 more words

Real Life


Boys suck.

I met a boy, and I liked him. We went out a few times and had some fun. And now I haven’t heard from him in over a week. 168 more words


Step One

While I am sitting in my apartment at 1:30 in the morning eating a shitty grilled cheese sandwich, I have made a realization. That realization being that my life sucks. 128 more words


Step One

At the edge, I look out and down
and around, seeing nothing,
stepping off into…nothing.
Nothing is everywhere,
which is where everything is

Is my heart weeping or rejoicing? 15 more words


Buying a trailer

First before even buying a trailer I decided on the dimensions of my tiny house.  I decided to go with a house that was 20’x8′ which was the basis of what type of trailer I needed to get.   92 more words

Tiny House Movement