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College was rough for me. ¬†Academically, not so much, but then academics were far from being my main focus. ¬†Al-anon wasn’t even close to being on my radar, but I knew that things weren’t right, particularly with my own behavior. ¬† 295 more words

Getting Fit: The Dos and Don'ts.

You have been working out for several weeks now, but you are not seeing the results you want. Why’s that? In Fitness Magazine, they ran an article about the dos and don’ts of getting fit. 623 more words

Fit Needs

First starting out.

Working out can be hard and trying to find the perfect plan to fit your needs and your time is even harder, but the first step in getting fit is taking that stride of saying “I’m going to do this.” … 431 more words

Step One

Smiles or Frowns?....

Would you be worried if you lost your job?

It was January 1st at 7pm (nightshift) and I’m toward the back of a long line of people, all in the same situation that I am in. 867 more words


For my 4 Followers:

Suggestions? I have far more written than I originally thought. What kind of posts would be ideal or helpful etc?


8/1/2014 Pre-Sobriety

Written to myself in phone’s notepad. Give it a year.

I need to stop drinking, I’m not depressed because I won’t let myself be. But I am sad


5/23/14 Crisis Mode - Pre Sobriety

A panicked message sent to my… Boyfriend? Still don’t know what to call it. Similar messages sent countless times hoping to fix the mistakes that happened over and over and over. 248 more words