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LET IT GO (and buy more candles)

Step One: Let go of things you can’t change and move on.  

I think not being able to let go of things is one of my biggest flaws.   214 more words

I'm Very Confused! And Very Happy!

There is no person in this entire universe that is as certain as the idiot. They don’t attach any level of intelligence to their actions so their decisions come easy. 655 more words


Do Not Be Afraid

The SCOTUS desicion has me feeling afraid.

I’m not going to win any popularity contests by admitting this. But, hell, what’s the point of having an blog for “saying it all” and “checking in” if I  209 more words

Twelve Steps

Who Is This, Then?

“Who is this, then, that even the wind and seas obey?”

Have I forgotten your power, Lord?

I imagine that the wind and the seas are nothing for you. 94 more words

Twelve Steps

Standards & Learning Outcomes

Our standards for this unit are:

S7L1: Students investigate the diversity of living organisms & how they can be compared scientfically:

a) demonstrate the process for te development of a dichotomous key… 93 more words

Step One

Seven Guided Questions with Links

  1. What is a “genus pepsis?”
  2. What does “pepsis” mean in Latin?
  3. How did “pepsi” get its name? What makes it similar to a “pepsis”?
  4. What are some animals with misleading common names?
  5. 46 more words
Step One

I Am Powerless Over Food!

I eat compulsively, impulsively, emotionally, BUT more than anything, I believe I abuse food as a way of abusing myself.  Somehow, somewhere, that was my childhood lesson… I’m undeserving of being taken care of, undeserving of respect… from others AND myself. 475 more words