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Step One

This morning I was reminded how important step one is.

I started running again. It’s been a few years since this was my daily obsession, but I have been determined to re-start. 426 more words

Daily Insights

The Secret to Sustaining Quiet Desperation (The sadness affair, pt.1)

The Secret to Sustaining Quiet Desperation
1. When fight or flight takes over, let your voice run. Far.
2. Now, break your own legs.
3. Smile.

Asking For Help

It’s sometimes the most difficult thing in the world to admit when we need help and then to reach out and ask for it.  Even if we are the type of person who would rush to help a friend, family member, co-worker — even a stranger on the street — we are often reluctant to say that we need support. 338 more words

General Musings

The Emotion of Shame (Part 2 of 3)

Thank you for reading “The Emotion of Shame” (Part 1 of 3).

In this post, I would like to suggest how the 1st seven steps of the Twelve Steps of Emotions Anonymous (or of any Twelve Step fellowship) could help us as we endeavor to overcome and grow beyond the effect of toxic and dehumanizing shame in our lives and relationships. 2,581 more words

#Powersheets Step 1: Getting to Know Me

After making the small yet giant step into making change and progress, I started where the logical place is to start–the beginning–last week.

Well the beginning for Lara Casey’s #Powersheets is to start with yourself. 248 more words

Lara Casey

LET IT GO (and buy more candles)

Step One: Let go of things you can’t change and move on.  

I think not being able to let go of things is one of my biggest flaws.   214 more words

I'm Very Confused! And Very Happy!

There is no person in this entire universe that is as certain as the idiot. They don’t attach any level of intelligence to their actions so their decisions come easy. 655 more words