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What does unmanageability mean to me?

A life that is hard to control; hallmarked by unpredictability, unsteadiness, and unhappiness.

Have I ever been arrested or had legal trouble as a result of my addiction? 723 more words



Have I given untrue but plausible reasons for my behavior? What were they?

In addiction I used many excuses for my behavior. Too much stress, relationship issues, ill health…I guess I use the same excuses for my behavior today, but I (usually) don’t act out the literal manifestation of my illness. 615 more words


STEP One Study Plan

STEP 1 is the beast that all U.S. medical students must face during their second year of medical school. It has been termed “the most important exam of your career”. 150 more words

Medical School

The Disease of Addiction

What does “the disease of addiction” mean to me?

The disease of addiction is like any other progressive and fatal disease: a matter of life and death. 479 more words


Assignment 1 Step 1

Hello everyone,

Here is my draft for Step One of the assignment. I would really appreciate your feedback as I am a little concerned I’m not on the right track. 31 more words


these are my confessions

Anyone else’s mind jump straight to the Usher track whenever they hear the word confession? No, just me? That’s cool. I’ve come to terms with my embarrassing and unwavering love for Usher during my junior high years. 1,811 more words


Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you this morning with thankfulness. I am blessed by your constant reminders that I am a light and that others see that light whether I know it or not.

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Step One!