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divorce and parenting style conflicts

This happened a few days ago but I haven’t had a chance to write about it yet. I didn’t get angry and neither did my fiance, actually we find it quite funny. 948 more words

Quote of the Day

Dear Loving Boyfriend,

Today you, Sweetpea and I went to the store to pick out dinner. We were sitting at a red light and I discovered that Sweetpea will grow up to be, in short, a “Masshole”. 104 more words

Blended Family

A taste of toddlerhood

T announced yesterday that he’s exhausted because all evening Lovebug just wants him and with her newfound threenager stage it’s overwhelming.

Today, after 2 trips to the store already, I ran out of eggs while baking hawiian banana bread (4 loafs!) As I was surrounded by flour, oil, mashed bananas and had two loafs already in the oven he volunteered to run and get eggs and sunblock and of course Lovebug had to go too. 328 more words


The Most Parental Parents Ever!

First, if you’ve never seen the cartoon Invader Zim you will most certainly not get how funny the reference is for the title of this post. 597 more words

The Usness Hat

The Woes of a Stepparent

One of the greatest things I have ever accomplished is being a parent. Seeing how they grow and knowing that you’re the one nurturing that growth is instant gratification. 533 more words

Happy Thoughts

My biggest regret

I am only 37, but have lived a pretty amazing and full life already. I have birthed a daughter who will be 16 very soon. I have been a gestational surrogate. 837 more words

I just get so frustrated.

Before I write this post I want to make one thing clear, I love my stepdaughter.

Learning to be a step parent is hard. Its the hardest thing in my life & I suck at it. 195 more words