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Then there was Two

I will never forget the day that my husband came to me and told me that his ex had sent him a message telling him she was no longer able to afford their daughter, and she felt that there was no choice but to send her to come live with us.  1,182 more words

Co Parenting

Holy 3 month hiatus!

So remember in my first blog post I told you I’m awful at blogging…? Well it wouldn’t be hard to reference due to the fact that was the last time I blogged. 574 more words


Divorce Drama and Spoiled Siblings.

So this post is most likely going to be very rambly and probably will be all over the place, sort of like my emotions right now. 1,185 more words


I am; Bonus Mom

I am; Bonus Mom!Many step parents or Bonus parents hope that, someday, their children will come to them for help, will let them know how appreciative they are that they are in their life, that they will accept them as their family, and hopefully will love them as family, etc… 746 more words

No one is alone

I feel a little better. Funny how a kid throwing up and asking you to rub their back makes you feel like a parent. First vomit experience, btw. 299 more words

My life as a stepmum

Back again! This time I’m back with a shit load to get off my chest… I’m a mother, what did you expect?

If anyone has ever read by blogs, you’ll understand just how frantic my life is… well… I’ve not really disgusted with people how I am as a step mum, how I’m dealing with it and of course the stress being a step parent is… there are some lovely parts to being a step mum but I find it a lot more difficult than being a mum to my daughter. 598 more words

Taking the holidays into perspective

It was a tough holiday… the in-laws visit was nice. It wasn’t bad at all. There were a few moments where I got stressed and I was unacceptably rude, but they forgave me because I’m family. 626 more words