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A Peek Into My Day

My morning is rocky as I try to wake up and try not be annoyed by the 2 year old asking for a milk cup 100 times. 520 more words

Our Summer

After my last post, I decided to post something a little more positive. I’m a little behind, but it’s a good problem to have to be too busy to write blog posts. 1,048 more words

The Step-Parent Role

I had my first real rejection moment today, and it came at the hands of Curtis’ ex-wife. Nolan got in trouble at school today and when Curtis called to talk to their mom about it, she told him about all the things Nolan complains about when he’s at her house – most of them being me (how I yell at him, how I’m a terrible cook…) . 563 more words

The Real Cost of the Ex-Wife

We all know the tales of the costs of divorce. Tens of thousands spent in lawyer fees. Especially for the good fathers out there, who the law does not favour one little bit, fighting for shared custody, fighting for equal rights in regards to their kids, fighting to enforce agreements, fighting what is best for them. 1,178 more words

When Aliens Steal Your Step-kids

I have a bunch of half-written posts that I want to do and time doesn’t allow for it. Which is a good thing, but I feel like I have lots to say and instead I’m hiding in my bedroom, putting away laundry, listening to the kids fight while Curtis is on a fire call. 362 more words

Guns... And a brick

Jason felt her cheekbone break as he struck her with the butt of his gun. The weapon was more for show than anything, but this woman was pushing him. 2,390 more words


I'm not her mom

Dear Diary,

Tonight I am having a hard time, simply because I am not her mom.

When she woke in the middle of the night, I fed her, rocked her and comforted her until she fell back asleep. 235 more words