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Step-parents everywhere...

If you are getting ready to marry someone with kids, or especially if you are thinking of getting divorced because of course the grass is better on the other side, click on the link below because this blog post is for you… 52 more words


The Phone Call

Life can be funny at Times. Not in the funny “ha-ha” sense, but funny as in someTimes you’re almost forced to laugh at the absurdity that life can become at Times. 1,007 more words

Short Story

The cure for those stubborn “co parents”.

We all know that sharing a child can be difficult, and frustrating

It can be hard on all of the adults involved, but guess who else it is hard on? 394 more words

Bonus Parent

My So-Called Interracial-/Intercultural-Married Life

By: Katherine Itacy, Esq.

Dated: January 1, 2018

On this January 1, I came to find myself serving the Haitian Independence Day soup (known as “soup joumou”) to my Italian-/French-/Scottish-/Irish-American family. 902 more words


Hamburger Helpers to the Rescue?

I did not sign up for this!

The mantra was on a never-ending tape coursing through my mind as I stood in the tiny kitchen staring at atrocious pink appliances purchased the day before at a used furniture store. 728 more words


What Makes A Father?

If you’ve read some of my previous post you’ll know I wasn’t raised by my biological father. He was in my life till I was about 3 and lets just say he failed miserable even then. 1,141 more words


Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day was hard for me. It was the first one since me and TJ’s dad broke up, and TJ was at his dads this weekend too so it made it even more difficult. 96 more words