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Your girlfriends wont throw you a stepmothers shower so read this

Contrary to the extremely popular myth that stepmothers  are evil, there are quite a number of great ones out there. The smart ones. The ones who don’t try to replace the biological mother nor insist that the children call her mom. 1,394 more words

The Bunnie Boiler Limerick

There once was a girl named Deb.

She wore so much make up you could wipe off her pretty.

She went off to college and met a boy when she got shitty. 327 more words

Father Daughter Dinner

Savannah had her first Father Daughter Dinner.  She looked beautiful. I could not be more proud of her. For most parents this is probably just another school event, but to our family it was very special.   301 more words

A New Beginning

It has almost been two years since my last post. I started working a very intense job as a Physician Assistant (PA). The last two years have been challenging, but also very rewarding. 131 more words

Meet your ex-in-law: Part 2 Dealing with the challenges

In my last blog post we discussed the new member of your step-family, your ex-in-law. We saw how he/she is a big part of your family whether you like it or not and got into the most common issues and sources of conflict in your family due to this dynamic. 582 more words

Well my step-son did it AGAIN. Baby # 2 is on the way with Baby Mama #2 and he is only 20!

My first reaction is how can these girls keep falling for him?!?  I don’t get it.  Don’t we teach kids in school to use protection?  How on earth is this happening?   321 more words

Teen Pregnancy

M is 11!

You’ll forgive me if #TastyTuesday takes a week off so I can recognize M’s 11th birthday right?  I appreciate it!  It’s amazing to me the longer that the boys and I are in each others lives how much I love them and how much more connected to them I become! 700 more words

What Has Made Me Who I Am!