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First blog post

I remember the first time I met Ryan’s kids. We went on a day trip to watch a hockey game. We had been together six months and the most I knew about his kids were their names and what sports they played. 327 more words


Life as a not-so-wicked step mother

When I met Jon’s kids properly for the first time I shit myself. I’d met them a few times before as ‘daddy’s friend’, which was fine, but they’d started asking Jon if I was his girlfriend and if we kiss each other, so we thought we’d better come clean. 552 more words

Family Isn’t Always Defined By Blood, Kindness Works Well Too

Mr. Ex’s Mrs.’s mother just died. What are the rules around your children’s step-grandmother passing on who they have never met? Do we attend the ritual services? 533 more words


In reality, it's never what you imagine it is going to be.....

So I suppose when you fall into a new relationship, head long and spouting passion, brimful of all the fizzing delights that make the sunshine brighter and the long nights lonelier and all that bollocks that really IS bollocks until it happens to you, and then you find yourself whimsically looking off into the distance or giggling to yourself in the queue at Tesco like a twat – when you fall into the relationship you can only see the heavens and the hell’s are yet to exist, they cannot possibly exist in this rampant state of happiness and joy…….right? 927 more words


Taking the Step out of Parent.

I feel as though step parent shouldn’t be “step” parent but more so bonus parent or simply parent. No matter how you became the parent whether through adoption, marriage or actually having  the child you ARE a parent. 1,028 more words

Discontent and disconnected

This week has been a real struggle. I ended up in hospital with inflammation of my cervix and a bladder infection after a very dramatic week. 168 more words


My step childrens So called father

So today the youngest (11yo) find messages between her dad and his girlfriend on the ipad he gave he. The fucking idiot didn’t even clear his stuff off it. 196 more words