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The Chore Box - How I get My Kids To Do Chores

Our family has gone through multiple failed chore systems.  When I thought of setting up chores I thought it would be easy.  “We’ll come up with a clever system and enforce it  386 more words


Co-parenting with your children’s father

sucks!! NAH I’M JUST KIDDING I only say that cause I hate sharing my kids lol but nonetheless it’s not about me it’s about them, the kids – this subject came up today at work when two of my work colleagues and I were casually discussing our kids (as we always do in the morning before work  starts) and at how expensive day care is these days like the prices are OMG out of this world – well for me it is, this lead to them finding out that my oldest child lives with her dad and his partner and as always this probed many questions, it always does when people find out. 1,484 more words

Today is the day!

Today my kids get a step mom. I pray that she is good to my kids, and in turn I pray that my kids do the same.

Divorce Life

It's happening

​Found out from 3 kiddos last night that their father is getting married on Thursday evening at the bird nesting house.

I’ve got one kiddo asking me why it’s not happening in a church or by a church official; and why it’s happening so fast. 136 more words

Divorce Life

T is for TIRED..

Today is one of those days that I am just damn tired..

You know the one when it feels like bed is on the only place in the world you would like to be.. 63 more words


"This is Us" (NBC show)

I’m breaking tradition since I always put reviews of television or film on my companion blog, “Popcorn in the Dark.” However, this new show on NBC merits more than a simple review. 1,005 more words