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Different love

I’m working through my frustrations about parenting with coffee and frequent trips to the gym. Let’s forget about the role of a stepparent shall we? Parenting in general can be more frustrating then a trip to the DMV. 110 more words

Step Parent


I don’t know if we announced this on here previously or not, but B and I were both promoted into management positions with the Fortune 500 Transportation Company that we work for. 657 more words

The Battles of a 31yr. old Single Father...

As some of you probably know, being the parent of a child with a step parent is a difficult task. Not being able to hand pick the person who is going to take significant responsibility in raising your child is trying. 1,479 more words


Step Monster or Step Hero. The Man he didn't have to be!

When society has a divorce rate of over 50% the chance of having a step parent, step uncle, step grandfather increases dramatically. The impact of these strangers on the lives of little people can either be that of Hero or Monster! 1,123 more words


Toddler Depression?

Monday was our first full day at the park, and we decided since we indulged in a late night by shutting down Magic Kingdom the night before that we would all sleep in Monday morning, and then take things from there.   1,085 more words


Hidden Gifts and I Love You's

Well, In case you are wondering, I stuck to my guns and no Minecraft cake for the party.  The Man Child is still getting a very cool Pinterest Cake and I am sure it will work out smashingly.  651 more words

Is this your first?

I read this post today from Huffington Post, You’ll Always be My First. It got me thinking about the inevitable questions that I get now that I am “growing toes,” as my OB puts it. 618 more words