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Falling in Love.

June 2014, I met the most beautiful girl in the world. She stole my heart the second she was born. Two years later, I got to meet her for the first time. 346 more words

Mental Illness

Has anyone got some wet wipes?

When Steve and I first got together Ben and Brandon were 6 and 2, respectively. They were sweet, cute little boys, full of love and innocence and that wonderful acceptance that most young children have for new adults. 1,732 more words

Being a Step-Parent

From the time that I was old enough to make my own decisions with anything including relationships, I had always told myself to be careful about the decisions I make. 1,050 more words

Being A Step Mom

When you have no children of your own

It was my first week at my new job. I was so excited to meet new people and have new opportunities.  831 more words


Religious Curiosity Of An Innocent Child

Brief story here…otherwise we run the risk of a proper long ass rant on the lack of humanity no matter the religion!

Little history for context!. 377 more words


Life is an Adventure

I remember being a kid (circa 1992) and watching this episode of Roseanne and knowing that this is what I wanted out of life. No big house, no fancy car. 1,341 more words


"It's a Life Cycle"

One night, I was putting little man to bed, when I noticed the side of his top bunk was covered in some sort of crust. I asked him what it was, and he responds “umm…. 130 more words