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Kids caught in the line of fire

What do you do, as a step-parent, when your step-kids real parent is a bad parent? Ok, so that’s unfair… I can’t say that Kim is entirely a bad parent. 680 more words

Suddenly Chaos: MacGyver vs. Mud

I’ve talked about the kids’ chore chart in the past. If you missed it, click here. One of their weekly chores is to take out resident mutt, Blackjack, on a walk. 440 more words



I have no use for Valentine’s Day. They jack the prices up on stuff for a ridiculous holiday made up by advertisers to help people assuage some kind of obligation or guilt. 332 more words

A Letter To Her Mother

To the mother of my partner’s daughter,

I wish I was able to speak to you in person about what is written below, however as I am not included in discussions concerning her upbringing and welfare (despite being trusted and relied upon to ensure she receives the best of both), I am resorting to the age- old pastime of writing a letter. 1,442 more words

Step Parent

When You Are Not The Biological Parent

The dreaded “STEP” parent.  I’m sure that before the Disney classic created the iconic “Evil Step Monster”, there were plenty of references to a step parent that may have not been the kindest heart to live with.  1,203 more words

Children Of Divorce

Some days are hard

I am struggling with step-motherhood today and I’m not sure why… nothing in particular was said or done, I had a good night with the kids… it’s just a feeling of helplessness in my situation. 269 more words

Didn't we almost have it all?

It’s 10.15pm on a Monday night. All is quiet in the Silver household. I’m exhausted. I’ve been steadily losing my voice for days now, all the while having to shout louder and louder because Midi Silver has lost his hearing. 1,147 more words