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Three Letters - part 3

An open letter to my boy’s other mother…

You and I began long before we ever met. I knew you from the moment I was a single-mama. 531 more words

Blended Family

Safe Travels

Safe travels, he said to his step daughter. He was trying to sound excited and confident and optimistic while actually feeling terrified.

She’s going far away for a few days.   23 more words


We Step-Moms Have to Stick Together

I joined a few “Step-Mom” groups on Facebook and that’s been really nice for me. While I agree with one particular poster that sometimes it’s a little too sunshine and rainbows for those of us in the trenches, I find it really helpful to hear other step-moms with the same issues as me. 415 more words

Enter, the step-parent

So, I’m a step-parent. I like to refer to myself as a ‘steppie’ from time to time, to make it sound a little more casual. The title ‘step-parent’, to me, has connotations of emotional distance, lack of care or compassion, and maybe even a sense of overbearing resentment. 450 more words


three Letters - part 2

An open letter to the only man in my universe…

You and I are a story that was written long before either of us was ever born into the light gasping for air. 1,039 more words

Blended Family

Backseat Blessings From The Eighties

I’ve posted before about the joys and challenges of blended families. Oddly enough one of my biggest hurdles was communicating with our 13 year-old. The thought of time alone scared me to death. 671 more words


three Letters - part 1

When you begin a story, you have to start at the beginning. The place where the journey is born and walk forward, as though the listener is traveling with you. 866 more words

Blended Family