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A Casualty of 'Tea'

I never was a girly girl, nor am I now a very feminine woman.  I don’t have my nails done, I don’t spend hours at a salon regularly perfecting my hair color and I’m incredibly awkward in a dress or skirt, or heels.  1,885 more words


Words to chew

Special request today coming from another SM…If you had to say a few words to the other mother what would you say?

It made me wonder what I would say…. 365 more words

The Hurt House

It belonged to me, partly, for a short time.  The image above, of it reduced to a smoldering heap, atop its cinder block foundation, should make me sad, but doesn’t.  1,591 more words


Why having a BM snuggled up with her own BF vital to us SMs!

It is a fact! Believe me. When the biomum you deal with is a psycho, compulsive liar, selfish like no one, in other word when you deal with a non caring person well you wish that person has someone else in her life to simply not to spend too much time on your case. 438 more words

When is too much?

Plenty of posts these days on how unfair it is for a SM not to be recognised in all dignity for all that we do for our SKs. 383 more words

A thousand violins begin to play.

I’m not quite sure why, because I’m sure he didn’t play the same song over and over for hours, this song always reminds me of my dad (step-dad). 645 more words


An ode to any SK...

And why would your SKs get away with everything?
I got it! We have chosen to be SMs but we want BioKids too when possible right? 915 more words