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My stepson is 4 and has some perseveration issues…

So lately when he comes to our home he constantly asks for mom. You can imagine how frustrating this is when we don’t know how to stop his fixation on just mom. 158 more words


My New Year's resolution that will make me a better stepmom and partner!

The dust has settled and I’ve had time to reflect on 2017! It’s been a fabulous and life changing year. Today, I applied for a mortgage so we have a lot of exciting things to come in 2018. 560 more words


What I did wrong in 2017

I wasn’t intending on a New Year post at all this year, but as always the dawn of a new year has got me thinking about the 365 days past and those to come. 491 more words

Life In General

Calling All Stepmoms: Escape Your Negative Thoughts Now!

Let’s just admit it. We all fall down sometimes. All of the good intentions and knowledge in the world can fail us. Last night, this happened to me. 687 more words


House Rules for Every House

Every home needs rules.

My daughter had been born into our home, so our house rules came naturally to her despite never being affirmed out loud, and being my first born also meant she was definitely my guinea pig for parenting so rules also occurred in spur-of-the-moment moments i.e “Don’t touch that!”. 571 more words

Foster Parenting

My House, My Rules, Part 2

I will ask again: if I’m paying rent, my name is on the lease, and it’s my Section 8 on the line, doesn’t “MY HOUSE, MY RULES” fully apply? 798 more words

My House My Rules, Part 1

If I pay rent, my name is on the lease and it’s my housing assistance on the line, is it fair to play the “MY HOUSE, MY RULES” card? 403 more words