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Welcome to the Dark Side

Firstly, if you’ve come here thinking that this is some nice parenting blog where I tell you how amazing my life/kids/partner/family is, you’ve come to the wrong place. 398 more words


Life > Work

It’s easy to get seduced into the idea of chasing money. I’m well aware of it, and I’ve been there. It’s also easy to get sucked into the vicious cycle of feeling like you’re living to work, rather than working to live. 436 more words


Step Parenting - I Wasn't Prepared

I have been married now for about two and a half years.  Making the decision to pursue my relationship with the addition of a step daughter was one of the scariest and most ill-prepared for choices I have ever made.   876 more words


Onto the Next Chapter

Well, It’s official. I am now a married woman. I’m so happy and so ready to move onto the next chapter in my life and no better time for it to start then with the spring time. 151 more words

Don't Fall For The Scams!

Working from home was long treated as the unicorn of employment: beautiful, somewhat believable, but no one saw something real emerge from it. For decades there have been ads claiming you could make loads of money with no effort- much like companies that would promote weight loss without dieting or exercise. 387 more words


Boundaries & Working From Home

If you’re balancing a family and working from home, you will quickly learn that it becomes a struggle to be able to pull it off without there being a level of conflict. 502 more words


Sailing the Seas of Step-parenting

My life changed in that moment, when a big-eyed, dark-haired boy wobbled into my life and captured my heart forever.

Matthew was like any toddler— rambunctious, curious, and so adorable. 532 more words