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The freedom of truth

My mother and step-sis were at my house for two weeks and unlike most houseguest situations, they are lovely guests. I have had so much fun, love and laughter with them over this time and I was rather dreading their departure.  1,353 more words


Madrasta Mondays | 5 Awkward Questions I Am Asked as a Stepmom

Over 10 years of being a Stepmom, I have been judged a lot. I have been stared at a lot. I have been asked a lot. 290 more words


Different Rules For Different Houses

Written by: Christine Sirabella & Neil G.

December 26, 2014- I learned over the years, as a divorced parent raising children and sharing custody of them, that… 307 more words


A Step-Dad's Perspective

Written by:  Marc Zirogiannis

January 30, 2015- I posted a photo of my boy, DJ, on Facebook today. He is in the Army and I am so proud of what he has dedicated his life to. 434 more words


Step-parenting ... the dream vs. reality

He had me in a death choke hold with his arm tightly around my neck across my Adams apple. He was pulling with every ounce of strength he had. 1,013 more words

Choke Hold

Na-na-na-na-na B MAN!

It was Thanksgiving, and since we were missing Christmas with B this year my family all came together and threw a Christmas in November that was all about… 457 more words

Blended Families