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The Stay at Home Mom Blues

I struggled writing this post, because I know it’s a touchy subject. I am in no way elevating being a Stay at Home Mom over being a working mom. 350 more words

Saying nothing 

I never want this blog to be me ranting and letting off steam over my situation as really and truly I could walk away from it any day if it really wasn’t for me. 272 more words


Stretch Marks

My kids call me a crazy church lady, because I actually enjoy attending Sunday services. I need the fresh inspiration, the sense of community, the weekly reboot. 1,298 more words

It turns out, I was right!!

So yesterday I posted “I Know and Thank You“.

I thought about writing this post before I did it.  I thought that if it was her and she wanted to identify herself then she could.   423 more words


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This is an inspiring story that I think these two ladies should turn into a book someday! I don't know the details but from this post alone I can see the healing that has come out of using blogging as a way to voice their thoughts. I'm not going to give away the post but Jess and Stephanie, I can definitely see this motivating other blended families to find ways to make it work. I hope that things just get better from here and that you continue to find healing and ways of making it work for the kids and both of their families :)

Half of My Heart: The Non-Custodial Mom Confession

2:18 a.m. I still can’t sleep. I’m still listening to Taylor Swift.I still haven’t picked a shade of blonde or a hairstyle and now we’re down to less than 10 hours til I’m due in the salon chair. 1,212 more words


In 2013 I embarked on a journey that turned out to be scarier than anything I’d ever done. I became a Stepmom. Practically in an instant. 556 more words