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Growing Up

I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks with the flu. I still had to work (of course, right?) and, after a long day when you aren’t feeling great, you only want to come home and rest. 770 more words


The Joys of "Motherhood."

Recently, I had the chance to spend some time with several kids of various ages, all under ten. Many people with children (none of whom I knew) joined my husband and I in helping friends of ours move house. 1,109 more words



Death has many meanings. Death can mean ending or beginning, pain or relief, heartache or rejoicing, or a loss of any kind… It can be a literal word; that person died. 687 more words

"they said that as you get older you'll like your parents less and less..."

Noah came home from school on Monday and during supper he said:

Older kids on the playground today said that as you get older you like your parents less and less.

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Step Parenting

About Me

I’m Celina and I’m a 28 year old mom and wife living in New Mexico. I work full time as a vehicle photographer at a car dealership but my real passion is beauty and food. 925 more words


Why I Regret Buying Our Child a Hover Board

It is time to get real! For Christmas 2015 we bought Ayden a hover board. He had been gushing about how cool they were since March of that year. 662 more words