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A Little Temporary Descent

I like to think that I’ve finally gotten too old to give a damn. Certainly, I mostly act as if that’s true. When Mom and I are out and about misbehaving and I happen to look up and catch someone staring, I usually smile at them and go right back to our conversation. 827 more words


Surviving and Enjoying a Day Out with the Kids when you aren't used to doing "kid stuff" in the First Place!

Before the boys came into my life, it was calm and tranquil. My days out consisted of eating at gourmet restaurants, seeing foreign documentaries at the cinema, visiting quiet country pubs (for more food of course) and shopping for the next gorgeous pair of 5 inch heels. 466 more words


Blended family strife / Handling resentment toward you / Dealing with husband's put-downs (podcast)

The hosts answer listener questions, including: How to deal with your daughter who is disrespectful to her step-dad…plus, how to handle someone who continues to hold resentment toward you…plus, what can you do if your husband continues to put you down?¬† 53 more words


The Honest Truth: Aspects of my Step Children's Lives Horrify Me!

It’s true. On a Sunday morning, the boys will spend a few hours on the Xbox. They eat A LOT of frozen pizzas (they were disgusted by my carmelised onion sausages in their bangers and mash). 473 more words


Going Through all the Motions and Having No Say: When your rules expectations differ from theirs (his & hers')

Every step and blended family is different. That’s one of the things that make them so wonderful. However, it’s incredibly common for conflict between stepmums and their partners to centre around how children should be raised. 568 more words


Finding Time for Us: Between all the craziness!

At the moment, life is pretty crazy for us. In fact, the last year has been pretty intense. Just when we think we’ve overcome one challenge, another one appears and on top of that, you’re trying to be a good parent, whilst feeling like all of your emotional, physical and financial resources are nonexistent. 907 more words


Finding a Balance--Every Situation is Different

I’ll admit it recently I’ve been struggling. ¬†Over the past month, balancing work, my relationship, selling the house, my hormones and the boys has been painful. 549 more words