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Clothing War

AHH!!! The clothes, not the clothes!

I know when I was a new stepmother, the clothing war got under my skin so bad! Ever time BM would pick up SS, I would make sure that SS was in some nice clothes because I do not believe in putting kids in old looking clothes to where they look homeless. 1,274 more words

My Step Mom

She was an average looking woman, if ever there is such a thing. Her past was a mystery. She said something about motorcycles once or twice. 1,565 more words


March Sessions and Workshops

Larkin facilitates each client’s journey as they learn tools and find choices for personal development.  She accompanies each client as they grow their innate gifts and personal healing abilities. 267 more words

Larkin Oates

Repost: Don't You Want to Be a Real Parent?

***I originally posted this almost a year ago. It’s one of my favorite posts, and I have a tremendous lot of things to do today, so I’m posting it again. 676 more words


Blood is thicker than water, but both are vital: Part 1

Don, my stepfather, officially since I was 10 when he married my mom, but longer than that as they began dating when I was 6 or 7, had Bipolar disorder. 1,181 more words


Is Love Enough?

I haven’t posted in a while, and today I will use this space to get all these feelings I have been having off my chest. 884 more words

Na-na-na-na-na B MAN!

It was Thanksgiving, and since we were missing Christmas with B this year my family all came together and threw a Christmas in November that was all about… 457 more words

Blended Families