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The Man You Call Dad, Is Not Your Father

The man you call dad, is not your father.

There. I said it.

And one day, I’m going to have to say it out loud, because one day you are going to come to me and you are going to ask. 674 more words


Step-Mum in charge!

So it’s been a weird couple of days. We got married, I became an ‘official’ step-mother and my new husband has left me in sole charge of his kids (13 & 15)!! 838 more words


A Sad One About the Weight Words Carry

My step-mom picked me up from a friend’s house. I was 13, maybe 14 — and really looking forward to being able to drive myself places so I could avoid awkward car rides with my step-mom. 886 more words


Divorce is the best thing that happened to me as a parent

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But who really has a village these days? The closest that most of us middle-class-developed-country-dwelling people have is a small tribe of meddlesome relatives whose offers to babysit come with huge emotional price tags. 623 more words


~Stepmom troubles~

So yesterday, when my Stepmom came from work, I smiled at her and waved, she glared at me and like raised her hand. She didn’t even wave. 347 more words

Blended Families

What Means the World to Me

Dear Bubba,

Finally. I didn’t think this day would come… And you might not think much of it, but it meant so much for me. Let me start off saying these last few months have been rough for you because you’re an eight year old who doesn’t listen to instructions and who is extremely, EXTREMELY, lazy. 460 more words

Blended Family

~My Step-mom~

This is my first blog! I’m so happy that I can blog about my family to you guys! I really hope you like all my blogs. 257 more words

Blended Families