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The fucking Brady bunch

Here’s the story, of a tattooed lady, with 3 very lovely kiddos of her own. Each of them was searching for something better, that’s when He came along. 76 more words

Alone With You: A poem of love on Father's Day

To my husband,

 You have inspired me in so many ways and have helped me open up doors that were closed for a long time.  You have shown me what love can do!   177 more words


The Job of Stepmom

The first mother role I played is of stepmom. Is there anything scarier then meeting the children of your significant other? The answer no. You want to impress while remaining calm and hoping for the best. 481 more words

Just Talk

To the one who makes Mother's Day hurt a little less

This blogpost is too beautiful to not share. Everyone faced with infertility would know exactly what she is talking about. Keep faith ladies, there are light at the end of the tunnel. 19 more words


Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day is complicated, like most days I suppose. But holidays highlight the fractured nature of our lives. We have learned to adapt, to adjust- somewhat like an amputee moves on with their life. 301 more words

The Women Who Built Me

Every mother’s day, I consider my life and my “mom situation” in life. I have always celebrated mother’s day with two maternal figures and I have I never known anything else. 702 more words

She Doesn't Have to BE

My daughters are my whole world. They are 13 and 16 now, and the days show no signs of slowing down at all. As the years have unfolded, our lives have endured many a twisty route, both extreme good and a little bit of bad. 369 more words