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To My Children

In a few week’s time my name will change.  I’ll no longer be Ms.J but Mrs.C. You’ll remain J. It’s your father’s name, and you get to carry that on. 106 more words

Can we all slow down and enjoy right now? (Part 1)

Number 9 on the All About Me writing prompts list is to list 10 people who influenced me and describe how they were an influence to me. 698 more words


When someone hits rock bottom...

…I mean really hits rock bottom, they are appreciative of every thing you do for them. It’s easy to say you’ve hit bottom, but to behave as if you have is not so easy to fake. 1,052 more words

Single Mom's & Parents of all Types... You Got this!

My eight year old daughter is one of the strongest people I know. She shows this in many ways… but this week she showed me by blowing my mind. 1,196 more words

Blended Families

Study: kids of same-sex parenting are depressed

This study really upsets me. It’s not rocket science. When you deprive somebody of half of who they are, when you force them to pretend that half of… 250 more words

Step Parents

The Step Parent

Heads up. This is a “life” post. Don’t worry… we’ll return to healthy eating, fitness, my current cycling adventures, food, and other interesting topics soon…. 1,385 more words

..i cant imagine what it is like to be you in the circle of us

im not sure what its like to be a step father, but I can imagine from a mothers perspective as mine, its got to be the most single handling hardest job on earth, especially within our tribal family.. 376 more words