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the exquisite nature of loving a child...

This is a tricky subject. It is an important, sensitive, and heart-filled subject. It pulls at each part of me- my heart, my head, my dreams, my spirit- in different ways. 1,488 more words


SITUATIONS WITH WANDA SMITH: When You Ain’t My Daddy, But You Tryin’ It

Today’s situation comes from 17 year old Mayonda. Mayonda, her twin sister and younger brother have lived with their mother for the past 8 years. Their mom started dating Keith a few years ago and she and her siblings used to like their mother’s boyfriend.  87 more words


co- parenting with ASD

So a bit of background….

My Fiance and I have known each other for around 10 years, we were friends for a long time, during which he had a son and got married and divorced and I was in a 7year long relationship with my high school sweetheart. 1,239 more words


Not All Stepmothers Are Wicked but Mine Was

I recently read the Facebook post of a friend’s son who was having some trouble with a step-parent. It seemed like it went well beyond the normal teenage, “you’re not my real dad” bullshit. 1,468 more words


Maternal instincts or mombrain

The one thing I can always be perfectly honest about is the state of my marriage. There have been times when it was shit. When I say shit, I mean, there is no reason we stayed together but we just did. 606 more words


Who's your daddy? Student loans, step parents & the government

I sometimes wonder if it would have been better for my youngest son if I had not married Laura.

Well, technically speaking, he is not… 1,012 more words


Shout out to Step Parents!

When you need to look something up, Google rarely fails;  I am happy to discover there is, indeed, a national step parent day!!  Whew! 325 more words