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Remarriage is torture for little kids, literally

I found this comment on a blog post called, “12 Ways to Forgive Your Parents.”

It’s a long hurtful story but I was born into a family that both parents were awful parents! 814 more words

Children Of Divorce

When will the sin of causing scandal to little ones count as real sin?

I recently came across an essay that I want to discuss. I’m not going to link to it because it is not my intention to question the author’s intelligence or intentions. 701 more words

Children Of Divorce

When Parenting Styles Clash

My husband and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to parenting styles.

My kid was only 5 when he came into her life after I left her abusive biological father. 446 more words


First Blog, Stepping Into Action.

This time last year, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams, that I would find myself in a loving home with two loving children that felt very much my own. 358 more words


The cult was no help at all

I brought up reverse gaslighting yesterday for a specific reason. It is because of how few adults are talking about their experiences growing up with divorced (or never married) parents. 976 more words

Children Of Divorce

I feel ashamed

I feel ashamed that after five decades…

I wasn’t able to get over my parents’ divorce.

I still want my own family.

I was not ever OK with being excluded from family photos. 403 more words

Children Of Divorce

Maybe the Evil Stepmom was just brokenhearted

Being a stepmom was never the plan. I dated a guy when I was young who had a son. He was a shit father. I spent more time with his kid and did more for this kid then he did. 898 more words