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Lady Tremaine

I promised myself whoever decided to get me pregnant first would be my husband. I didn’t care if he’s mean, had commitment issues, an alcoholic, abusive to me, ect. 1,460 more words


A father's secret

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Sabine watched stone faced as they lowered her father’s casket into the grave. All around her women wailed and men cried silently. 1,029 more words



This is Bandeja paisa from Colombia.  It is one of the best plates of food I know.

I was first introduced to Colombian food by my Dad’s girlfriend when I was around 11 years old.   450 more words


An open letter to my Son's Deadbeat Dad

Hey High Roller!

Remember me? The mother of your first born? You know, the child you haven’t spoken to or laid eyes on less than a handful of times in the past 3 years! 639 more words

The Step Parents

As everyone know that the co parent is married. He wasn’t married when we had our daughter. He decided to get married when.she was 3 years old. 288 more words

Super Step Mom

Today I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my wife for being a loving step-mom for my kids. It isn’t an easy task taking on other people’s children let alone 5 for them. 378 more words


Have you ever walked on a tightrope? It might be just a little like being a stepparent. Balance is essential to keeping things on the uphill slide. 960 more words