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Momma Bear is blessed with Baby Bear

As I attempt to study my final two lectures of the semester, I watch my sweet boy sleeping as Frozen is playing on the TV. I watch him, unable to gear my focus back to my school work, even though I took time off work to be able to “catch up”, all I did was spend more time with him. 1,592 more words

Ten education tips for kids of divorce

The social science is clear: kids of divorce have a harder time finishing their educations than their counterparts in intact families. Knowing this, and having lived through it, I have a few tips for anybody in that boat who wants to finish a college degree. 1,566 more words

Children Of Divorce

The holidays are hard

The holidays: that time of year when my heart feels like it’s going through a meat grinder. All the divisions get magnified and concentrated. It’s been this way since I was a child. 299 more words

Children Of Divorce

"Sexual liberation" is a fraud

Somebody left a thoughtful comment on a recent post. I wrote a comment but it got too long, so decided to make it into its own post. 587 more words

Children Of Divorce

My Life, The Soap Opera.

I was born in Connecticut in 1995, to my parents who were too young to have children (at least that is what I think now, as I near the age they were when I was born). 1,625 more words


Testimonial: The Truth about Blended Families

“When the first major family conflict occurs, the true colors of where loyalties lie are shown. Suddenly, the family that seemed all loving and incredibly inseparable becomes a fun-size cold war replica. 38 more words

Children Of Divorce