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First blog post! Eeek!

Welcome everyone! First off, thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog. I’ve never done this before and I almost picked up a “How to start a blog for Dummies” book, but I think it’s pretty safe to wing it. 265 more words

Blended Families

Family Time

Forty has brought with it, a 16 year old step-son, an almost 16 year old daughter and an almost 14 year old son who doesn’t know if he wants to be 5 or 35. 401 more words

Birthday Week

Bob went back to his mothers on Monday as expected but we’d forgotten to give him his tablet, so Bob’s father took it to him after work. 456 more words

Still no change, and this is after 2 talks.

Got Bob from school

  • Unwashed
  • Teeth not brushed (He forgot, apparently)
  • Hair still dyed black
  • Tired. So tired he has a headache in fact.

His teacher reported that there is a marginal improvement in his behaviour and no change in the work he produces. 257 more words

It's started

(This was posted 6 days after writing)

Husband went to take Bob home last week and spoke to Bob’s mother about his performance at school. We think he’s not eating properly, he’s not getting enough sleep, he’s not doing his homework and his performance at school is suffering. 1,339 more words

But, they got kids!

Relationships are hard, okay? Like, real hard. Now, I don’t mean that you have to fight constant battles everyday with and/or against each other but, it does have it’s obstacles. 512 more words



I spoke to to the teacher today, she really isn’t happy with Bob’s behaviour.

He’s barely doing any work and he’s generally disruptive…

Hardly surprising given his packed lunch. 37 more words