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I Don't Want My Mom To Get Remarried

Dear Mom:

I’m 14 years old and my mom and dad have been divorced since I can remember. I don’t see my dad much and that’s fine ’cause he’s not very good at being a dad. 678 more words



Today is my cousins wedding and the dysfunction of my mothers side of the family has come to a head today, in my mind at least. 774 more words

A Stepmother's Journey Best Public Schools in Florida...

A Stepmother’s Journey: Best Public Schools in Florida.

Stepdaughter’s mom made the decision to change schools before the Christmas break. She did not discuss this decision with D.

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Cancer Sucks

It has been a while since I’ve been on to post a new blog, but I wanted to share some news that our big blended family received over the weekend that has been weighing heavily on my mind. 228 more words


A Walk by Dragons--Prologue

This is the beginning to a story I finished a month or so ago and am considering getting ready for publishing. It’s a YA high school slice of life sort of story, which is weird given that I hate the slice of life genre and the high school drama as well. 1,357 more words


I Am a Mother, Accept It

I Am a Mother, Accept It

A mother is a mother; is a mother. I don’t care if she gives birth, adopts, fosters, or is co-parenting her boyfriend’s/ fiancé’s/ husband’s kid(s) with his kids’ mother. 1,649 more words


My Parent's Fairytale

After my parents divorced,

my father would tell me in his empty apartment

that sometimes, people do have a happily ever after.

He told me that sometimes, 188 more words