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To his other woman.

He’s always been mine. Since the minute I was born he was mine. Growing up he was mine, he still is. Except now I have to share him. 657 more words

Things I Do That Get Me Through and Other Coping Mechanisms

  Find Humor Where You Can

As you might be realizing by now, this divorce is taking a toll.  I have to come up with ways of finding humor where none really should exist: 232 more words

Parental Alienation

"Alternative" families are near occasions of sin for children

I am going to make a very bold claim: so-called “alternative” families are near occasions of sin for children.

In order for readers to understand this claim, I will first define a few terms: 312 more words


Things children of divorce aren't supposed to think about: lost inheritances

There are many things children of divorce are not supposed to think about or question. One of them is how their inheritances get funneled in different directions during and after a divorce. 253 more words

Children Of Divorce

Kids of divorce have no incentive to tell the truth

I came across the blog of somebody who is divorced and remarried. She has a son from the first marriage, and she asked him if he ever imagines him, her, and his dad all together again as a normal family. 130 more words

Children Of Divorce

Why did my parents reject me?

In almost all of the divorce literature, you will come across something that goes like this:

“Children of divorce often think that the divorce was their fault.” 620 more words

Children Of Divorce

New Work Part 3 & 4

October 18, 2016 – Luderitz, Namibia – 18:07 PM

Picture Africa, very hot and covered in a lot of dirt and sand. Now picture a small town, its name is Luderitz, and it’s a small town on the edge of Namibia. 1,981 more words