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Scale to Get More Reps


After realizing the aerobic pace yesterday I better step it up in these warm-ups. Did 5:00 on Airdyne for 1.74 miles 2.8 km.

Strength / Accessory… 192 more words


So you've ****ed up 

Well you could panic, but itll get you nowhere.

Get yourself in order you cannot change it, ,its happened. So what can you learn from it, what did you get wrong. 76 more words


Selena Gomez Surprises High School Students in L.A With a Heart Warming Visit

Selena Gomez had recently partnered with Coach to create some of the most exquisite designer clothes and hand bags. Her partnership very recently went beyond just clothes and designer collections. 333 more words


Fantastic Teams #3 - Defining Leadership

When I made the decision to write this blog about the definition of leadership I had a flashback to my youth.  I was a Star Trek fan (well, I still am!) and I remembered an episode where Spock reminded Captain Kirk that he would lose faith and command of the crew if he were seen as vulnerable in any way and perceived as less than perfect. 910 more words


Give a lady a hand, will ya?

We all could use a hand. Take a moment this weekend to give back, in any shape or form, and especially to encourage the women around you. 13 more words


Arsene Wenger tells Arsenal time has come to step up in a big match

Arsene Wenger believes his Arsenal players owe themselves a good performance in a big game as they prepare to face Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday. 666 more words