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Spreading our wings

We have come a long way organizing workshops for the community, local and internationally. For the first time, the team at United Network Entertainment will be heading over to Kota Kinabalu, to hold their very first workshop in Sabah. 50 more words

If at first you don't succeed, redefine "success"!

…And then keep going until you match your initial definition!

Hit a bit of a road block with Vi (extremely limited progress…) until today. I was headed to my local bird shop ( 345 more words


Kettlebell Hell and Good Knee News!

After yesterday doing 30 instead of 35, I felt even weaker going down to 20 today to do KB squat cleans. I had never done squat cleans with Kettlebells before so it was smart to go lighter while I got used to the move but it still felt… Wimpy. 94 more words


| You should go and love yourself |

I’ve only heard this song twice (listening to it as I write this). I can never say that I’m promoting the Biebs (even though we share the same name, I can’t completely hate on a Justin…), however, this Lil’¬†ditty made me think of some things. 818 more words

Bad Boy + Good Girl = Romance?

We all know the cliche movie plot: A bad boy and a good girl somehow cross paths. At first, they are reluctant to associate with one another because of their social standing, but in the end, there always seems to be romance between the two polar opposites. 456 more words

Step Up: A Relationship Rite of Passage

This probably struck you as an interesting choice for a movie review before you even started reading it, so allow me to put it into context for you. 592 more words


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