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12/27/2016 - Uncomfortable Runins

Dream 1

I had a dream that I had a black family at the entrance to the room I was sleeping in my grandmas house. They all had a disappointed look on their faces. 149 more words

12/20/2016 - Uncle's Here and Tourist Place

Dream 1

I saw my Uncle from Argentina coming up the stairs with a small cooler on his shoulders. Because he is older i thought that It was not a good idea for him to be carrying that up the stairs. 249 more words

10/?/2016 - Bat in Hand

Had a dream that I had a baseball bat in my hands. It was my mom and stepfather there too. I was ready for anything.

Police: Man Killed Stepfather, Posted Photos On Social Media

BOWIE, Md. (AP) — Police say they have arrested a man accused of killing his stepfather and posting photos of the body on social media. 144 more words


Who is a stepfather: Is he a father?

My name is Andres (Molier is my last name; I was given my biological father’s last name). I am 35 years and 147 days old (as of today, July 2nd, 2017). 621 more words

Bad Parenting


Hi everyone, or anyone I guess. First and foremost, I am far from being any kind of professional writer and honestly my skills in the English language are somewhat lacking. 180 more words


My twins look up at Kyle.

They have shy smiles and occasionally duck their heads, cast their eyes down and hunch their shoulders, as they flicker between pride and embarrassment. 577 more words