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Blaming Everyone; But it's Me.

Someone once said to wait 24 hours before sending an angry letter.  You ever hear that?

Well, fuck that guy.

I am angry.  Really, genuinely, seethingly angry. 900 more words


No Such Thing as Healing pt I

There are two significant events in my life that altered me. The first, I was perhaps I don’t know, 9 or 10 maybe? Anyway, living in Mississippi in a trailer home turned house with unfinished walls out in the country. 450 more words

Book Of Life

Book Review: Filling the Brat's Throat - The Other Side of the Floor

“Daddy, you’re forgetting that I’m your stepdaughter. So, as two consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with us taking care of each other’s needs. You scratch my back, I’ll suck your cock…”

1,071 more words

Mom's Lessons in Love No. 1: self-love is never as important as the 'love' of a man

My brain is going 90 miles per hour, speeding by childhood memories. Abuse–so much violence that the screaming still makes my ears ring. Why couldn’t my mother just love herself? 798 more words

Blackberries and Blended Families

I love connecting unrelated items. If we can visualize relationships between two completely different things, maybe we can one day stretch to see the commonalities in our own very unique selves. 419 more words

Connect To Families

The Pink House

We lived in a pink-colored house on a corner lot of a dead end street in Taft, Florida. Just a home of many homes we frequently moved into. 955 more words

Book Of Life

A Little Hero

2016 – She sat impatiently on the edge of the metal grey fold up chair attempting to catch a loose strand of strawberry-blonde hair that caught the passing breeze. 801 more words

Book Of Life