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In My Kitchen, February 2015

Melbourne is experiencing a very cool summer so far. Not that I mind. Usually in February, I sit in the kitchen staring at the computer, monitoring the temperature, the wind and the fire ratings on the CFA site. 341 more words

In My Kitchen

Tigereye Tomato Tart

Now this was a lovely gardening surprise! These little beauties grew from some great little seedlings that I bought from Bunnings. It’s a trailing tomato plant, and I unfortunately planted my tomato plants too close together, so I have to pretty much climb into the plants to pick them! 283 more words


Challenges of Poor Diet, Obesity, Diabetes

School leaders encourage healthy eating and physical activity to meet the challenges of poor diet, child obesity and diabetes by supporting nutrition classes, making changes to canteen menus, providing parents with snack and lunch ideas and joining their schools in programs such as… 291 more words

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Stephanie Alexander, author of The Cook's Companion, answers Six Sharp Questions

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Stephanie Alexander

author of The Cook’s Companion

Six Sharp Questions

1. Congratulations, you have a new book. What is it about and what does it mean to you? 625 more words

Australian Author

Old-fashioned lemon cordial

Since the soda water incident towards the start of my month-long drinking ban, one thing has become very clear: I need a drink. I don’t mean an alcoholic one; I’m talking about something I can drink out of a nice glass while those around me sip on their beer or bourbon, something a little bit more exciting than soft drink or water. 492 more words


Lemons anyone?

It was a strange year for citrus – our oranges were non-existent, our mandarins were so sour as to be inedible by anyone except the birds – but the lemon and lime trees overproduced. 397 more words

What's Cooking In My Home

lemon slice

About once a term, the kids in my kitchen garden cooking classes come into the kitchen to find dessert on the menu along with the usual veggie-based dishes. 280 more words

Cooking With Kids