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Jet in water as deep as a 10-story building

Searchers are finding wreckage and recovering bodies from the AirAsia jet at least 60 miles from the jet’s last known location.

CNN's Christina Manduley

Businesses shut down by Ferguson violence reopen

(CNN) – Business owners were allowed to open their shops along West Florissant Avenue Friday, but not for long.

CNN’s Stephanie Elam reports.

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Ferguson police chief's apology scorned

The Ferguson police chief attempts to talk with protesters, but the night ends in a scuffle and multiple arrests that some say only made matters worse. CNN’s Stephanie Elam reports.


Community fights to force the "Pillowcase rapist' to move out

Outrage is growing in a California community after a court orders a man who admitted raping at least 40 women to live there. Christopher Hubbart is known as the “Pillowcase rapist” and he spent decades in a state mental hospital. 79 more words


First 4D theater in U.S. opens in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (CNN) – With 4D, it’s not just about watching the action, it’s about feeling it.

As movies face ever-increasing competition to snag eyeballs, one company is betting it can lure people into theaters with the fourth dimension.  488 more words

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Dr. Gupta on a disturbing surge in measles

Measles is a disease health officials believed they had virtually wiped out in the U.S. In the first four months of this year, 126 people have been infected. 52 more words


If the Bluefin-21 finds Flight 370… what happens next?

If the Bluefin-21 sonar finds the Flight 370 wreckage authorities will likely call in high-tech equipment that is usually used in oil drilling. Rosa Flores takes a look at the subs that can be used to retrieve objects that are several miles below the ocean’s surface. 48 more words

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370