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So there is a new twilight book out

For the 10 year anniversary of the novel’s publishing, Stephanie Meyer has written an all new thrilling tale!

Except it is not that new.

Or that thrilling. 932 more words

Beaufort Swan

Jefferson Bulldog Howl Reviews - Life And Death: Twilight Autocorrected

The Bulldog has just heard rumours that Twilight’s… Author is too strong a word so lets go with creator, has shat out another book connected to the franchise. 857 more words

Reading And Writing


Autora: Stephanie Meyer

Serie: Crepusculo

Libro: 1/3


Cuando Isabella Swan se muda a Forks, una pequeña localidad del estado de Washington en la que nunca deja de llover, piensa que es lo más aburrido que le podía haber ocurrido en la vida. 230 more words

Gender Swapped Twilight Still Sucks

You know what many successful authors do?  They try to come up with new stories!

Stephanie Meyer apparently thinks that’s for suckers! 395 more words


Stephanie Meyer’s Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined Is Pathetic

I get asked about Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey more than any other books, including my own. Given that Fifty Shades started off as… 630 more words


So....Let's Talk about Twilight

I’m home sick today and feeling like I’ve been run over by all manner of heavy-load trucks, so pardon if my demeanor is a little saltier than usual, but I figure I should jump on this before the rest of the blogoshpere sinks its teeth into it (No pun intended)! 697 more words


Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Rewrite: My Fan Status Has Changed

I’m not going to belabor this discussion; this topic is being debated all over social media and blogs today and I have just a few simple points I’m going to target and then call it good. 678 more words

Book Review