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Selling Faux Bernie

Talk host Stephanie Miller admonished a Sander’s supporter on her nationally syndicated radio show, saying that its now okay to dump Bernie and vote for Hillary because Sanders has succeeded in pulling her further to the Left. 278 more words

Wc Turck

Plausible deniability and the $10,000 envelope

Kudos to Seven Days’ Paul Heintz for a good old-fashioned piece of outrage journalism, a nearly lost art in these days of objectivity fetishism. The object of his scorn: the… 777 more words

Seven Days

Funny Lady

Some of my friends used to cringe when I told them I was once a fan of Rush Limbaugh.

Thirty years ago he was funny, crude and entertaining.   231 more words


Pardon me while I go full-Godwin.

Part of my daily routine at work is listening to Stephanie Miller.  I usually make it through the full show, although some of the guests, particularly… 336 more words

Planned Parenthood

Alan Grayson on the Stephanie Miller Show

Stephanie Miller admits that “trade is confusing,” and doesn’t know what to make of the TPP. Alan Grayson graciously clears up her confusion. Watch the clip if you too are unsure.


The Clinton 'Third Term' and Hillary's 'V' Vote...

UPDATE – Alleged comic and liberal talk radio host Stephanie Miller has a good agent; he or she has managed to keep her employed in radio and TV gigs nobody listens to or watches for more than 30 years. 241 more words

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PennWIC Blog Turns 4!

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years! To celebrate, we’ve made an infographic detailing our blog’s meteoric rise in popularity and highlighting some blog statistics we found interesting. 94 more words

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