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One advantage knitting has over video games: I don’t lose all my progress if I forget to press the “save” button!

-Yarn Harlot


Madrona-ing, Part V b: Have you met my friend Mawata?

Mawata Jones?
No, not Mawata Jones, Mawata McPhail…

(Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

So, after Stephanie changed my worldview in one paragraph, she proceeded to not only teach us how knit with mawata, but how to make them. 606 more words


Madrona-ing, Part V a: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee teaches All About Mawata

In February, 2011, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee wrote two blog posts about a pair of mittens that immediately filled me with lust.

She created them by separating one silk hankie at a time from its pack, stretching it out to approximately the same density as worsted weight yarn—and proceeding to knit with it. 631 more words


2015 Crochet

New Website, New Blog, New Crochet!

In the last couple of years, I’ve really learned a lot in crochet, yarn, needles, and accessories. I also got to teach a few people how to crochet, I hope they continue this comforting hobby. 283 more words


Madrona-ing, Part III: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Teaches Knitting for Speed and Efficiency

How do you do a blog post on something you have no pictures of?

The class was fascinating, Stephanie was her low-key, down-to-earth self, and we learned A LOT about knitting history. 224 more words



I’m on my way to Madrona Fiber Arts festival today. I wasn’t planning to attend large events this year, being unemployed. But when I read the teacher line-up and found a… 517 more words


A Good Read - Anything by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I am a book junkie. I’m always reading something. When I was younger, and thought life was a serious pursuit that I should be winning, I read serious stuff like… 378 more words