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Book Review: Things I Learned From Knitting...Whether I wanted To Or Not by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Many people know that I am an avid knitter, so much so that I consider myself a textile artist rather than a crafter. This book made me feel as though I am not alone in my beliefs, that knitting is not what people believe it to be. 47 more words

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The laws of knitting 

I was driving home on Sunday and I was listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Cast Off on Audible. Side note if you haven’t read her books I would highly recommend them, I like listening to the author read their book too. 763 more words


Knitting Rules - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I don’t add all my knitting pattern books to this blog, because they are hard to judge on similar merits to a ordinary book.¬†Knitting Rules… 200 more words

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Knitting humour - it's a niche market

Knitters – I mean, true, obssessional ones, have a passion for fibre and a rich culture all their own. In this video, my favourite tip is near the end – if knitting with light coloured yarn, drink white wine, rather than red…. 61 more words


Episode 142: Too Tired To Adult

Welcome, what’s been going on: house guests and apple picking and winery; some FOs; what’s on the needles and spindles; recent stash additions, reading, tv and life! 87 more words