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totally tinked

During a trip to the Hills today, because I wasn’t driving I managed to tink the entirety of the tension square. Now it’s a matter of dividing my yarn so I can do both socks at once, then on with the actual knitting. 89 more words


knitting for an hour - days 1 and 2

So the hour on the first day was about this:

And the hour on the second day was about this:

Today I’ve done a few more rows, so it’s slow and not very exciting in spite of how much time it’s taking. 45 more words


there's the injured nephew

Eldest Nephew recently fell and damaged his elbow. It’s in a backslab plaster now but expected to improve to a hinged brace by the end of the week. 231 more words


The 30 Day Knitting Challenge - Day 11

Day 11: Do you have a “Knitter Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!

It’s so funny you asked that! 510 more words


Beware of Heirlooms

Advice for a new knitter:
When choosing a pattern, look for ones that have words such as “simple,” “basic,” and “easy.”
If you see the words “intriguing,” “challenging,” or “intricate,” look elsewhere. 55 more words


If you're stuck on a project...

It’s okay to be stuck on a project. Move on to something else, appreciate that WIP for what it is, and eventually you’ll find yourself getting un-stuck! 11 more words


Different City, Same Mouse

Last weekend, I attended the Knitting in the Heartland conference as a birthday gift for Querido, for whom I may need to knit another sweater after all the fiber I’ve bought.  957 more words