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The Tempest: Stephano and Trinculo

Stephano is a butler and Trinculo is a clown, so they are both very lowly servants in King Alonso’s household – at the very bottom of the social hierarchy. 1,388 more words

Types of Servants

Ever wondered what it would have been like to be a domestic?  To slave over your mistress or master in the hopes of earning a few measly pounds a year?  1,213 more words

Restoration Housewives and Heroines

These articles and video series are easy to read/watch and give insight into the lives of English women during the restoration era and how similar they are to our lives today.   106 more words


Working Women

Working women were more often than not employed as servants, midwives or in childcare.  Yet, these jobs had their risks with low pay, lack of respect, and risk of sexual assault and abuse.


Women's Relationships

First hand accounts of 17th century women’s relationships with other other women be them friends, neighbors or enemies.



Spain in the 17th Century

Spain in the Seventeenth Century

1600 – 8.1 million (9.2 including Portugal)
1700 – 7.5 million

Philip III (1598-1621)
Philip IV (1621-1665)
Charles II (1665-1700) 246 more words


Prospero and Alonso

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Illustrator: H. C. Selous

Engraver: Unknown

Original Illustration Size: 122 x 131 mm / 4″26 x 5″6

Illustration Number: 13/14… 60 more words