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My Family Tree French Project! (1O/25/14)

Esmay (Mom)- Ma meré

Kei (Uncle’s Charrie)- Mon cousin

Penguin (Vanessa)- Ma cousine

Kimchi (Aiden)- Mon freré

Auntie (Amy)- Ma tante

Julia (My Charrie)- Ma cousine… 25 more words

Random Posts And What Not

Art of the sale


The image of the “starving artist” as a tortured soul who chooses to live in poverty to maintain the integrity of his artistic vision has long existed in popular culture. 1,440 more words


Part 2: Pewdiepie Art!

Pewdiepie was my first YouTube gamer, so he holds a special place in my heart This guy is a huge inspiration to me, and I always turn to him to cheer me up with his comedy when I’m having a rough day :) 9 more words

Stephano's Song, from Shakespeare's the Tempest


I shall no more to sea, to sea,
Here shall I die ashore–

This is a very scurvy tune to sing at a man’s funeral. 104 more words

Canon Fodder

Week 7: The Tempest

Play: The Tempest
Last Read: Within the last three years.

Let’s do a quick preface. For years, I have been considering this play my least favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, a revelation that tends to shock any Shakespearean.  1,296 more words

In parallel - unparalleled? ;-)

Until 5 pm every evening was my design time. My enormous drawings and realizing the faces from my mind’s eye.

the sprite, tricksy trinco,and the drunken butler – in that order from L to R. 44 more words