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The Kansas Nebraska Act and the Great Change in American Politics

An excellent presentation in how the Kansas-Nebraska Act reshuffled American politics.  This happens periodically in American politics.  American politics seems geared to two great parties fighting it out for political dominance, and it can often seem that nothing can change in the face of such a monolithic standoff.  371 more words

Illinois in the Civil War

By Jared Olar
Library assistant

Not even two whole generations had elapsed since Illinois’ admission as the 18th state in the Union when America split apart, divided between the industrialized and increasingly anti-slavery northern states of the Union and the agrarian, pro-slavery southern states of the Confederacy. 1,135 more words

Lincoln-Douglas: The Last Debate

During the United States Senate Campaign of 1858, Abraham Lincoln challenged Stephen A. Douglas to a series of seven debates. The face to face debates took place all across Illinois with one debate in each Congressional district. 288 more words


Naming the last 18 Illinois counties

By Jared Olar
Library assistant

A total of 84 Illinois counties were organized from 1790 (when Illinois was a part of the Northwest Territory) until 1839, when the Illinois General Assembly established a record 15 new counties in a single year. 651 more words

Pugh on Douglas

PUGH ON DOUGLAS – From the Benton, N.C. Herald of the 14th inst., we extract the following statement of Mr. Pugh’s position, in respect to Douglas, announced in his place, in answer to a question whether he would support that gentleman if nominated by the Charleston Convention.: 268 more words