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Stephen C. Meyer and Keith Fox debate intelligent design and evolution

From Justin Brierley’s “Unbelievable” podcast.


Stephen Meyer is a leading proponent of Intelligent Design who directs the Centre for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle.

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Begging the question with molecular evidence

Stephen C. Meyer was asked about the role of molecular evidence in supporting the case for evolution:

The other problem with this method of investigation is that it begs the question.

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But what about the molecular evidence?

According to the CK-12 Foundation:

Arguably, some of the best evidence of evolution comes from examining the molecules and DNA found in all living things.

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A smug evolutionist refuted

“Niick” asserts that:

There is a theory of Creationists however. It predicts that all evidence and successful demonstrations of evolution will always be ignored, never addressed or refuted.

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Beckelfest at Socrates in the City

Socrates in the City or Beckelfest?

Originally slated to feature Cal Thomas and his new book, What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America… 832 more words


Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen C. Meyer on his book "Darwin's Doubt"

Just watched this Friday night, and it’s a very good discussion that starts with the 5 basic questions you need to understand before you can understand intelligent design. 85 more words