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Best Late Show Guests Yet: Rescue Dogs

Aubrey Plaza helped Stephen Colbert lie about cute puppies for a good cause!

Yes, The Late Show told tall tales (tails?) about puppies to make them more adoptable. 71 more words


Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump With Fake Positive News About Him

Stephen Colbert decided to create his own special President Donald Trump-friendly news broadcast.

During Thursday night’s episode of The Late Show, the host jumped on the “fake news” bandwagon with a segment of “Real News Tonight” in hopes that it would keep the President’s tweeting in check. 39 more words

Stephen Colbert Takes Trump to Task Over Bathroom Battle

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump’s administration announced they would roll back federal protections for transgender students, which allowed them to use the public bathroom… 177 more words

One show continues to impact Washington, D.C., and its star is rattling conservatives in the process

Long before there was a media climate where words like “burned,” “ripped,” and “destroyed” appeared in daily headlines, there was a television program that showed off what a utopic Washington, D.C., could look like. 502 more words

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Stephen Colbert Points Out Exactly Where Transgender People Can Still 'Take A Dump' In Trump Tower

Much like Seth Meyers over on NBC, Thursday night Stephen Colbert ripped Donald Trump to shreds over his administration revoking transgender students bathroom rights, a move that even Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos… 186 more words


Stephen Colbert Opens 'Late Show' With Message To Donald Trump From Bathroom Signs

Bathroom signs have a message for President Donald Trump in the wake of his decision to withdraw federal guidelines that let transgender students use restrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identities. 134 more words

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