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David Letterman Invited Jay Leno To Appear On One Of His Final Shows

With one month to go before his final night as host of The Late Show, David Letterman is closing deals left and right for his final guest list. 270 more words


A 'Conan' Writer Went Off About The State Of Late Night Comedy -- Is He Right?

Andrés du Bouchet has been putting words in Conan O’Brien’s mouth as a writer on Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night for seven years, but on his Twitter account Thursday night, he let his own voice be heard while weighing in on the state of comedy. 741 more words


George Lucas Doesn't Know Anything About the New 'Star Wars,' And That's 'Thrilling'

George Lucas hasn’t seen the new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — he’s waiting until he can see the it on a bigscreen. 645 more words


'Late Show' Warmup At Tribeca? Colbert Tells Lucas "I'm Not The Guy To Take Over For Jon Stewart"

While George Lucas had the spotlight at today’s Tribeca Talk: George Lucas and Stephen Colbert, it was the future Late Show host who came away with spades in the conversation. 774 more words

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Here Are All The Interesting Things George Lucas Told Stephen Colbert In Their Tribeca Film Fest Chat

On late Friday afternoon, Stephen Colbert (sporting a gray beard) interviewed George Lucas (always sporting a beard) for the Tribeca Film Festival’s “Tribeca Talks” series. It was interesting because neither men had anything to promote, so it was just Colbert (a well-known nerd) asking George Lucas anything that came to Colbert’s mind. 834 more words


George Lucas To Colbert At Tribeca: "Experimental Films -- That's Exactly What I'm Going To Do"

If you were a Star Wars fanatic looking for any kind of hints or reveals for the next Star Wars feature films, well the Tribeca Talks: George Lucas and Stephen Colbert conversation wasn’t the place to find it today.   420 more words

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