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The Thing Scaramucci Gets Right

From time to time, we get famous speakers at Cambridge. Yesterday brought us Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci–President Trump’s briefly tenured communications director. The Mooch had some low points. 934 more words


Good News: Nazi Soldier's Granddaughter, Chelsea Handler's Show Cancelled

From Chelsea Handler’s own Twitter page. Show cancelled, damage control initiated. Clickbait sadstory deployed.  Now how about Colbert? Can we cancel him too?

Handler’s Nazi backstory can be found here:



Colbert, Carell and 'Donald Trump' Revisit Dana Carvey's Sitcom Fiasco in Hulu's Too Funny to Fail Trailer

Teaming Dana Carvey, red-hot off his Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live run, with the likes of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K. sounds like a comedy grand slam. 208 more words


(SATIRE) Reality admits to having a liberal bias

Stephen Colbert’s 2006 claim has finally been validated, as Reality, the famous State of Things, officially confirmed last week that they has a liberal bias. Various factors pressured Reality into going public with the announcement, most notably President Trump and his allies claiming that Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act would lower health care costs, rather than increase them. 622 more words

Jimmy Kimmel, Moral Arbiter.

This is one of the things that I hate about liberal progressives.  This loophole logic that allows them to be the judge of others but doesn’t allow them to be criticized or scrutinized.  366 more words

The Colbert Report -- Tim Harford


Stephen Colbert interviews economist Tim Harford about his then-recent book, Logic of Life. Harford and Colbert discuss a number of items that people may consider irrational, but actually turn out to be rational like voting, unprotected sex, and smoking. 13 more words


The Colbert Report -- Roland Fryer


Stephen Colbert interviews Harvard economist Roland Fryer about his pay-for-learning system in Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City. Fryer discusses the incentive mechanism that his team developed in order to encourage learning across those three cities.