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Tariq Nasheed And Kevin Hart Go At It On Twitter

Tariq Nasheed and Kevin Hart had a brief Twitter exchange after the film producer and YouTuber criticized his latest stand up comedy special.

Kevin Hart according to Twitter is overreacting after he decided to respond to a professional troll by the name of Tariq Nasheed, who called his latest Netflix comedy special boring and safe because he doesn’t want to go through what happened when he was supposed to host the Oscars but lost out of due to past comments he made about the LGBT community. 383 more words


Michigan Republicans Disgrace The GOP With Failed Attempt To Block Certification

The president and his allies in Michigan failed in spectacular fashion when they tried to subvert the will of the people by refusing to certify the state’s vote tally and arguing that votes cast in Detroit should be thrown out.

Georgia On My Mind

Because one drawn out and still much to hotly “contested” election just wasn’t enough, we’ve got another one coming. Life’s a Peach.

Georgia was one of the final states to come through with results from the 2020 general election, and it was close. 1,284 more words

Stephen Colbert: Stephen Is Ecstatic About The Biden-Harris Win, But Says We Can Not Be Complacent

November 10, 2020

Stephen pops open some champagne and joins the throngs of Americans who are celebrating the historic victory by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but reminds us that with the pandemic raging, our long national nightmare isn’t over and it’s time to get to work. #Colbert #Monologue #KamalaHarris

Late-Night Cry Fest Continues

Last week, we reported on Jimmy Kimmel from ABC breaking down in tears over so many Americans supporting President Donald Trump. Now, another one of television’s late-night goons, Stephen Colbert from CBS, has followed suit.  96 more words

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ARCADE FIRE - " Generation A "

While election results coverage took centre stage on Tuesday night and such expections for the result, Arcade Fire made an appearance as the musical guests on… 288 more words