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Tales of the Gold Monkey: e20: A Distant Shout of Thunder

It’s the penultimate episode, and one that, for me, frankly didn’t work. The ingredients were there, but they didn’t combine to make the story convincing, and there was no clear indicator as to what let things down. 516 more words

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Tales of the Gold Monkey: e19: Boragora or Bust

It’s getting late. What Saturday Morning staple have we not yet had? A Treasure Mine? Let’s throw one of those in.

The ingredients are familiar: veteran prospector, been digging for decades, faithful creaking mule and eccentric methods, strikes it rich. 594 more words

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Hershey Bears Announce Roster Cuts, Trim Roster by 10

Photo: Julie Beidler

After recently beginning their own training camp, the Capitals’ American Hockey League Affiliate Hershey Bears received several players from the Caps on loan in preparation for the start of the AHL season. 215 more words


Tales of the Gold Monkey: e15 - Force of Habit

I really don’t like the way so much of the story of a Tales of the Gold Monkey episode is blown in advance by the pre-credits highlights reel. 799 more words

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Tales of the Gold Monkey: e13 - God Save The Queen

After last week’s schtumer, I was a bit fearful of what we’d get next from Tales of the Gold Monkey, but the show was pleasingly back on track with its deliberate box of Saturday morning Cinema cliches. 1,246 more words

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Tales of the Gold Monkey: e11- The Sultan of Swat

It was a Boy’s Club edition this week on Tales of the Gold Monkey, with Sarah on another island for the week, and the only female role that of the young Zita Henriques, a sweet, fresh-faced, bare-legged native girl going around draping garlands round the neck of blokes like Jake Cutter, and the visiting Gamble Rogers (guest star John DiSanti) as a fairly blatant signal that she wants a damned good blessing from them. 490 more words

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Tales of the Gold Monkey: e10 - The Late Sarah White

A change of scene this week, as the Monkey gang move 3,000 miles west (3,251, to be precise) to the Philippines, where it’s raining, and where General MacArthur is negotiating with the Moro guerillas. 689 more words

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