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It was while walking by the sea that the idea came. I have often found that having water rippling beside me helps in the formation of ideas, or maybe it’s just coincidental. 534 more words


Chapter 17: Ithaca

Ithaca, or, 

I know that I have said previous chapters of Ulysses were my favorites before (Cyclops, Circe, Sirens), but this one really is.  It’s funny, sad, at times, infuriating (will Bloom FINALLY go to Molly or what?!?).  1,546 more words

Chapter 16: Eumaeus

Sailing home from Troy

Eumaeus, or, It’s Time to Go Home

After the dizzying, trippy action in Circe, Eumaeus is slow-paced.  Not much really happens in the chapter.  329 more words

Chapter 15: Circe

In The Odyssey, Circe is a sorceress/goddess who uses potions, magic wands, etc.  She often transforms those who affront her into wild animals.  In… 2,128 more words

Chapter 14: Oxen of the Sun

The Companions of Odysseus Steal the Cattle of Helios (fresco by Pellegrino Tibaldi)

Oxen of the Sun, or, What Language is This?

In The Odyssey… 1,296 more words

Chapter 9: Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis, or, White Dudes Meet at the Library to Argue About Philosophy and Shakespeare

In The Odyssey, Scylla is a fierce, 6-headed monster, while the Charybdis is a dangerous whirlpool.  278 more words

Chapter 7: Aeolus

Aeolus, or, White Dudes Stand Around a Noisy, Chaotic Office Telling Jokes

Image from JoyceImages: https://joyceimages.com/episode/7/ 

In The Odyssey, Aeolus is a kind of keeper of the winds.  650 more words