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How to Be Tim Ferriss - Featuring Freakonomics

This episode is a role-reversal.

I went to New York City and sat down with Stephen J. Dubner (@freakonomics) of Freakonomics. He GRILLED me. 706 more words

The Tim Ferriss Show

How Do You Think?

Two really fun books about looking at things in a slightly different way.

Let’s start with Steal Like and Artist. This is a fun book about how to use art and the world around you to inspire your creative side. 165 more words

New Books

"Well, we've come this far" A Rough Guide to the Sunk Costs Fallacy

The sunk cost fallacy is about our decision-making process. Our decisions can be affected by many things, but, generally, we like to think that we approach most with a certain degree of logic and reasoning. 624 more words


Book Review- Freakonomics

Freakonomics was one book which was quite hyped even during my college days. I wasn’t much of a reader back then except for reading chetan bhagat and sheldon or fan brown. 383 more words

Book Reviews

O.P. Recommends Freakonomics: Is Migration a Basic Human Right?

I just listened to this episode of Freakonomics Radio podcast the other day, which I enjoyed very much and learned a lot from, and I think you’ll love it too. 601 more words

The One & The Many

The Banning of Headgear in Boxing: The Convoluted World of Protecting Our Athletes

I didn’t know this.

Olympic boxers are now banned from wearing protective headgear….in order to protect them from concussions.

Say what?

According to this article… 544 more words


Gormley: Conservatives and lessons from Freakonomics

Seeing the guys behind the Freakonomics phenomenon has been on my wish list. And at a conference in the U.S. this week, they did not disappoint. 568 more words