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Bashing NATO: Stephen F. Cohen

Time to check in again with Stephen F. Cohen, the NYU prof (and hubby of limo-lefty Nation publisher Katrina van den Heuvel) who is America’s most prominent Kremlinologist – and Vladimir Putin’s most ardent and assiduous champion in the U.S. 915 more words


Interview with Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Top Russia Scholar Stephen F. Cohen – the Man the US Should Be Listening to on Russia.

The Obama administration’s and NATO’s recent ramp up of forces on the Russian border has raised many questions on why the mainstream media and the presidential campaigns have failed to acknowledge the growing military presence in the region. 28 more words

War & Terror

Emeritus Russia Scholar at Princeton: Obama, US are ‘Testing, Provoking Russia’, Pushing towards Hot War

“NATO is going to quadruple its military power around Russia.” “The new Cold War has become much hotter because of a decision taken in Washington” and is “more dangerous than the preceding Cold War”. 578 more words

The International Reporter

Bashing dissidents: Gilbert Doctorow

During the last couple of days we’ve been learning a few things about one Gilbert Doctorow, who, together with fellow Putin apologist Stephen F. Cohen, and with the backing of Cohen’s wife, … 631 more words


"More pro-Kremlin" than Stephen F. Cohen

Yesterday we were introduced to the American Committee for East-West Accord (ACEWA), which is yet another brainchild of NYU Kremlinologist Stephen F. Cohen and his heiress wife Katrina vanden Heuvel, and which is obviously meant to be a vehicle for spreading pro-Putin propaganda far and wide. 624 more words


US-Russia Relations: A Hearing by Experts

Hope on the Horizon

By Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
November 2, 2015

On Wednesday November 4, a group of expert panelists will discuss the current crisis in America’s relationship with Russia at an informal hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. 2,411 more words

Western Intervention

Für Angela Merkel wird die Luft immer dünner (oder: Angela Merkels politischer Abgesang)

Nur selten bemühen sich westliche Redaktionen um Interviews mit Syriens Präsident Bashar al-Assad. Auf seine Vorschläge zur Bekämpfung der IS-Milizen verzichten Diplomaten, russische Militäreinsätze in Syrien werden angeprangert, und Assads Warnungen stoßen auf taube Ohren, denn sie sind nicht im Interesse der USA und Saudi-Arabiens. 718 more words

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