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The Ethics of Shattered Glass

Charles ‘Chuck’ Lane was by far the most ethical character in the movie, “Shattered Glass.” When former New Republic editor Michael Kelly was on the hot seat, and Chuck was offered his position, he turned it down. 331 more words

Notorious New York Times Fabulist Jayson Blair Resurfaces at Surface Mag

Jayson Blair is back in print.

Back in 2003, the former New York Times reporter’s name became synonymous with journalistic scandal after the newspaper discovered… 414 more words

The New York Times

Shattered Glass and Fabulation

In a way, it’s fortunate that Stephen Glass made up his stories and got caught when he did. He fabricated upwards of 30 stories for The New Republic in an age when the internet couldn’t really get ahold of him and run with it. 430 more words

Charles Lane & Ethics in Journalism

Newspapers and articles for years have contained articles that have appealed to readers because of they’re far-fetched stories and entertaining plots. In the film, “ 382 more words

A Question of Ethics

In the movie Shattered Glass, the editor Charles “Chuck” Lane is a new editor for the The New Republic, a newspaper reporting articles on politics and entertainment. 484 more words


Blog 2: "Shattered Glass" Ethics

The most ethical character in Shattered Glass was Chuck Lane. Chuck became the editor of The New Republic after Micheal Kelly was fired, which, unfortunately, caused him to lose the respect of the writers. 370 more words