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Through Shattered Glass

Throughout Shattered Glass, Chuck Lane fights for the facts as an editor at The New Republic. Lane becomes an outcast to his peers for the majority of the movie while striving to maintain the ethics and credibility of the newspaper. 294 more words


Plagiarism Shattered

In the movie Shattered Glass the term ethics is implied immensely in regards to journalism at The New Republic. One such journalist, Stephen Glass, created fictional stories in order to get recognition. 300 more words

"Shattered Glass:" How Can Fabrication/Plagiarism in Journalism

Up until the very end of the movie, “Shattered Glass,” there really only seems to be a few “ethical” characters. One that really comes to mind is the editor who takes over when Michael Kelly is fired, Chuck Lane. 408 more words

Breaking Down the "Fabulist"

After watching Shattered Glass for the second time, I have to say that the most ethical person from the situation/movie is Chuck Lane. Chuck was always the honest guy to me from the beginning. 442 more words

Chuck Lane

Shattered Glass Can't Shatter Jounalism

There was a lot to be learned from this movie. Through a well-acted and entertaining plot (which probably had a lot to do with it being a true story), it managed to raise several issues surrounding journalistic integrity. 454 more words

Shattering the Lies

In the 2003 film “Shattered Glass,” Hayden Christensen assumes the role of Stephen Glass, a young reporter for “The New Republic.” The movie serves as a cautionary tale regarding poor journalistic ethics, for Stephen fabricated several stories during his career at the paper. 301 more words


"Shattered Glass" Prompt #2

After watching the movie “Shattered Glass” based on the true story of journalist Stephen Glass, I am now more aware of the importance of ethics and morals in the journalism field.   337 more words