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“The War Against Fake News and Pseudoscience on YouTube: The Expert 'Space Weather’ Asks YouTuber ‘Dutchsinse' to Stop Cyber-Bullying"

In addition to being the home of cute puppy photos and millions of cat videos, the Internet can also be a house of horrors when someone uses it for the purpose of trolling, stalking or harassing another individual. 3,266 more words


Memo to the New Republic: You never knew what real journalism was with your bigoted fake news reportage, courtesy of Stephen Glass. Why journalism tries to undermine social activism.

Journalism has always been an abusive medium, and The New Republic knows all about that kind of strategic bullying.

They gave free reign to Stephen Glass, who was an expert at literally creating fake news, churning out all sorts of fake stories that had lots of colour, and even more bigoted subtext. 375 more words

Alleged Journalism

What Really Happened? Making Life Into Literature

by Alisa Wolf

I should be working on my memoir today. There’s no reason I can’t pick up where I left off yesterday, with my teenage self, in the woods, at night. 1,074 more words


The Fake News BEFORE Fake News! The Fascinating Story of Stephen Glass.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Shattered Glass”, will be familiar with the story of disgraced “The New Republic” editor & journalist, Steohen Glass. The fascination, at least for me as a blogger isn’t that he faked many of his articles, but that he got away with it for so long! 2,368 more words


Carol Dweck, Fixed Mindset and Narcissistic CEOs

“We were stars—precocious stars,” wrote Stephen Glass, “and that was what mattered.” The public understands them as cheats, and cheat they did. But I understand them as talented young people—desperate young people—who succumbed to the pressures of the fixed mindset.” 823 more words