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The Fake News BEFORE Fake News! The Fascinating Story of Stephen Glass.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Shattered Glass”, will be familiar with the story of disgraced “The New Republic” editor & journalist, Steohen Glass. The fascination, at least for me as a blogger isn’t that he faked many of his articles, but that he got away with it for so long! 2,368 more words


Carol Dweck, Fixed Mindset and Narcissistic CEOs

“We were stars—precocious stars,” wrote Stephen Glass, “and that was what mattered.” The public understands them as cheats, and cheat they did. But I understand them as talented young people—desperate young people—who succumbed to the pressures of the fixed mindset.” 823 more words

The Ethics of Shattered Glass

Charles ‘Chuck’ Lane was by far the most ethical character in the movie, “Shattered Glass.” When former New Republic editor Michael Kelly was on the hot seat, and Chuck was offered his position, he turned it down. 331 more words