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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Close

When traveling by rail in Japan, things often get a little too close for comfort, like this subway train car in Kyoto!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Two, four, six, eight … who do we appreciate? NUMBERS!!!

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When in Japan: Discovering Osaka

This being my first trip to Osaka, I was not sure what to expect. I knew some things about Osaka (like the magnificent Osaka Castle, below), but I must confess that I know so much more about Tokyo. 1,358 more words


Christmas in San Francisco 2015

Hello blogosphere! It’s been many a moon since my last blog post, as once again life and time intrude, as they often do. But it’s that holiday time of year again, and I would feel remiss if I didn’t post pics of my favorite time of year in my favorite city: that’s right, it’s Christmas in San Francisco, 2015 edition! 185 more words


Tokyo On The Go: Street Art

Regular followers to my blog know that I love street art, and wherever I go I always have my eyes (and camera) peeled for interesting street, especially in the cities that I visit. 561 more words


Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

I’m in Japan again for this week’s Photo Challenge, because when I think of grid I think of the amazing train station in Kyoto, Japan, which is one massive collection of architectural grids. 304 more words


Ailsa's Travel Theme: Angles

Residential apartment buildings in San Francisco’s Financial District may all look the same, but once you look up, you see the radical, almost harsh angles the seem to scrape the sky. 49 more words