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Weekly Photo Challenge : Early Bird

Up here in Twin Peaks, San Francisco, we have some killer city views, and the early bird is always rewarded with something spectacular. The best part is that no two mornings are ever the same. 12 more words


Ailsa's Travel Theme: One Colour

Hi everybody. Nice to see ya again.

And now, for my first post since August 24, 2014, I give you the colour orange … in a pic of the tail light of a VW bug taken many moons ago with my trusty Pentax K-1000. 30 more words

Stephen Kelly Photography

Ailsa's Travel Theme: Orange

It’s an explosion of orange at Kyoto’s beautiful Fushimi Inari Shrine. One of the more popular destinations in Kyoto,¬†Fushimi Inari Shrine is an important Shinto shrine¬†in southern Kyoto. 330 more words


Ailsa's Travel Theme: Horizon

When you’re hiking the famous 3-mile coastal walk between Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach outside of Sydney, sometimes you just need to sit, take off your shoes, enjoy some water, and take in a horizon that goes on forever. 11 more words


Ailsa's Travel Theme: Endearing

One thing I love most about visiting Japan is taking in all the cool, fun, cutesy things you see everywhere. From store packaging to advertising to the really interesting mini-sculptures you see in front of businesses of all types, everywhere you go you’re greeted by a smiling, happy icon, be it an orange elephant, an ice cream cone, a frog (or a lot of frogs), even an upset tummy. 88 more words


Ailsa's Travel Theme: Shine

Kyoto Bike Girl shines like a pink diamond as she waits for the light to change.


Ailsa's Travel Theme: Unexpected

When I made plans to photograph the scene outside AT&T Park before last Friday’s Giants game, I didn’t expect a rock concert to break out. But that’s exactly what happened as Petty Theft, a Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover band from Marin County, were rocking out at Seals Plaza, right outside of the park. 520 more words