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To write is human, to edit is divine. – Stephen King

And there are some more divine than others.


Stephen King's IT (1990) Review

I realise that most likely everyone has see  IT but when I started this blog the aim was to write about every horror film I watch. 962 more words

Time Travel

Indiana Belle, by John A. Heldt

From Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol) to Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) and Stephen King (11/22/63) time traveling has always held a deep fascination for a lot of writers. 317 more words


People don't seem to realise

the many benefits of reading. It can be so rewarding; in more ways than one.


11.22.63 (Review)

Howdy strangers! I recently got a subscription to Hulu. One of the main reasons is because I wanted to watch 11.22.63. I’m a big fan of Stephen King adaptations. 435 more words

Science Fiction

Writing Tools

In a reply to a recent post about starting to write, a reader brought up the Pomodoro method as a way to focus on writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the method, it involves working for 25 minutes, resting five, repeating this process four times, and then breaking for a longer period of time. 631 more words