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Figure and Footsteps

“The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there…and still on your feet.”
― Stephen King


Episode 163 we do a commentary for unnatural reasons

This week Kyle was injured in a life or death battle with an Evil Dead tree and jacked up his cyanic nerve in his back.  Long story short he can’t sit for too long so instead of doing a normal show we decided to give you a fan commentary for one of the best semi crashing’, electric knife slashing’, bazooka shootin’, pop machine murderin’, steamrolling’, kid killin’, monster truck jammie jam of all time!!!   36 more words


That time I cheered when the dog in the book died

Not a review, just a rant.

This year I need to read 42 books. I walk a lot in this city and my commute is so short that reading on my way to work is not an option,I have always think that Audiobooks don’t really count so I have refused them for the longest time, but sometimes you have to give in. 556 more words


"Literary" versus Fiction that Sells

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I hate it when “literary” folks bash popularized works of fiction and the writers of popular fiction. 487 more words

On Writing

Charmed Book Haven Reviews #1 Stephen King's "The Stand"

You’re probably wondering of all the book to review, why start with this book? My response: “Why not this book?” It is filled with a long list of characters with unique individual story lines all woven together to create a world much like our own; however, the moral of the story shines much brighter than all of the characters combined. 689 more words


"Ka was like a wheel, it's one purpose to turn and in the end it always came back to the place where it had started." CBR7 Review 30.

Stephen King first published The Gunslinger in 1982. I probably read it for the first time in about 1990 or so, and I’ve been reading and re-reading these Dark Tower books ever since. 686 more words

Insomnia Book Review * Stephen King

Stephen King brings his usual chilly touch to INSOMNIA, the story of a small-town gripped by a creeping evil … This is not a horror story in the classic mold; it is a supernatural adventure romp on the fringes of the imagination, popular fiction at its best. 928 more words

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