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The Keane report makes the bank the client, not the citizen

When the Keane report was first commissioned we might have been fool hearted in hoping that something good might come out of it. Finally, a report on the mortgage crisis, where everyone can sit down and hammer out a solution. 1,795 more words

Political Two Cents Worth...

Lucan forward to 2050

If you are old enough to remember back to 1972? – have the changes to how we lived then and now altered that much?  and will the changes to how we as a society in 2050 have transformed radically from 2011. 328 more words

Festival 2011

INET grants for New Schoolers

Rejection is a standard – if frustrating – part of academic life, but with INETs (Institute for New Economic Thinking) Spring 2011 grant money just being announced there is much to celebrate from a New School side of things. 438 more words


Mimi and Eunice: Permission

To be truly free is to be without copyright and patent nonsense.

Listen to Stephen Kinsella talk intellectual property here.

Austrian Economics

Pitcure for the year 2011


Stephen Kinsella

Go we must. Stay we can’t. Ireland has to move forward, but what are the prospects for Ireland in the new year?

If – and it is a big if – parts of the… 1,464 more words


Lecturing Without Slides - Kinsella

“Stephen Kinsella outlines some thoughts on models of how to give lectures and is looking for comments and questions. His basic model is a ‘pre-podcast’ to give the students the pedagogical material. 28 more words