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New Stills Drop for Possession Flick, Exeter

I’m in a conundrum. the upcoming flick, EXETER, is a possession flick that sounds pretty much like every other possession flick, yet these new stills that were released (see below) look pretty damn good. 226 more words

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Stephen King's A Good Marriage (2014)

What can I say about “Stephen’s King’s A Good Marriage?” Bad, bad, and more bad. Care to elaborate you say? “A Good Marriage” is exactly as cheesy and generic as you might expect. 418 more words

"The Hard Way" - There's only one way these two are going to get along...

There are tons of buddy cop films, and series for that matter, out there. The “Lethal Weapon” and “Rush Hour” franchises, “Showtime”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, the list goes on. 717 more words

Buddy Cop

"Stephen King's A Good Marriage"

At the conclusion of the film that shares the same name as the title of this blog, my first thoughts were not about what I had just watched. 1,383 more words


Jarhead 2: Field of Fire

Short on water, short on ammo, and everybody in this province is gunning for us – what’s not to like … Navy Seal Specialist Fox. 915 more words


Seagalmania: Gutshot Straight (2014)

Somewhere in the bizarre neo-noir that is Justin Steele’s 2014 film Gutshot Straight is Steven Seagal smoking a big cigar and carrying a drawling accent. He’s not the star of the show by any extent, but seeing him is interesting. 507 more words


John's Horror Corner: The Monkey's Paw (2013), a cautionary tale warning us to be careful what we wish and even more caution if considering watching this movie.

MY CALL: My greatest cautionary advice would be to skip this cautionary tale and watch something else instead. After all, this theme has been executed much better in the past. 639 more words

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