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China Joins Russia in Syria War? “Enhanced Military Aid” against US Sponsored Terrorists?

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, August 22, 2016

A lot rides on defeating US imperialism in Syria. The fate of the region and beyond hangs in the balance. 535 more words


Lessons from Hillarygate

by Stephen Lendman

On July 6, longtime Clinton crime family ally Attorney General Loretta Lynch unsurprisingly made it official.

Following FBI director James Comey’s failure to acknowledge Hillary’s email criminality serious enough to send ordinary people to prison, she issued a statement, saying: 330 more words


Putin and Assad Straight Talk on Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Both leaders are on the right side of history, deserving universal support, overwhelmingly popular at home, disgracefully vilified by Western officials and their scoundrel media echo chorus. 630 more words


Istanbul Blasts: Terrorism or False Flag?

by Stephen Lendman

It’s too early for a rush to judgment. Here’s what’s known. On Tuesday night, multiple blasts and automatic rifle fire, reportedly by three suicide bombers, rocked Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. 445 more words

War On Syria

Blaming Putin for Brexit Vote

 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016

by Stephen Lendman

Irresponsible Putin bashing is a virtual cottage industry, blaming him for almost anything a constant Western headline theme. 537 more words


Brexit Surprise

by Stephen Lendman


Polls predicted a close vote. London bookmakers put odds strongly against Brexit. State controlled BBC and other major UK media one-sidedly promoted remaining in the EU, suggesting disaster otherwise. 516 more words

AngloZionist Empire

Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU

by Paul Craig Roberts

The Brexit vote shows that a majority of the British voters understand that the UK government represents interests other than the interests of the British people.

710 more words
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