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Irresponsible Iran Bashing

Irresponsible Iran Bashing

by Stephen Lendman

The world’s number one human rights abuser on a global scale annually publishes individual country reports excluding itself. One-sided bias describes how Washington views independent governments it wants replaced by ones it controls – vilifying them irresponsibly. 609 more words


UN Report on Israel's Summer 2014 Gaza War

UN Report on Israel’s Summer 2014 Gaza War

by Stephen Lendman

The so-called UN Independent Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Israel’s 2014 Gaza war had it both ways in… 832 more words


WikiLeaks Releases Secret Saudi Documents

by Stephen Lendman 

The more we learn about the secret workings of despotic regimes and faux democracies like America, Britain and Israel among others, the better we understand how they extrajudicially serve powerful monied interests at the expense of popular ones. 755 more words


Ecuadorean Dark Forces Behind Attempted Coup Plot

Washington’s dirty hands manipulate geopolitical events worldwide – notably in Latin America since the 19th century.

by Stephen Lendman, Global Research: 

In September 2010, Washington’s attempted coup against Ecuadorean President Raphael Correa failed.

723 more words
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Terrorism and Color Revolutions to Divide and Conquer

from Global Research: 

In the last decades, terrorism and so-called “color revolutions” have been used by the Western powers to topple leaders who were standing up to them and replace them with puppet governments. 367 more words

World At War

European Parliament surrenders to Washington on Russia policy

By Stephen Lendman
Posted on Global Research, June 13, 2015

The European Parliament, Council of the European Union and European Commission share EU legislative functions separate from individual member states’ right of initiative power to propose and enact new laws for their respective countries. 659 more words

US/Saudi Genocide in Yemen

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, June 07, 2015

Yemen is Obama’s war. It was planned and orchestrated long before naked aggression began.

It’s conducted by Saudi-led proxies and Israel. 864 more words