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Cross Talk: Blaming Russia

The reaction from Washington on Russia’s upgraded fight against terrorism in Syria gives new meaning to the term ‘shock and awe’. The Obama administration’s strategy is in a quandary – it shows itself uninterested in ending the Syrian civil war. 22 more words

The International Reporter

Propaganda War on Russia in High Gear

Propaganda wars precede hot ones – then continue once fighting starts. Putin is a master chess player, a patient one, a careful strategic planner.

He’s got Obama flummoxed, besting him at his own dirty game. 1,196 more words

The International Reporter

The Anti-Russian Lying Machine in Action

by Stephen Lendman

It never rests, now in high gear following Russia’s announced aerial campaign against ISIS in Syria, beginning on September 30.

For the first time since WW II, Russian and US warplanes are bombing the same country – each for entirely different reasons. 1,350 more words


Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons
sjlendman.blogspot.com › 2011/01 › ele…
Mobile-friendly – Jan 4, 2011 – Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) travel nearly at the speed of light. 33 more words

Israel Imprisons Muhammad Allan Again

by Stephen Lendman

Allan was imprisoned earlier uncharged and untried solely for political reasons, held indefinitely under lawless administrative detention. He committed no crimes, nor was he accused of any. 1,263 more words