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Naked Turkish Aggression on Syria

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, February 02, 2016

Turkey is a fascist police state, Erdogan a hoodlum, an international outlaw, a tyrannical regional scourge.

His aggression against Turkish and Syrian Kurds, downing a Russian SU-24 bomber in Syrian airspace, committing other provocative acts against the Russian Federation, and now cross-border shelling of targets in Syria following permission from or complicity with Washington. 527 more words


US Wants Russia Transformed into a US Vassal State… Doomsday Clock is Three Minutes to Midnight

America seeks unipolar/New World Order dominance, pursuing a policy of state terrorism globally, wanting control over all other nations, threatening world peace, stability and security. 541 more words

The International Reporter

Israel Arrests Jewish Activist on Fraudulent Charges

By Stephen Lendman

Israel arrested Ezra Nawi without just cause. A police state sting operation targeted him because of his activism. He’s held incommunicado, denied contact with legal counsel for five days, perhaps longer. 390 more words

AngloZionist Empire

Phony Reports of Starvation in Madaya, Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Spurious reports of Syrian and Hezbollah responsibility for alleged Madaya starvation are part of continued propaganda war on Damascus.

Western and Arab media used earlier taken unrelated photos, images of skin and bone bodies, widely circulating, falsely claiming they reflect Madaya starvation, wrongfully blaming Damascus for imposing siege conditions. 483 more words


Four Dozen Saudi Extrajudicial Executions

By Stephen Lendman

 JANUARY 02, 2016 

Riyadh and Washington are close allies, partnering in each other’s high crimes – both countries notably supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, used as US imperial foot soldiers. 636 more words


Russia’s Updated National Security Strategy

By Stephen Lendman

January 01, 2016

Acting by decree, an updated national security strategy, has been implemented which fundamentally redefines US-Russia relations. 

It addresses significant threats Russia faces – notably US-led NATO encroaching on its borders, stating: 1,033 more words


Israelis Celebrate Palestinian Immolation Murders


By Stephen Lendman


Israel is more than a ruthless rogue state. It’s a sick society, infested with Zionist zealots, religious extremists, Arab-hating racists, and fascists at the highest political and military levels. 576 more words