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Neocons Call for Invading Syria

by Stephen Lendman

In the wake of last Friday’s Paris false flag, it didn’t take long for lunatics in Washington to urge sending US ground forces to Syria – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, their real mission to oust Assad. 1,084 more words


Russia Reacts to Likely Paris False Flag

by Stephen Lendman

Russia continues doing more to confront the scourge of terrorism than any other nation. America is its main proliferator – state terrorism, the worst kind, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists to help advance its imperium. 925 more words


Paris: ISIS Attack, or "False Flag" Operation? by Stephen Lendman (ANALYSIS - Updated Sunday, November 15)

Evidence known so far strongly indicates false flag responsibility for Friday’s Paris attacks. They’re usually identifiable the way fingerprints ID people.

They’re strategically timed, most often for what’s planned to follow. 2,584 more words


Report Says Palestinians Being Executed in Cold Blood

by Stephen Lendman

The Jerusalem Center for Israeli-Palestinian Studies exposed the Big Lie about knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists – saying 78% of security force victims were executed in cold blood. 650 more words


Crimes against Humanity: Arrested Palestinian Children Imprisoned, Tortured

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, November 06, 2015

Longstanding Israeli policy brutalizes Palestinian children solely for political reasons.  

Palestinian Detainees Committee head Issa Qaraqe reported shocking information. 647 more words


God’s Chosen People? — Guest Column by Stephen Lensman

God’s Chosen People? 

October 25, 2015

Stephen Lendman is a Jew. What you read below are the words of a Jew who has a moral conscience and cannot tolerate the horrendous crimes that the government of the state of Israel—supported to the hilt by the American neocons who have dominated every US government since Clinton—commits on Palestinians. 1,447 more words

War On Syria