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One Time Wonder?

It was that sweet and slightly pudgy Chinese fellow who came up with the Great Leap Forward.

That grandiose social experiment to turn China into an industrial power from an essentially agrarian country ended up costing about 45 million lives in the resulting famine. 230 more words


Rex Murphy: Canada's not the enemy — but don't try telling that to Stephen and Avi Lewis

One of the more forceful lines of Stephen Lewis’s speech in Edmonton in support of the Leap Manifesto last weekend was his forceful takedown of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the question of the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. 800 more words

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The Revolution Will Not Be

Recently Canada’s major left-leaning political party, the NDP, opted to replace its leader Thomas Mulcair, in the aftermath of disappointing election results in the federal election of 2015.   524 more words


Gordzilla in the City: NDP’s Leap Manifesto is absurd and unworkable

When we were in Grade 8, bored, as I recall, one rainy weekend afternoon, a friend of mine and I decided to draw up plans for the perfect society. 820 more words


Kelly McParland: The Lewis family's Leap project could prove discomfiting to the NDP

It was a bit odd watching Stephen Lewis deliver his barnburner of a speech to a hooting crowd of New Democrats in Edmonton on the weekend, lending his considerable prestige to the Leap manifesto. 1,383 more words

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Votes? We Don't Need No Stinking Votes

By Vandee

No one can spin gold into dog shit faster than the NDP…

Right now, Canada’s national wet blanket association is meeting to select its new leader, and set policy goals with an aim to make themselves as attractive as a single Trudeau eyelash. 907 more words


How did The LEAP Manifesto make it to the floor of the NDP Convention?

When Newt Gingrich joined the 2012 Republican presidential primary, some pundits declared that, for him, it was more like extended book tour than a serious bid to be president. 1,603 more words

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