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Obama's Drone War Drives Terrorism

What has been a concern for many years, namely that Obama’s (who infamously had bragged that he was “good at killing people”) largely expanded drone war with its… 240 more words


Den Tandt: Tory attack on niqab just carefully crafted politics

The Conservative Party of Canada, xenophobic? Balderdash. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is a series of coincidences and accommodations by necessity. 811 more words


Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Fredericton

The Best Fest

By Erin

Every year people convene in Fredericton, New Brunswick coming in from around the Maritimes, Canada and beyond to partake in a fun and ever-evolving festival – … 409 more words

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Riding to watch: Scarborough Southwest

Why it matters: Scarborough Southwest dips down to the shores of Lake Ontario and runs up into the heart of the suburban, multicultural borough in eastern Toronto. 509 more words

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Poorly timed election leap

With friends like these …

Just when Canadians are beginning to pay closer attention in the final four weeks of an overly long federal election campaign and Thomas Mulcair is having some success in convincing voters that his New Democrats can provide a safe and economically pragmatic governing alternative, a group of high-profile party members have decided it’s time to shake things up. 504 more words

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Politics and poetry

This  morning on CBC radio on Sunday Edition, Michael Enright hosted a panel of Stephen Lewis, Laura Crozier and Joseph Heath.  Laura Crozier is an eminent Canadian poet, Heath is a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto,and Steven Lewis is a beloved ( by those of us on the left of spectrum) former politician and Canada’s representative to the UN from 1984 to 1988.   261 more words