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STARLIGHT Blogger Award

Rebecca, thanks for sending this award my way.

The “STARLIGHT Blogger Award” is an award to honor those individuals who are considered “The light emanating from the stars”, the bloggers that bring daily light into your soul with their creativity. 538 more words

Stephen Quammie

5 Years With WordPress

5 Years, ladies and gents! I’ve been writing about life, love, laughter and the random thoughts that pop into my wandering mind for 5 years (on WordPress). 489 more words

Stephen Quammie

You Already Know

I don’t need to tell you
To be a good person
To do what you can

Don’t be selfish, when you can be kind
Don’t be afraid to love… 51 more words

Stephen Quammie

Cover To Cover

I’m bound cover to cover
Every word tattooed into the pages of your being I believe
I’m not immune to your charm

I like the way you think… 133 more words

Stephen Quammie

End Of Me

I used to be right for all the wrong reasons.
I can’t be who I once was with you looking at me the way you do. 60 more words

Stephen Quammie


I’d let the past be the past, if it’d be done with me.
Nothing good comes easily, don’t fool yourself.
Shall I compare thee to me all the days of my life? 65 more words

Stephen Quammie


I look at you, and I don’t know what comes next.
Every thought comes to a stop, emotions keep running.
I feel everything through you. 48 more words

Stephen Quammie