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I’d let the past be the past, if it’d be done with me.
Nothing good comes easily, don’t fool yourself.
Shall I compare thee to me all the days of my life? 65 more words

Stephen Quammie


I look at you, and I don’t know what comes next.
Every thought comes to a stop, emotions keep running.
I feel everything through you. 48 more words

Stephen Quammie

WTF: Sex In The Afterlife

The idea of this makes me cringe, and then laugh uncomfortably. This reminds me of a card from the game “Cards Against Humanity” which states: 26 more words

Stephen Quammie

Only What We Want

We see only what we want.
Our eyes devour that which our lips yearn to discover.
I see the sounds you make as my hunger swallows your body. 125 more words

Stephen Quammie

Address & Move

Thought you were pulling your weight, but everything’s slipping.
Change is taking way too long cus you’ve been doing it wrong.
Now I’m at 220 reminiscing about life back in Flemo at 180. 89 more words

Stephen Quammie


Thoughts crackle in the dark.
Emotions have exhausted all reason.

Death, desires and dreams know my name.
It’s the quiet moments that ask the big questions. 25 more words

Stephen Quammie


Rest your hand on my heart.

Nurse me back to life with your smile, when I can’t breathe.
Love me until I’m at peace.
You’re the cure to this violent insomnia. 57 more words

Stephen Quammie