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printletter 36 Nov/Dec 1981 Vol. 6 No. 6

Contents: Cover picture by Stephen Roach, Frankfurt – Weniger Neuerscheinungen, Frankfurt Book Fair: Fewer new titles, Important Latin American Show in Zurich, Wichtige Lateinamerika-Ausstellung in Zürich, Interview with Bert Hartkamp, Heinrich Kühn – From another time, Reminiszenzen an Heinrich Kühn, Swedish photography: Traditions and hopes, Die schwedische Photoszene, “Bright Sun at Midnight”/”Nächtliche Sonnenstrahlen” – Portfolio by Stephen Roach, news,  book reviews, new portfolios, exhibition calendar.

Money printing is ineffective: Why monetary policy, as we know it, is nearing its death

Vivek Kaul

Everything under the sun is in chaos. The situation is excellent.
– Mao Zedong

It has been a little over six years since the start of the current financial crisis in mid September 2008, when the investment bank Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. 1,274 more words